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Eachyear, on the thirdSunday
in October, the First Baptist
Church of LeRoy hosts Home-
coming Sunday, a worship ser-
vice thatcelebrates its richhistory
of church as a home and congre-
gation as family members. All
former attendees, members or
otherwise, are welcomed home
for a return visit and time of
Christian fellowship.
This year, the First Baptist
Church, led by Pastor John Par-
tise, used Homecoming Sunday
as an opportunity to honor all
those who have been a member
of thechurch for 35yearsor lon-
ger.Of theseventy-fivemembers
whofit in to thiscategory, sixteen
of them joined with thirty-four
othermembers of their extended
church family for worship on
Sunday, October 19, 2014.
Among those in attendance on
Sundaymorningwas thechurch’s
oldest living and longest serving
member,Mrs. LoisThorne. Lois
is aLeRoynative and is familiar
tomanyasa formerkindergarten
teacher in the LeRoy Central
School district. At 99-years-old
andnow residing inGreece,Lois
hasbeenamember of thechurch
for 88yearswhose homecoming
visit onSundaymorningmarked
her first return trip to LeRoy in
over ten years.
With aVerySpecialGuest
would like to thank all of our family, friends andneighbors for
the gifts of money, food, cards, prayers and support during
this very difficult time.
Frank was a wonderful person who was always there for
everyone. The past year has been very hard for him, but he
never gave up and always had his beautiful smile. We will
miss him terribly.
A very special thank you to Claudette, Barb, Linda & Lenny
for thegreat careand foralwaysbeing therewhenweneeded
help. ToUnitedMemorial 2ndfloor for their comfort andcare.
To Vern Falcone, Steve Vernaccini, Father Ken, American
Legion & U.S. Army Honor Guards for a wonderful service
that wewill remember forever.
And finally, to my D&R Depot family for all their help and
support during Frank’s illness, passing and all of our many
customers for their prayers and kindwords.
Patti, Jim, Tammi, Julie, Dave
spiders!Theyworked on their finemotor skills bymakingplay
dough spiders, clothespins spiders, and used scissors to cut out
andmake spiderhats. They evenworkedas agroup toweave a
classweb!What ahardworking group of spiders!
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