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Tying It All Together
After a year of data meetings, common core, curriculumwork, and
assessments, ourMay conference daywas used toworkonpreparing
for next year and how the work will align to the district mission,
vision, andgoals to “provide an exceptional, highquality educational
environmentwhere all learners are empowered to succeed.”
To helpwith this, teachersworked in collaborative groupsmade up
of representatives from both buildings. The groups were asked to
create a visual explaining this alignment and then share it out to the
whole group.
Thesecondpartof theday for teacherswasspentoncurriculumwriting.
All of this great work will continue to build toward our curriculum
workwhich isstarting thissummerandwillcontinueover theupcoming
school year and beyond.
Two of the visuals produced
by the collaborative groups.
YouthOf LeRoy
TheHealthyCommunity/HealthyYouthGroupofLeRoy isaSchool/Communitypartnership
to promote positive youth development. Working together, we promote good citizenship,
encourage healthy decision-making and offer opportunities for youth to make an impact
on their world. There are 40 developmental assets identified by the Search Institute inMinneapolis, MN that we use as a
framework for our group. Formore informationpleaseemail
visit theLeRoyCSDwebsite. This
groupmeets on amonthly basis. You can follow us onFacebook, LeRoyHealthyCommunity, for activities and projects!
The turnoutwasgreat for thefirstmathfairhostedbyLaurenClifford
and her seventh grade students. The goal for this fair was to give
studentsachance to investigatemath inaway thatwasmeaningful to
them.Studentsweregivenasetofguidelines,workedwith the teacher
to get their project approved, then worked together to investigate
howmath was involved in topics that interested them and create a
presentation for the fair.
People that came to the fairwereable to talkwithstudentsabout the
math involved in a wide variety of topics ranging from bike ramps,
soccer, sunspots, shopping, baseball, Pokeman, roller coasters, and
theFibonacci sequence!
Itwasgreat tohearabout the fun theyhadand tohave themsayhow
much they liked the opportunity to learn thisway.
MathFair Fun
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