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by Lynne Bellusico

This past Saturday, students

from the LeRoy Earlyact and

Interact clubs endured the cold

windy weather at MachPelah

Cemetery, to share the stories of

some of LeRoy’s historical figures.

The project raised nearly $600.

Half of the proceeds will be given

to the MachPeleah Cemetery

Association to help with much

needed maintenance. The other

half of the profits will support

the Earlyact and Interact clubs

and their activities. In the past,

they have raised money for many

community projects including

the animal shelter and Rochester

Honor Flight. Earlyact and Interact

are service clubs under the auspices

LeRoy’s Interact and Earlyact

Students Shine on a Cold, Windy Day

of the LeRoy Rotary Club and

Rotary International. Interact

meets at the high school under the

guidance of Sam Vagg and Kim

Cox. Earlyact meets at theWolcott

Street School under the guidance

of Christine Gephart. The purpose

of the clubs is to carry out hands-

on service projects and to develop

leadership skills. It embodies the

Rotary motto, “Service Above

Self” and the Rotary mission:

to provide service to others,

promot e i nt eg r it y, advance

world understanding, goodwill

and peace.

The stories that the students

sharedwith the visitors on Saturday

i ncluded t he ph i lant h ropic

contributions of the Woodward

family; the heritage of the LeRoy

family: the legacy of women’s

education of Ingham University;

the devotion of George Blodgett

who built MachPeleah Cemetery;

and the courage of all our veterans

and need to recognize their service

on Memorial Day.

The students wish to thank all

those people who supported their

efforts this weekend to make this

such a successful event, and they

look forward to doing it again.