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game was slated as the game of
year as these two teams were the
heavy favorites to represent their
divisions in the Championship
game.Livoniacame into thegame
with an 8-0 record by outscoring
their opponents 319-66 while re-
cordingone shutout. TheKnights
also finished the season 8-0 out-
scoring their opponents 258-8
while recording an astonishing 7
shutouts! These two titans should
make for a great game!
TheKnightswon the coin toss
and deferred to the second half.
Livonia received theopeningkick
and was forced to go three and
out after two Cody Lytle tackles
and an incomplete pass. After a
short Livonia punt, the Knights
wouldbegin theirfirst possession
on the fifty yard line. The trio of
andCodyLytlewould pound the
rockasAlexwouldpunch theball
in from the 1 yard line. Englerth
ran in the 2 pt. conversion for an
early 8-0LeRoy lead.
Livonia’s second possession
would end like the first with a
three and out as Englerth blitzed
from his end spot and sacked the
QB for a big loss on third down.
IanKempalso loggeda tackleand
was in the backfield constantly
as he consistently beat a double
team. Livonia’s punt was again
downedat thefiftyas theKnights
took the field for their 2nd offen-
sive possession.
Another dose of the triplets’
leads to the Knight’s 2nd TD as
Englerth took the handoff and
ran 22 yards through the teeth of
theBulldog’sdefense. Panepento
took thecounter fromKeatonHo-
bartand ran in the2pt.conversion
for a16-0Knights lead at the end
of the first quarter.
end theBulldog’snextpossession
as he recovered theLivonia fum-
ble but the Knight’s would give
it right back on a fumble of their
own. The Bulldog’s appeared
to pick up a first down on their
next possession as the Bulldog
QB connectedwith their receiver
on 4th down but a crushing blow
by the Knight’s Alex Panepento
would dislodge the ball causing
an incompletion and giving the
ball back toLeRoy. Thiswas the
highlightofquitea fewmonstrous
hits by the Knight’s throughout
the day.
Englerth would take the first
carryof the possession andbreak
outside for a 53yard run toLivo-
nia’s1yard line.Panepentowould
scoreonanother1yardplunge for
a 22-0LeRoy lead.
Livonia would begin their 5th
possession on their own 40 yard
line but on third down, Ethan
Beswickwould sack the QB fol-
from his LB spot to drop the ball
carrier for a big loss. This would
give theKnight’sgreat fieldposi-
tion onLivonia’s 36 yard line. A
methodical drive by theKnight’s
would lead to an Englerth five
yard TD run and a 30-0 lead the
Knight’swould take into thehalf.
The Knight’s defense would end
the first half without giving up a
singlefirst down!
Livoniawouldforce theKnights
to punt on their first series of the
second half after runs by Adam
Risewick andNateAndrews. Li-
voniawouldput togetheradecent
drivestartingat theirown37yard
line, pickingup a fewfirst downs
before the Knight’s Ian Kemp
would recover the Bulldog’s
highlights on this series were a
Cam Greene sack and 4 tackles
Livoniaagain forceda threeand
out after runs by EthanBeswick,
Cam Greene and Zach Vander-
hoof. A botched punt would give
theBulldog’s great field position
on theKnight’s 16yard line. The
Knight’s defense would stop Li-
vonia seven times inside the red-
zonebut on4thandgoal from the
1, theBulldog’swerefinally able
toput points on the board as they
passed for theTD.Theextrapoint
was blocked by JimmyBurns.
AKnight’s fumble by the RB
on their next series again setup
Livonia with good field position
on the Knights 35 yard line. Li-
vonia was able to score one on a
1 yard TD run and convert the 2
pt. conversion as they attempted
to close the gap 30-14.
TheKnight’swouldbegin their
last offensive series on their own
45 yard line. On the 5th play,
Lytle would take the hand off
and sprint around theend for a28
yard TDwith 1 second left. The
Knights win 36-14! Defensively,
theKnightswere ledbyCodyLy-
tlewhohadanamazing12 tackles
and a fumble recovery. Alex
Panepento would add 9 tackles
whileNateAndrewshada season
high7 tackles.Alsogettingon the
stat sheet wereEthanBeswick (6
(5 tackles, 1 sack), CamGreene
(4 tackles, 1 sack), JimmyBurns
(blocked kick) and Ian Kemp (2
tackles, 1 fumble recovery),Zach
Vanderhoof (1 tackle), Alonzo
Storey (1 tackle).
Offensively, the Knights were
led by Andrew Englerth who
amassed 176 yards rushing with
2 TD’s and a 2 pt. conversion.
CodyLytlewouldchip in64yards
and 1 TDwhile Alex Panepento
added 30 yards with 2 TD’s and
a 2 pt. conversion. Also adding
to the 288 yards rushing were
Nate Andrews, Adam Risewick,
Ethan Beswick, Brady Fix, Zach
Vanderhoof and Alonzo Storey.
Brock Flint and Tyler Strollo
logged some timeat FBanddida
nice job opening the holes for all
the running backs.
Theoffensive line,consistingof
AndrewKettle, Ian Kemp, Zach
Vanderhoof, Jimmy Burns, Jack-
sonLocke, ColeRauscher, Riley
Pankow andLukeRiderwere the
best line in the league as Le Roy
wasable to rumble for2407yards
on the season! Englerth finished
theseasonwith939yards rushing
to lead the team while 14 other
backs carried the ball with 10 of
those going over 50 yards.
CodyLytle led the team receiv-
ingwith 11 catches for 170 yards
and 3 TD’s. Keaton Hobart went
theentireseasonwithout throwing
an interceptiongoing30of 43 for
312 yards with 6 passing TD’s
along with throwing for 7 2 pt.
conversions; almost half of his
completionswent forascore! De-
fensively, AlexPanepento led the
team in tackles by finishing with
64withCody Lytle (52) andAn-
drewEnglerth (48) close behind.
made the defensive stat sheet as
this team showed time and again
that they were a complete team.
The Knights finished the season
9-0 as the 2014 CYFL Senior
Champions! Thankyou to every-
one involved that helped make
our season a success: the players,
coaches, families, Board mem-
you next year!!!!!
LeRoySeniorsWin 2014CYFLChampionship
WithDominating 36-14WinOverLivonia
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