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I n a w i n ne r t a ke a l l

matchup at Hartwood Park,

the LeRoy Senior Knights

knocked off the previously

unbeaten Geneseo Blue Devils

by a score of 22-14. The high

stakes contest was an instant

classic, entertaining fans from

start to finish as the Knights

put together a total team effort

to take down the powerhouse

Geneseo squad.

LeRoy won t he t os s ,

and elected to defer until the

second half. Geneseo elected

to receive the opening kickoff,

however a well-placed kick

by Zack Tooley resulted in a

fumble recovery by hustling

Drew Strollo. The Knights

offense would stall however,

givi ng the football to the

Blue Devils af ter a quick

4 plays. Geneseo’s potent

offense started on their own

35 and began moving the ball

down the field. The Knights

defense made it difficult for

the Geneseo QB to get loose,

however after a 10 play drive

he was able to score to put the

Blue Devils on top. A failed

conversion at tempt would

leave the score at 6-0.

L eRoy r e c e i v e d t h e

kick and began their drive

with power running. Facing

8 t o 9 de f e nde r s i n t he

box , qua r t e rback Tommy

“T-Smooth” Condidorio hit

Ryan Higgins with a 21 yard

strike to loosen up the defense.

One play later, Drew Strollo

darted through the line to tie

LeRoy Seniors Earn Trip to Championship Game

LeRoy 22 – Geneseo 14

the game up with a 20 yard

TD. Runn i ng back mat e

Jackson Fix punched in the

conversion attempt, giving the

Knights an 8-6 lead.

T he hu s t l i ng S t r o l l o

would again recover a fumbled

kickoff, giving the ball right

back to LeRoy, keeping the

ball out of Geneseo’s high

scoring offense. Behind runs

from Tony Piazza, Jackson

Fix, and Strollo, the Knights

moved t he bal l down t he

f ield. A hustling Geneseo

defender tackled Strollo on

the 1 yard line, setting the

t able for what t he LeRoy

fans believed to be a score

extending TD. However the

Geneseo defense tightened up,

eventually forcing a fumble

and taking the ball over on

their own 1 yard line.

Geneseo’s offense took

over and got some breathing

r o om w i t h a n i c e p a s s .

However after a tackle for loss

by Ryan Higgins and Tony

Piazza and an incompletion,

the Knights took the ball back

on the 25 of Geneseo. An 18

yard run by Drew Strollo put

the ball at the 7 yard line with

less than 30 seconds left on the

clock. With ice in his veins,

QB Tommy Condidorio threw

a perfect pass to Jackson Fix

in the end zone for a beautiful

TD. The conversion would fail

keeping the score at 14-6.

T h e e x c i t e me n t f o r

the f irst half was not over

however. After the kickoff, the

Blue Devils took over around

midfield with enough time for

a couple of plays. The elusive

QB took advantage of the

opportunity, breaking loose

on their first play. Appearing

to have a TD within grasp, the

QB was chased down by Riley

Williams who made a diving

TD saving tackle inside the 10

yard line. With time enough

for one more play, Drew

Strollo, Landen Saeva, and

Williams converged on the

QB one last time to preserve

the 14-6 lead at half.

LeRoy’s offense took over

the ball to start the 3rd quarter

however was unable to move

the chains. Geneseo took over

and quickly moved into LeRoy

territory. However, a long pass

down the sideline was tipped

by Antonio Martinez, and the

hustling carnivore, linebacker

Tony Piazza intercepted the

ball. A dazzling return gave

the Knights some breathing

room, howeve r on ly t wo

plays later a fumble by LeRoy

would give Geneseo another

offensive opportunity.

This time the Blue Devils

took full advantage, scoring 4

plays later and adding on the

conversion to tie the game up

14-14 late in the 3rd quarter.

LeRoy took the kickoff and

began an incredibly important

drive with their season on the

line. A quick first down put

the offense inside the Geneseo

40. Tough defense brought

upon a crucial 4 down and 7.

The extraordinarily accurate

T-Smooth Condidorio would

hit Ryan Higgins with a 7 yard

pass the keep the drive alive.

Drew Strollo then broke free

for a 27 yard gain down to

the 2 yard line. Jackson Fix

would cut in for the score, and

Riley Williams would break

free untouched to succeed on

the conversion attempt to give

LeRoy the 22-14 lead just 3

plays into the final stanza.

Geneseo took over looking

to tie up the game. However

LeRoy’s defense was up to

the task. Connor Hegeman

and Jackson Fix converged

on the QB on 3rd down, and

on 4th down Fix made a great

tackle to stop the QB short of

the chains. LeRoy’s offense

took over, looking to move

the chains to end the ball

game. After a first down, the

Knights continued to move the

ball. However a penalty would

push the Knights back, and a

swarming Geneseo defense

would provide their offense

one more shot. Wit h less

than 2 minutes left, Geneseo

started their drive on their

own 45. Husting tackles by

Bryce Lathan amongst others

stopped the drive initially.

However a long pass to the

30 of LeRoy kept Geneseo

alive. Running the no huddle,

Geneseo completed another

pass, with Antonio Martinez

making the tackle at the 5. A

false start by Geneseo would

move the ball back to the

10 for one last play. Great

pressure on the QB by Connor

Hegeman forced an er rant

pass, which was picked off by

Martinez to secure the victory

and send the Knights to the

title game!

LeRoy’s offense was led

by Drew Strollo who piled

up 138 yards on the ground

i ncl ud i ng a TD. Tommy

Condidorio made huge passes

in huger spots, completing

3-4 passes for 35 yards and a

TD. Jackson Fix had 24 yards

on the ground and 7 yards

receiv i ng, scor i ng 2 TDs

and adding on a conversion.

Tony Piazza gained yards

on the ground in big spots,

and Riley Williams added

a conversion. Ryan Higgins

made 2 excellent catches for

28 yards, helping keep the

Geneseo defense off balance.

A t o t a l t e a m e f f o r t

defensively helped thwart the

explosive Geneseo offense

who had averaged over 30

points per game this season.

Tony Piazza and Anton io

Martinez both had 5 tackles

and an interception. Drew

St rollo had 8 stops and 2

fumble recoveries. Defensive

ends Ryan Higgins (2) and

Connor Hegeman (4) played

outst anding with multiple

tackles and great contain.

William Bogan (4), Hunter

Beverly (2), Bryce Lathan (4),

Riley Williams (5), Landen

Saeva (2), and Jackson Fix

(5) all made multiple tackles

as well. Also contributing

with t ack les were Xavien

Walker, Ayden Riggi, Kyle

Northrup, Jude Miller, and

Connor McGee.

The LeRoy S e n i o r s

travel to Avon on Sunday

October 30th for a 2 PM

Championship Game against

the Livonia Bulldogs.

Don't waste

precious time

traveling around...



Le Roy



8 am to 5 pm