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Residents of LeRoy
who are customers of
Please take
that due to the
MemorialDayHoliday, collectionof all
residential trash and recyclingwill be
delayedoneday for theweekof
May25th throughMay30th.
Have aSafe andEnjoyableHoliday.
GodBlessAmerica and
Clip andSave
Clip andSave
VoteExperience forLeRoySchoolBoard
• Asaparentofachildwithspecialneedsand a typical
child, I have a perspective from both experiences
• Working as a Care Coordinator with children with
special needs from several different school districts
givesmebroadexperiencedealingwith teachersand
• As a former elected Village Trustee, I have the ex-
perience of working with different people to build
consensus to reachgoals that enrich the community.
• I believe inhonesty and transparency in all levels of
government and public service
• Listeningandadvocatingare skills that I havehoned
in bothmy profession and as an electedofficial
• I am invested in this communityandamhere to stay.
Iwant to helpmake this a better community.
Please considermy experience and
you vote for
school board on
May 19th
byGreg “Porp”Rogers
Well they got me again this
year!RyanFriend andCodyLy-
tlebothhit home runs in thefirst
weekof theLittleLeagueseason.
Theywere joinedbyZachBaker
and Giovanni Caccamise who
also homered; they will get the
milkshake from theMayor, great
job fella’s.
Recentlyour longtimeCrossing
Guard Myrtle Burrell had some
storm damage to her property. In
effort by the community, spear-
headedby the PoliceDepartment
Bubba’s Landscaping they were
able tobring thepropertyback to
the way it was before. This type
of effort and compassion is what
makeLeRoyagreat place to live,
thanks to all that participated.
Winter has taken its toll on
many streets in the Village, the
DPW will be working to get
these back to their former state.
This along with some sidewalk
work and day to day operations
shouldkeep thembusy through-
out the summer.
The Oatkafest Committee has
announced theyarebringingback
the Regatta. For those of us old
enough to remember theRegatta
of thepast; theywereagreat time,
getyour friends,makeaboat and
have some fun.
Try to get out and enjoy all the
Villagehasgoingon thissummer,
and shopLeRoyfirst.
you’re not trying hard enough”.
Notes From TheMayor's Office
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