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Improving Instruction for CollegeandCareer Readiness
October 10thwas the first conference day this year for LeRoyCentral School District, and teachersmade themost of it. The daywas
planned to give both schools a chance to focus on building needs. Planning started over the summer andwas finalized by collaborating
with teachers and teacher leaders in how the timewas going to be spent.
TheWolcottStreetSchool spentmuchof theday trainingonhow touse thedistrict’snewest
ELA andmath tool called iReady. One of the real benefits of this program is that it individ-
ualizes itself to each student, helping tomake sure that instruction is targeted at helping our
students develop the specific skills they need inELA andmath.
In theHS, teachersworkedon analyzingdata looking for trends they coulduse tohelp im-
prove instruction for students. During this time, teachers worked in cross-curricular groups,
identified learninggoals basedon this data andplanned for how theywillworkwith students
to ensure they are able tomeet these
learning goals.
After themorningsession, teachers
worked on projects they had pro-
posed to theprincipal thepriorweek.
These projects included working
on curriculum development, lesson
design, training onSchool Tool, and
website design.
Overall, the focus of the day was on improving instruction. With data, new
instructional tools, and each other, thework produced by staff was all directed at
improving instruction for students so they are college and career ready.
Smart Snacks inSchool areHere!
Last summer, theUSDApublishedpractical, science-basednutrition standards for all foodsandbeverages sold
to students during the school day (outside of the school meals programs). These nutrition standards are called Smart Snacks in School.
Smart Snackswill put all foods and beverages sold to students across campus on a level playingfield. The standardswillmake healthier
foods and beverages available to studentswhile limiting junk food.
WhyareSmartSnacks important?
Healthy,well-nourished studentsarebetter learners!Studentswhoconsumehealthier foodsandbev-
erages aremore likely toget thenutrients theyneed to learn, playandgrow.Havinghealthier foods andbeverages availablecontributes to
theoverall healthandwell-beingof youth. Inaddition, students around thecountryare seeingadifference in their schoolmeals, including
more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. By providing healthier foods
and beverages outside of the cafeteria, we can build on the great strides
beingmade in the cafeteria!
What is important for you toknow?
* SmartSnackswill apply toall foodsandbeveragessold tostudents
outside of the schoolmeals programs, including
vendingmachines, a la carte, and in-school fundraising.
* SmartSnackswillbe ineffectall schoolday (frommidnight,during
theweek, to 30minutes after the end of the school
day) across thewhole school campus.
* Some fundraising will be affected! Foods and beverages sold to
students as fundraisers during the school daywill have
to meet the Smart Snacks guidelines * Non-food fundraisers or
fundraisers that include only foods and beverages that
meet the standards are not limited in anyway!
* Smart Snacks will not apply to foods served, during classroom
celebrations or during evening, weekend or community
What will the changes look like?
Nutrient standards vary by grade level andwe have beenmeetingwith vendors to find replacement
products. Many favorites such as baked chips, popcorn, cookies, juices, and plainwater will still be sold. To find healthier foods and
beverages, check out the tools at
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