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CandlelightTours -December 5& 6
Thisyear, our candlelight tours
December 5 and 6. Therewill be
two tours eachday– at 4pm and
7 pm. Youmay purchase tickets
$5 each by calling 768-7433 or
stopping by the Jell-O Gallery.
(Student tickets $3.50) If you
haveagroupofeightor ten,make
sureyou call toget tickets for the
entire group.
This year, everyone is getting
ready forChristmas. Downstairs
in the 1830 LeRoy kitchen, the
cook and the governess, and
Mr. McCarthy, the gardener,
aremaking sure that everything
is ready for the holidays. The
cookhas carefully chosen a few
recipes fromCharlotte LeRoy’s
Dutch honey cake for the New
Year, and someginger nut cook-
ies. The shinny new puffertjes
pan has just arrived from New
YorkCity andwe’re sure you’ll
have a chance to try these little
Dutch treats. And much to the
surprise of the LeRoy children,
grandpa LeRoy has just sent a
copy of Clement Moore’s “A
Visit FromSt. Nicholas.”
Upstairs, the year is 1866,
and Mr. Parmelee is excitedly
tellingeveryoneabout thegas lit
Christmas treehe isconstructing.
Hehas togo toRochester tobuy
some little gas jets. He’s been
Gideon Forham, Superintendent
of the gas works on this novel
ideawhichwill go on display at
Inanother room, near the roar-
ing fireplace, visitors will help
string some popcorn and cran-
berriesfor theChristmas tree,and
students from InghamUniversity
will share their stories of Queen
Victoria’s tree that theyhave read
about. They are also practicing
their rhetoric for a special pre-
sentation at the university.
In the1931kitchen,Mrs. Spry
is concerned about many of her
neighbors who can’t afford to
buy presents this year, because
some are out of work. But she
is busily getting her Christmas
cards ready and putting Christ-
mas seals on each one, to help
raisemoney for tuberculosis.She
is reading through theChristmas
advertisements in the
toget ideas for somepracti-
cal gifts for her family. She has
alsoheard thatErnestWoodward
a littlecard thatgivesa freeplane
ride from his brother’s airport.
Shewonderswho of her friends
will receive one of his cards.
Christmas 1931.
So come and meet the people
of LeRoy House and enjoy the
holiday seasonwith them.
We hope youwill plan to join
us for one of these special tours.
The toursarea littleoveranhour,
and are appropriate for families.
This, the thirdyear thatwe have
offered these candlelight tours.
Each year there is a different
theme, so don’t wait until the
last minute to get your tickets.
The refreshments are delicious.
LeRoyHousewill be decorated
for the holidays, and even if it’s
cold outside, it will be warm
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