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Watching For Flamingoes - April 1 and April 4
by Lynne Belluscio
As most of you know it’s time
to watch for the flamingoes. If you
have any flamingo decoys, it’s
time to put them out. The flock at
LeRoy House will be ready, rain
or shine, or even snow and will
make their appearance on April 1.
Usually the flamingoes stay
outside, but this year, since it’s
during spring break, and folks
might be looking for something
to do with the kids, some of the
flamingoes will be moving inside
LeRoy House for a scavenger
hunt. Your challenge will be to
find all the flamingoes.
One rare cement flamingo is
believed to have been made at the
Ribstone Silo Company, owned
by Donald Woodward. Another
hand-painted wooden flamingo is
just like the one that Jacob LeRoy
brought with him in 1823 when he
and Charlotte moved to LeRoy.
A very rare cloth flamingo, with
a zippered pocket, was used as
a mail pouch on the first airmail
delivery in 1928 from the Donald
Woodward Airport.
A pair of rare salt and pepper
shakers, made in China, are prob-
ably the set that Edward Augustus
LeRoy brought back with him on
his trip with Admiral Perry in the
1850s. Fragile pieces of flamingo
china will be set on the table in
the 1920s kitchen and unusual
flamingo lamps, that were used
in the former Flamingo Bar and
Grill on Main Street - - site of the
Eagle will be on display.
There is a shirt worn by Placido
Flamingo during his last concert
tour. Some of the Jell-O advertis-
ing featuring a pink flamingo will
be featured in the Jell-O Gallery.
In the garden, the Ing-
ham University croquet
set, with flamingo wickets,
will be set up. Weather per-
mitting, folks will be able
to play a game of croquet.
The skittles game will be
set up in the back parlor
and the table top bowling
game in the basement.
Without question, the
most unusual piece in
the collection is a genu-
ine pink flamingo feather
which fell from the last fla-
mingo sighted in LeRoy.
This feather was found in
a box on the third floor at
LeRoy House. It was veri-
fied as an authentic flamin-
go feather by well-known
ornithologist Roger Tory
Peterson. There will be
prizes and refreshments,
so plan to join us for a
historic day of fun. You’ll
never see LeRoy House
like this again - - at least
again this year.
The flamingo fandango
will be held on Wednesday, April
1 and Saturday, April 4. We will
be open 10 to 4. Admission to
LeRoy House is free. (Regular
admission rates apply to the
Jell-O Gallery.)
Starting April 6, the Jell-O
Gallery is open seven days a
week, 10 to 4 (1 to 4 on Sundays).
LeRoy House hours fluctuate
depending on volunteer sched-
ules, but will be open weekends
starting in May.
Jacob LeRoy office.
Jacob LeRoy desk.
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