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Member And AUniqueOpportunity
Everyonekeepsasking if Iwill
publish some of the
articles. Well, I’ve chosen 56
articles and they are now being
printed in the first issue of the
Ihavehad toeditmanyof them
andwhat I thought would be an
easy project has turned into a
challenge – not just for me, but
also forRachel at the
who isputtingeverything togeth-
er. And Terry, who usually does
my articles for the
has been roped into finding old
photographs and files. When
it’s all done, it willmake a great
bathroom reader.
I’ve included the first article
that was everwritten inNovem-
ber 14, 1988, “Myron Pierson’s
Diary and Sword,” and the first
flamingo story, “The Day the
Flamingos Returned to LeRoy.”
I’ve been able to clear up a few
mistakes andupdate some of the
information. Considering that
there are over 1,300 articles to
choose from, it has been diffi-
cult todecidewhichones
to include. There is no
rhyme or reason for the
articles that are included.
As a tribute to Dave
Grayson and LP Graph-
ics, whohave generously
donated the space for
each article, each week,
the format of the
is like the
. Each
of our businessmembers
hasanadand I’vewritten
with historical facts and
other interesting infor-
If you are interested in
have tobecomeamember
of the Historical Society
at the$50 level.Or if you
are a lifemember of theHis-
those peoplewhowill make
a United Way donation of
$50 (in either the Rochester
Spring campaign, or the fall
will receive a copy of the
. The
out at the end of February.
Of course, regular family
memberships at $35 and
student and senior citizen
memberships at $25 are
still available. All mem-
berships help support the
library, archives, education
programs, and exhibits, as
well as maintain the his-
toricLeRoyHouseand the
Academic Building and
E itor’s note: Th rigi-
nal photograph of this baby is
found in the “Brook’s albu
i the phot graph fi es. At
that time, all the photographs
were stored in file cabinets in
the back hall of LeRoy House.
This little fellow is not identi-
fied. It is one of my favorite
baby pictures. I used it twenty
years ago for the January 16,
1995 article about member-
ships. I have edited the article
abit so it canbe included in the
We’ve been reorganizing
the photograph st ag nd so
I’ve b en going throu h the
photographs that have been
forminganalluvial fanon topof
the table. When I came across
this picture I just had to include
it in the article this week. The
problem is that I can’t figureout
what I should write about it. I
keep thinking about mymother
used to say about not throwing
thebabyoutwith thebathwater.
It would be pretty hard to even
lift this baby, much less throw
him out with the bath water. I
have no idea who the baby is.
The other pictures on the page
would indicate that the picture
was taken about 1900, give or
take a couple of years. Other
children on the page include
Margaret Darling and Mary
So this still
hasn’t solved the
what towrite
maybe this
is the week
to give you
a pitch about
member of the
We’re in the process of mailing
out renewal forms to our mem-
bers, but we’d like to add a few
newmembers. I know there are
some of you who keep saying
to yourselves – “You know, I
really should become a mem-
ber.” Well here is your chance.
All you have to do is fill in the
bottom of the page and send
in your money and “Presto!”
You’re e member. No back-
ground checks. No listing of
references. No blood tests. It’s
reallyquite simpleand then four
times a year you’ll receive our
newsletter with articles of his-
torical interest. You’ll also re-
ceive advance notice of events
and exhibit openings. Members
can visit the Jell-O Gallery for
free and receive a 10%discount
coupon for selected museum
shop items. Now there’s a bar-
gain! The money collected
from dues, keeps LeRoyHouse
open. It pays for heat and light.
And you should know that we
are frugal with our heat! These
days it gets a little nippy in the
office anddownright cold in the
transportation exhibit. Awhile
ago, I heard some one mention
that the Historical Society did
not have to pay for sewer and
water – but let me set that sto-
ry straight – we pay sewer and
water like everyone else. Mem-
bership money also helps to
support our Hands-On-History
programs for LeRoy students.
Generations of kids remember
churning butter and washing
clothes on the back porch. And
we surehope they remember the
story of Frozen Charlotte – es-
pecially thiswinter.
Life membership is very
special. All life membership
money – since the very begin-
ning of the Historical Society,
has been placed in an endow-
ment fund. We only use earn-
ings from this fund. Weparticu-
larly like to see this endowment
So if you’ve been reading
this article and haven’t been a
member of the Historical Soci-
ety or haven’t sent in your re-
newal, why wait. We can use
your help today!
January 16, 1995
Membership -LeRoyHistorical Society
Membership in theLeRoyHistorical Society entitles you to:
AccessToGenealogical ResearchLibrary
Special Events
FreeAdmission toLeRoyHouse and
Special Christmas SaleDiscount
23EastMainStreet, LeRoy,NY 14482-0176
Jan. 1,
-Dec. 31,
Family ................................35.00
Individual or Sen. Cit.........25.00
Sustaining ..........................50.00
Life (Individual)...............400.00
Enclosed is an additional
contribution of:
Youmay charge yourmembershipanddonation - VISAorMASTERCARD
Contributions tonon-profit Educational Institutions are tax deductible.
Pleasemake checks payable to "TheLeRoyHistorical Society".
exp. date
Membership in theLeRoyHistorical Society entitles you to:
AccessToGenealogical ResearchLibrary
Special Events
FreeAdmission toLeRoyHouse and
Special Christmas SaleDiscount
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