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08/27/2016 - 37 year old Robert T. Hoffman of Gilbert Street,
LeRoywas arrested onAugust 27, 2016, by the LeRoy Police De-
partment and charged with one count of Criminal Obstruction of
Breathing or BloodCirculation, aClassAMisdemeanor, Unlawful
Imprisonment in the Second Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor,
Endangering theWelfare of a Child, a Class AMisdemeanor, and
CriminalMischief in theFourthDegree, aClassAMisdemeanor.
Hoffmanwasarrested followingacomplaintofadomestic incident
thatoccurred in theearlyhoursof themorning.During thealtercation
Hoffman allegedly held the victim against their will refusing to let
them leave, at onepoint thevictimwasheldby their throat obstruct-
ing their ability to breath. Hoffman also prevented the victim from
calling“911”preventing them from requestingemergencyassistance.
All this took place in front of a child under the age of seventeen.
Hoffman was arraigned in front of the Honorable Judge Welsh
and turned over to theGeneseeCounty Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.
Hoffman is toreturn to theLeRoyTownCourtonSeptember06,2016.
The LeRoy Senior (5th and
6thgrade) football teamopened
up theseasonagainst thedefend-
ing CYFL Southern Division
Thegamewasplayed in swelter-
a thriller frombeginning toend.
Hornell struck first, as their
speedyRB scored a longTDon
thesecondplay fromscrimmage.
After a successful conversion,
the Raiders held an early 8-0
lead. LeRoy’soffense stalledon
giving the ball back toHornell.
Hornell’s offense then marched
down thefieldona15playdrive.
However the Knights defense
would hold strong at the goal
line, asDrewStrollowouldhang
on to theball carrier fordear life
until a slewof teammateswould
come tohelpbringhimdownon
4th down.
LeRoy’s offense would then
begin a long drive of their own.
Sparked by a 48 yard run by
JacksonFix, theKnightsoffense
methodically moved down the
field. Finally, on the 12th play
of thedrive,quarterbackTommy
Condidorio threaded the needle
enyardTDpass. Fixwoulddart
in for theconversion,knotting the
score up 8-8.
LeRoy’sdefenseheld theHor-
nelloffenseagain, forcingaquick
punt. However on the last play
of the half, LeRoy’s aggressive
offensive play calling would
spell doomasaHornell defender
would pick off a pass and return
it for a long TD. A successful
conversionwould giveHornell a
16-8 halftime lead.
LeRoy’soffense tookover the
ball to start the secondhalf. The
offensewastedno time inmoving
down thefield. A30yard runby
Drew Strollo and hard runs by
JacksonFixwouldput theball at
thegoal line.Strollowouldpunch
it in for theTD, andalso succeed
on the conversion to tie up the
game again at 16-16.
LeRoy’s defense stood tall
again, forcing a turnover on
downs. Again, the offense me-
thodically moved the ball down
thefieldagainst thehugeHornell
defensivefront. Thesmashmouth
football style resulted ina15play
scoring drive, culminated by a 1
yardTDplungeby fullbackTony
Piazza. The conversion attempt
would fail, giving the Knights a
22-16 lead.
The defense appeared to be
holding strong again as Hornell
attempted to take the leadback in
the 4thquarter. However on 4th
and long, Hornell would break a
long TD run to tie the game up
utes left, the defense stood tall
on the conversion attempt when
DrewStrollodragged the runner
down just short of the goal line.
Hornell’s defense would hold
LeRoy’soffense in the lastminute
of the game, forcing overtime.
Overtime is played similarly to
college footballovertime, aseach
teamgets4playsfrom the10yard
line. Hornell failed to score on
was sparkedbyabig tackle from
theX-Man, XavienWalker. Le-
Roy took the ball over for their
opportunity, and made quick
work of it. JacksonFixmuscled
ahead for 6 yards on first down.
On second down, Tony Piazza,
with thehelpofmuchofhis team
pushing forward, bulled into the
end zone for the game winning
TD,giving theKnightsa thrilling
28-22OT victory!
After making some adjust-
ments, LeRoy’s offense ran for
over 270 yards. Jackson Fix ran
with ferocity, leading the team
with141yards and a conversion.
Drew Strollo tallied 77 yards,
including a TD and conversion.
Tony Piazza punished would be
tacklers, running for 48 yards
and 2 TDs. Other ball carriers
included Landen Saeva, Riley
Williams, andQBTommyCon-
didorio. Condidorio threw for a
TD to tight endRyanHiggins (1
catch, 11 yards).
Linebackers Tony Piazza and
Xavien Walker led the team
in tackles with 8 each. Drew
Strollowould add 7 tackles, and
AntonioMartinez (5),RyanHig-
gins (3), and Connor Hegeman
(3) would add multiple tackles.
Other players making tackles
were Josh Horner, Aiden Davis,
Adrian Stephens, Bryce Lathan,
Landen Saeva, Connor McGee,
and JacksonFix.
The Knights have a week off
due to Labor Day then travel to
Warsaw foradivisionalmatchup.
LeRoySeniorFootball -LeRoy 28 -Hornell 22 Overtime
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