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LeRoyLittleLeague -May 9th-14th
White Sox 11 Yankees 4
Mondaynight saw theYankees and the
White Sox square off. On the mound to
start thegame for theWhiteSoxwasKenny
Saunders. In the first inningRyanShirley
walked before Ryan Higgins’ double put
runnerson2ndand3rdwith2outs. Kenny
struck out the next batter to get out of the
jam. TheWhiteSoxwouldcomebackand
put up 4 runs in the bottom of the first and
2more in the second. TheYankeeswould
plate Gianni Ferrara in the third inning
when he walked and stole his way around
thebagswithblazing speedbefore scoring
on a pass ball. The Sox came storming
back plating 3 in the bottom of the 3rd,
and 2 more in the 5th. Kenny pitched 5
strong innings striking out 13, and giving
up a pair of hits. In the top of the 6th Josh
Nobel came in and record one out, but the
Yankeeswould load thebasesandscratch3
more runsacross.MikeBuccina thencame
inandslammed thedoorwitha1pitchsave.
catching a soft line drive at second base
and tagging the runner coming from1st to
double up theYankees and end the threat.
Pitching for the Yankees were Ryan Shir-
ley, RyanHiggins, andConnorHagerman.
Hitting for theYankeeswereRyanHiggins
with a hard double, Landen Saeva stung a
single, and Ryan Shirley with a double of
his own. Pitching for the SoxwereKenny
Saunders, JoshNobel, andMike Buccina.
Hitting for theSoxwereMikeBuccinawith
a single,FinShelbywitha strongdayat the
plate hitting 2 singles, and a triple, Kenny
Saunders had a pair of singles, and Alex
Dowell added to the effort with a single
and a double.
Twins 8 Tigers 3
TheTwinsputup three runs in the fourth
andfour in thefifth inning topullawayfrom
theTigers.Thepitchers for theTwinsmade
itdifficult for theTigers toget thingsgoing.
Colin McCulley started on hill striking
out thirteen. Jackson Locke closed it out
striking out thefinal three batters.
The Tigers started Adam Risewick on
the mount. Lily Uberty came in for some
middle relief, andMerritt Holley closed it
out.All together theystruckout tenbatters.
Leading the way at the plate for the
Tigers was Robby Newmarks with two
doubles and a single. AdamRisewick and
MerrittHolleybothchipped inwithsingles.
TheTwins receivedsomenicecontribu-
tions from thebottomof the lineup.Connor
Murrell hadadoubleand scoreda run.An-
Kaden Burger and Aiden Davis reached
base and scored. Colin McCulley singled
and scored twice, JacksonLocke andCole
Rauscher each singled. Brett Babcock had
a fine day at the plate recording a triple
and single.
RedSox 15 A’s 9
When theRedSoxandA’sgot together
theendof itall theRedSoxoutlasted theA’s
by a score of 15-9. The winwas their 2nd
of the yearwhile the losewas theA’s 1st.
TheA’sgot on theboardfirst by scoring
4 runs in the top of the 1st inning. Hits
by Shawn Morabito and Michael Covert
highlighted the inning. Not to be outdone
the Red Sox scored 4 runs in their half
of the inning. Bryce Lathans double, that
scored Luke Caccamise, Xavien Walker
and Joey Brennan, was the big hit. After
theA’swereunable to score in the2nd, the
Red Sox struck for 4 more. Base hits by
Caccamise and JohnPanepentohelped the
Sox take the lead8-4.TheA’schippedaway
at theSox in lead in the3rd.BradyFix and
Morabitowere able to reachbase to set the
stage for JacobWilliams.Williams hit his
first career HR over the center field wall
which tighten the score to 8-7. However
theRedSox respondedwith5of their own
in the bottom of the 3rd. Brennan’s double
led the charge. Scoring for the Red Sox in
the inningwereCaccamise.Brennan,Luke
Lathan, ZachFlansburg andZachTooley.
Brady Fix hit a solo HR in the top of
the 4th inning tomake the score 13-8. The
RedSoxansweredwith runsbyCaccamise
and Luke Lathan. Connor Wright would
round out the scoringwith a run in the top
of the 6th.
Caccamise andBrennan led a balanced
attack for the Sox, which saw 8 different
Fix(soloHR)andWilliams (3-RHR) were
the hitting stars.
Thepitchingstars for theSoxon theday
wereCaccamise,41/3 inningsand9k’sand
Panepento12/3 inningswith4k’s. For the
A’s Fix, 2 innings and 2 k’s and Michael
Covert 2 2/3 innings and 2k’s led theway.
Williamspickup thefinalouton themound.
Indians 6 Tigers 3
The Indians and Tigers would play in
their second match up of the season on
Thursday.The visiting Tigers would strike
first on an RBI double by Merritt Holly
scoringAdamRisewickwhosingled to lead
off the game. The scorewould remain1-0
heading in to the bottom of the 3rd inning.
The Indians began their scoring afterTony
Pizza lead off the inning with a single.
ZachVanderhoof doubled, scoringPiazza.
Connor McGee would single to bring in
Vanderhoof. McGeewould thenscoreona
fielder’schoice. In the topof the5th inning,
the Tigers would tie the game afterMerrit
Holly singled driving in Adam Risewick
andRobbieNewmark. Then Indianswould
score3of theirown in thebottomof the5th
to takea6-3 lead. MavericMcKenziewould
come in for the Indians in the6th inning to
strike out 3 and close out the game.
RobbieNewmarkpitched for theTigers
going5 inningsallowing4walksand strik-
ing out 7 batters. ZachVanderhoof, Cory
Wallace, and Maveric McKenzie would
each pitch for the Indians.
Hitting for the IndianswereTonyPiazza
(3 hits), Zach Vanderhoof (double), Cory
Wallace, ConnorMcGee (2 hits), and Jack
Duyssen (2 hits).
Hitting for theTigerswereAdamRise-
wick andMerrittHolly (2 singles, double).
Orioles 9 Yankees 3
The Orioles and Yankees squared off
for the first time this season, both sporting
3-2 records. TheOrioles struckfirst in the
top of the first inning. Drew Strollo lead
off the gamewith a single. Ty Strollo and
JimmyBurns both drewwalks, setting the
table forBennyPocock. Pocockcleared the
table ingrand fashion, beltingagrand slam
homerun over the left field fence. Brother
Andrew Pocock later singled and scored
after a single by Iaien Frawley, giving the
O’s the early 5-0 lead.
The Yankees got on the scoreboard in
thebottomof the2nd inning. LandenSaeva
singledand later scoredon throwingerrors
after a stolen base, showing his speed in
circling thebases. TheOriolesanswered in
the topof the3rd,whenJamesBlakeshowed
some speed of his own. Blake hammered
a ball to right field, and flew around the
bases, scoring after an errant relay from
the outfield.
The Orioles would extend their lead to
9-1 in the top of the 4th inning, on hits by
Drew Strollo, Ty Strollo (double), Jimmy
Burns (double), and Ben Pocock. The
Yankees looked to tighten things up in the
bottomof the 4th as they loaded the bases,
however pitcher Ty Strollo would end the
threat with a full count strikeout with the
top of the Yankees order looming. The
Yankeeswouldadd runs in the5thand6th,
however their effortswould not be enough
as theOrioles prevailed 9-3.
The top of the Orioles order led the
way, with Drew (2 hits) and Ty Strollo
(double, walk) both scoring twice as did
Jimmy Burns (double, walk). The main
offensive star was Ben Pocock who ham-
mered agrand slam and singled, driving in
5. James Blake tripled and scored, while
Adrian Stephens and Iaien Frawley (RBI)
added singles.
Landen Saeva led the Yankees offense
with 3 singles and 2 runs. TommyCondi-
doriosingled twiceandRyanHigginsadded
adouble. Alsogettinghits for theYankees
were Gianni Ferrara, AdamWoodworth,
JakeHiggins, andJackEgeling. RyanShir-
ley also scored for the Yankees. Pitching
for theYankeeswere starterRyanHiggins,
Tommy Condidorio, and Gianni Ferrara,
who struck out all 3 batters he faced.
TyStrolloearned thewinon themound
for theOrioles,going51/3 inningsallowing
3 runs, while striking out 3 and walking
none. AndrewPocockfinishedout thegame
on themound getting 2 outs on 2 pitches.
Twins 12 RedSox 2
TheTwins pitchingwas the storyof the
game. Cole Rauscher had his best start of
the season striking out nine batters. Brian
Robleecame in toclose it outwith four k’s.
hits.ColeRauscherhad twosingles, a triple
andscored twice.ColinMcCulleyhad three
singlesandscored four runs.BrettBabcock
scored two runs while hitting a single and
double. Brian Roblee singled and scored
twice. Jackson Locke and Kaden Burger
each scored. ConnorMurrell andAntonio
Martinez both had singles to round out the
hitting for theTwins.
TheRedSoxhad threehits in thegame.
JohnnyPanepento andXavianWalker had
singles and scored runs. Luke Caccamise
also hit a single.
Yankees 7 Tigers 6
TheYankees pulled off a nail biter of a
game coming frombehind toget thevicto-
ry. In the first inning the Tigers came out
firingonallcylinders. AdamRisewickhita
double. NewmarkwouldscoreoffaMerritt
Holly single. Then in Jackson Spezzano’s
firstgameback from injuryandstillplaying
putting theTigersup3-0. Strongdefensive
playby theTigersMerrittHollyandJackson
Spezzano limited the Yankees to one run
in thebottomof thefirst. For theYankees,
Gianni Ferrara hit a double and was then
scored by a Ryan Shirley single. Connor
Hagemanwould also get a hit for theYan-
kees in the bottom of 1. TheTigersAdam
Risewick added a single in the second in-
ningbutboth teamswereheldscoreless. In
the third inning for theTigersMerrittHolly
wouldhit a double butwas left onbase. In
the bottom of the third theYankeeswould
get the bats going. Gianni Ferrara led off
withasingle, followedbyaTomCondidorio
Connor Hagemanwould also add an RBI
double. Ferrara, Condidorio and Higgins
all scored to put the Yankees up 4-3 after
3. The Tigerswould retake the lead in the
4th. HoldenSullivan,AdamRisewick, and
Robbie Newmark all singled and Sullivan
andRisewickwould score toput theTigers
back on top 5-4. Jack Egeling would add
a hit for the Yankees in the 4th. In the
bottom of the 5th, the Yankees Connor
Hagemanonly9years old,woulddrive the
ball over the center field fence, for his first
little league home run, tying the game at
5. In the top of the 6th the Tigers Holden
Sullivandrew a criticalwalk andwas later
scored on a AdamRisewick RBI single to
put theTigers up 6-5. In the bottom of the
6th theYankeeswould need to come from
behind. GianniFerrarastarted itoffwitha
Shirley double to tie the game at 5. Ryan
Higgins then stepped to the plate and hit a
walk-off double to scoreShirleyandclinch
the victory for the Yankees. Final score
Yankees7Tigers6. Pitching for theTigers,
Adam Risewick went 5 and 2/3 inning
striking out 7. Joey Stephany would also
pitchandget 2 strikeouts. For theYankees
TommyCondidoriowent5 inningsstriking
out7andGianniFerrarapitchedone inning
striking out 3.
A’s 3 Orioles 2
The 1:00 game was shaping up to be
a pitchers duel between the A’s Shawn
Morabitoand theO’s JimmyBurns and the
two would not disappoint. Both pitchers
kept the runs off the board until the fourth
inning when the A’s managed to turn two
walks, and a hit batsman into the first run
of the game as JakeWilliams scored from
thirdonawildpitch.TheA’s stuckagain in
the top of the fourth. ConnerWright drew
a walk and scored on a Brady Fix double.
Fixwent on to steal third andhome togive
theA’s a 3-0 lead.
Morabitowas replacedbyWright in the
bottomof thesixthand theO’smade itclose
awalkbyJamesBlake turned into two runs
before the A’s defense would step up and
shut the door to secure the 3-2win.
Morabitowent5 innings, strikingout10
andwalking1whileallowing4hits andno
runs.Wright got the save for theA’s allow-
ing twohitson two runswithone strikeout.
Burnsstruckout12 in41/3allowing just
1 hit and 4 walks while giving up 3 runs.
James Blake andAndrew Pocock finished
thegame for theO’scombining tostrikeout
2 and scatter two hits.
WhiteSox 6 Indians 4
OnacoolbreezySaturdayafternoon the
Sox and the Indians had an instant classic.
KennySaunders startedon themound, and
had a very efficient outing going 5 innings
usingonly65pitches. TheWhiteSoxwould
hold the Indiansscoreless through thefirst4
inningswithastoutdefensiveeffort. While
the White Sox got off to a quick start in
the 1st inning. Chase Cummings singled,
andmoved to secondwhenFinShelbywas
struck by a pitch. Kenny Saunders would
come to theplate andbelt a3 runHR. The
Soxwould score 1more run in the 5th in-
ning to give them a 4-1 lead. The Indians
scored 1 run in the 5th inning, and then
plated 3 more in the 6th inning to tie the
game4-4. In the6th inning for the Indians
MavericMcKenziestarted thingsoffwitha
walk. TonyPiazzaWouldsingle,CoryWal-
lacewoulddrawawalk, JackDuyssencame
and Jacob Iten would both drawwalks to
help the Indians tie thegame. In thebottom
of the 6th with the score tied at 4 the first
twoWhiteSoxhitterswere retiredquickly.
With the tension and excitement high Fin
Shelby showed excellent hustle to leg out
an infield single, to bringKenny Saunders
to theplate. On the thirdpitchof the at bat
Kennywould smack his secondHR of the
game inwalk off fashion to end the game
6-4 in favor of theWhiteSox. Pitching for
the IndianswereZachVanderhoof,Connor
McGee, andMavericMcKenzie. Pitching
for the Sox were Kenny Saunders, Fin
Shelby, andMikeBuccina. Hitting for the
Indians were JackDuyssenwith 2 singles,
Zach Vanderhoof had a single, and Tony
Piazza with a single. Hitting for the Sox
wereChaseCummingswith2Singles, Fin
Shelby had a single, Kenny Saunders had
witha single, adoubleandaRBI,Alexand
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