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1ChurchSt., LeRoy, NY14482
The LeRoy Junior Knights
opened their 2016 seasonversus
the Hornell Red Raiders on a
beautiful sun-filleddayat “Hart-
Hornell won the toss and
chose the ball. Jack Egeling
set the tone on the first play of
the game with a tackle in the
backfield. After Jude Sherman
and Luke Lathan teamed up
for another 2 yard loss, Egeling
busted through the line causing
and recovering a fumble to give
LeRoy possession at Hornell’s
27 yard line.
On LeRoy’s first offensive
wasted no time converting a
turnover intopoints scampering
27 yards off tackle between the
blocks of Wyatt Draper and
GradyGilligan andgreat down-
Luke Lathan. The PAT attempt
failedmaking the score 6-0.
The LeRoy defense started
Hornell’s next possession the
sameway ithad itsfirst,with two
more tackles in the backfield by
Luke Lathan and Jack Egeling.
However, on thirdand long,Hor-
nell’s quarterback took the ball
around the right end and down
the sideline 68 yards for a tying
score. The extra point attempt
failed, 6-6.
An unsportsmanlike conduct
penalty gave LeRoy the ball at
the 50 yard line to start their
second possession. After a 1st
down run of 4 yards by Luke
Lathan, LeRoy lost yardage on
their next two plays leaving 3rd
and long. Onceagain,Draperand
Gilligan opened a huge hole off
the right sidewhileLukeLathan
and Jude Sherman flattened two
more Hornell linebackers as
Woodworth rolled off 32 yards
down to the Hornell 15 yard
line. A 4 yard run by Sherman,
6yard runbyAlexSpezzanoand
quick blast by Lathan left it 2&
goal at the 6 yard line. Another
dominating effort by the right
side of the line allowed Wood-
worth to run 6 yards untouched
into theendzone. JudeSherman
followedwithapower runoff the
left side for the PATmaking the
score 14-6.
Hornell looked to be on their
way to another drive after a 20
yard run down the right sideline
however, on the next play, Aaric
Luce met the running back 5
yardsdeepcausinga fumble that
was recoveredbyHornell. After
a 3 yard gain, Alex Spezzano
made an athletic diving inter-
ceptionona tippedpassbyAaric
LucegivingLeRoy theballback.
Again,LeRoywasable to take
advantage of a turnover produc-
LeRoy JuniorKnights
inga12play,61yarddrive ledby
aworkhorse effort on the part of
theoffensive line and cappedoff
by a 6 yard run byAdamWood-
worth for his 3rd touchdown in
the first half. Woodworth ran it
in for the PATmaking the score
The first half endedwith two
stalleddrivesbyHornell andone
The second half beganwith a
9 play 65 drive by LeRoy high-
lightedby a21yard runbyLuke
Lathan down to the 7 yard line
followed by a 7 yard touchdown
run by Lathan. Woodworth ran
in thePAT tomake it 30-6.
Two quick scores byHornell,
one for 65 yards and one for 17
closed the gap to 30-20.
LeRoy’s offense took back
control with a 10 play 65 yard
drive featuring a 35 yard run by
Woodworth and finished off by
a 5 yard touchdown run byCole
Tonzi behind crushingblocks by
A failedPAT left thescore36-20.
Hornell punched in onemore
score with less than 30 seconds
remaining, leaving LeRoy with
nothing more to do than kneel
on the ball for their first victory
of the 2016 season, final score
LeRoy’s offense was lead
statistically by Adam “Bucha”
carries for207yardsand3 touch-
downs followed byLuke Lathan
with 13 carries for 77 yards and
a TD. Also contributing were
Jude Sherman with 8 carries,
Cole Tonzi with 2 carries for 13
yards and a TD, Connor Elmore
with2carries for 10yards,Noah
Kaczanowski with 3 carries for
one carry for 6 yards.
Defensively,LeRoywas ledby
JackEgelingwho totaled 5 tack-
les, 3 for a loss, a forced fumble
anda fumble recovery. JudeSher-
man – 4 tackles, Aaric Luce – 2
tackles, 1 for a loss and a forced
fumble. With two tacklesapiece
were Luke Lathan, Andrew
Davis, LiamGrayson&Connor
Elmore. Also contributingwith
tackles were Wyatt Draper, DJ
O’Geen, JoeyReschkeandDaw-
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