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The LeRoy Red & Black Flag Football Teams

Bogan, Weber, Schutt & C. Stiles lead LeRoy


Flag Football teams hosted the

Geneseo Blue Devils this past

Sunday in the 1st stanza of 3-in

a fun filled, football frenzy,

funday Sunday at the magical

Hartwood Park.

T h e R ED & BLACK

teams were excited to start the

day and share the same field


bound Junior team (3rd &

4th grade), and the win &

your in, the CHAMPIONSHIP

game, Senior team (5th & 6th

grade). With no flag football

championship format to play

for the young Knights treated

their final game as their Super


The mi s s ion a f t e r t he

devastating loss to YORK was

to have have fun, win-out,

and get every kid in the end

zone. The only certainty of

the aforementioned was having

fun....while trying to win and

trying to get every player on

the roster a touchdown. Both

squads were well prepared for

their mission to win their Super

Bowl after their last practice

was inside on Thursday due to

inclement weather.

The RED team started out

on defense as Geneseo attacked

the Stiles brothers on their

right side on a 7 play drive

that stalled out as Ryder Stiles

redeemed a slow start with a

4th down tackle.

Af ter a n if t y r un f rom

Donovan "The Road Runner"

Gaillard it was 1st and goal to

go. Carson Stiles the youngest

kid on the roster, starting center,

outside linebacker and the only

player on the RED team to not

score a touchdown would get

the call on 3 consecutive plays

falling just short each time

against the older gnarly Blue

Devil defense. On 4th and

inches "Nutter" gets the call

again as he follows Chandler

"The Next Big Thing" Hall's

perfect block into the end zone,

TOUCHDOWN! Carson's first

career TD is an important one

and memorable as the hardcore

LeRoy fans applauded the

gritty kindergarteners effort.

Donavan Gaillard would

add two more touchdowns

on con s e cu t ive of fen sive

possessions solidifying his first

team selection in the CYFL.

The next half would see an

offensive explosion that was

lead by Andreas Condidorio.

The gifted running back was

unstoppable putting on a show

for the large capacity crowd.

Cond idor io wa s g r ea t on

defense too, intercepting his

4th pass of the year and making

a touchdown saving flag grab.

Kade "kaderaid" Olivani the

disruptive nose guard got into

the end zone next following a

block from Ryder Stiles. Stiles

would get his first carries of the

year and looked good doing so.

On t he f i na l of fensive

play of the year Ryder Stiles

th rew a dar t to the "Road

Runner" Beep Beep.......a walk

off TOUCHDOWN as time

expired putting both kids in

double digit TDs on the year.

Defensively for the RED

Knights it was an aggressive

team effort that was led by

Jacob "Mr Handsome" Keller

and Jacob "Snuggle in the

Huddle" Kochmanski. The two

ends dictated the misdirection

plays all morning allowing just

two scores on the day.

The BLACK team led by

Marin Kemp &BraydenWilson

got into the end zone right away

as Peyton Privitera roasted the

Blue Devils defense. Privitera

has improved each week and it

has been contagious as John

"Hawkeye" Bogan, Brennan

Weber, and Caleb Schutt are

all playing their best football

of the season.

Bogan, the second youngest

kid on the roster has looked

good all week on the scout

team offense running the ball.

"Hawkeye" who is elusive and

fast glided into the end zone

from a crushing block from

Caleb Schutt, TOUCHDOWN


On t he nex t of fen sive

possession Brennan Weber

wo u l d f i n d h i s g r o o v e

duplicating Bogan's play as

he followed Caleb Schutt's

block into the end zone for his

first career TOUCHDOWN!

Webber has almost scored

in 2 games this year gets his

TD as Hartwood fans roar in


Jude Chr ist and Pey ton

Privitera connected for 2 nice

catch and throws. Grady "The

Road Grader" Kanaley who is

always dynamic at Hartwood

has several key runs on the day.

Defensively for the BLACK

Knights it is always domination.

Marin "Kemp Quake" Kemp,

Cam Dunaway and Jude Christ

constantly pressured Geneseo.

The Blue Devils did not score

all morning as it was a fitting

finally for the Black defense.

Mi s s ion a c compl i shed

along with many memorable

moments that will never be

forgotten. The Leroy RED

& BLACK football teams end

their season perfectly.



l pgr aph i cs . ne t

Call 768-2201

1 Church St., Le Roy, NY