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LeRoyNurserySchool hadanannual visit fromDetectiveJohn
Condidorio. He talked to the children about keeping safewhile
trick or treating. He talked about their costumes, what houses
togo to ,what todo if they loose theirgrownupandmanymore
safety ruleswhile still having fun.Hebrought them eachaHal-
loweenbagwithgoodies in it. Itwasagreat learningexperience!
President BobBennett called theOctober 6,
2014meetingofLBC toorder at 5:32pmat the
LeRoyFamilyMooseCenter. In celebrationof
their 100 Year Anniversary, the Moose made
some beautiful renovations to the building in
trying to preserve the history of the Moose.
A motion was made to accept the minutes
by RandyVink, seconded by JimNielsen and
carried. No treasurer’s reportwas given.
Announcements: Health Care Reform and
Your Business, free seminar sponsored by
Tompkins Insurance onOctober 15th. Also on
October 15th, is a Ronald McDonald charity,
“Rock the Sock Day”. October is Domestic
Awareness month andOliver’s chocolate bars
are being sold at various retail business’ or
from any YWCA member to raise funds for
this cause. On November 2nd the annual
LeRoy Rotary Appliance raffle will be held
at the American Legion from 1-5pm. This is
amajor Rotary fund raiser. Congratulations to
Martha Bailey on a job well done in chairing
theLBCGolfTournament.OnOctober31st the
annualHalloweenParadewill begin at 6pm at
Tompkins Bank of Castile and proceed to the
FireHall for cider and donuts.
Lynne Belluscio presented the Genesee
County TourismGuide and thanked the many
LeRoybusinesses’ thatwere featured sponsors
in thisyear’sguide.LBCOfficersfor2014-2015
are as follows: Bob Bennett, President, Sam
Vagg, Secretary, Erika Spezzano, Treasurer,
Tom Turnbull, VP Business, Jack Hempfling,
VPProfessional,RandyVink,VP Industrialand
Directors,MarthaBailey, Bill Kettle and Jerry
a$4,000grant from thePreservationLeagueof
NY tohelpcreateadowntownHistoricDistrict
alongwith$500 fromboth theVillageandTown
of LeRoy. These monies will help with the
cost of completing the nomination to become
a historic district.
Chris Smith encouraged members of LBC
to advertise in
. She said in the
month of August 2014 that
The Daily News
featured 43 different stories onLeRoy and the
hadnone. Shealso stated that
will have a photographer onhand for the
tree lighting event in downtown LeRoy. You
can purchase aCD for $10 of the pictures you
have taken to use as youwish.
Dave Paddock reported for the Town that
the 2015Budget is being reviewed and the tax
ratewill remain the same.OnOctober 21st the
community will have the opportunity to vote
on the sale of the old dump on Neid Road.
Bill Kettle reported that the Village continues
to work on the comprehensive plan with the
Town. Hementioned that Elm Street has been
completed and that theVillage isworkingwith
their attorney for code enforcement within the
Village. DunkinDonutshad receivedapproval
from theDOTandarenowapplying for avari-
ance for a drive thru.
Congratulations toNancyBakeron receiving
the“LeRoyanof theYear”award.Amotionwas
madebyJimNielsen, secondedbyFrankDavis
to have “FirstNight” 2015.Motion carried.
Legislator Shelley Stein reported that the
2015 County Budget is underway with Relief
fromNYSRetirement rates in 2015, reduction
of 9% equates to 540,000 less support, receipt
of initial payments fromSenecaCasinoAgree-
ment anticipate 250,000 in revenue, budgeting
for a full year of Nursing Home Operations,
increase of 3 Corrections Officers per NYS
Department of Correctionmandate in 2012 of
10 new Corrections Officers at County Jail,
(25%) and County Parks (75%) to FT Parks
Educator, proposing GIS analyst to aid infor-
mation on County, Town and Village levels,
continue to support Medicaid at 184,000 per
weekofState’sprogramand increased support
of Genesee Community College in 2015. The
County has received ten letters of interest in
the purchase of the Genesee County Nursing
Homeand theupgrade to theE911 radiosystem
continues. Shelley can be reached at rstein@
A motion was made by Randy Vink and
secondedbyBillKettle to adjourn themeeting
at 6:24pm. The next meeting will be held at
The Greens of LeRoy on November 3, 2014
at 5:30 pm.
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