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LittleLeagueWrapUp -Week 2
Yankees 7 Twins 3
OnMondaynight theYankees tookon theTwins.
RyanHigginswould open the game on themound
for the Yankees. Colin McCulley drew a walk
to put a man on base for the Twins. Cody Lytle
made a spectacular play turning a linedrive for the
Twins intoadoubleplay. With2outsColeRausher
drew a walk and was driven in by a Joe Brennan
double. Brennanwould eventually score on some
aggressive base running putting the Twins up 2-0
after the topof 1.
Collin McCulley started the game off on the
mound for the twins. In the bottom of the first
CodyLytle lead off for theYankees getting a base
hit and immediately stealing second on the next
pitch. Lytle would eventually score off a Zach
Baker single. RyanHiggins hit his first double of
theyear scoringBaker. Higginswould score in the
inningoff anRBI basehit byBrettBabcock. Iaein
Frawleywould alsoget ahit for theYankees in the
inning. TheYankees lead after thefirst inning3-2.
Cody Lytle took over the pitching duties in the
second inning for the Yankees and struck out the
side. It thebottomof the second, Lytle leadoff the
hitting for the Yankees, blasting his second home
runof the season. ZachBakerwould alsoget a hit
in the inningbutwas leftonbase. TheYankeeswere
up 4-2. In the third inning Colin McCulley lead
theTwins offwith a base hit andwould eventually
scoreon a sacrificeflyball drivendeep to left field
byColeRauscher. Theballwascaughtbyfirstyear
little leaguer ZachTooley. TheTwinswould close
the gap ending their at bat down4-3.
In thebottomof the thirdMcCulleywould strike
out three straight batters to retire the side. For the
Yankees Cody Lytle went on to return the favor
striking out 3 straight batters for the twins. Mc-
Culleywould again hold the Yankees scoreless in
the 4th strikingout 2batters. In the topof thefifth
Lytle and the Yankees held the Twins scoreless.
CollinMcCulley got a hit but was left on base as
Lytle struck out three batters to end the inning. In
thebottomof thefifthZachBakerstarted thehitting
for theYankeeswithadouble. RyanHigginswould
get anRBI asBaker scoredon afielders choiceoff
a Higgins grounder to the infield. Brett Babcock
would get a base hit and was scored on an Aaron
Leone base hit. Leone would score on a Merritt
Holley base hit, putting theYankees up 7-3. Lytle
closed thegameout in the topof6by strikingout 2
batters. Lytlefinished thegamepitching5 innings
to CollinMcCulley. McCulley pitched 5 innings
for theTwins striking out 10.
A’s 10 Indians 3
TheA’s tookon the IndiansonabeautifulTuesday
night. ChaseBordonaro againgot theA’s going in
the top of the first scoring the first run on an RBI
singlebyJacksonFix. BradyFixwouldalsosingle
moving Jackson to third before some fine defense
by the Indians would end the threat and leave the
A’s with a 1-0 lead. The lead would remain until
the top of the secondwhen single byAydenRiggi
would lead to a run after another RBI single by
JacksonFix. TheA’sdefensewouldprovestrong in
thebottomof the secondkeeping thepesky Indians
off theboard. AidenRobinson ledoff the topof the
3rdwitha tripleandwasbroughthomeafteraLuke
Rider single. The Indians defensewouldhold and
thewouldgo into thebottomof the inningdown3-0.
Back toBack toBackwalksby thepatient Indians
would lead to3 runs in thebottom thanks toabases
clearing double by Jake Williams as the Indians
tied it up at three. That would be all the offense
the Indians couldmuster as Bordonaro andBrady
Fixwould combine the no hit the tribe the rest of
theway. TheA’smade theirmove in the topof the
5th. Back toBack singles byRobinson andRider
were followed by back to backwalks. Bordonaro
andBradyFixwould single tohelp theA’s score 5
runs in the inningand takeacommanding8-3 lead.
TheA’s would add twomore in the top of the 6th
after hist by Robinson, Rider, Jake Marcello and
ConnorMageemade it a 10-3final.
combined for 11 strike outswhile allowingone hit
for theA’s. BenLombombard,TommyCondidorio
and Maveric McKenzie pitched for the Indians.
JakeWilliamsprovided the tribesonlyhit. Antonio
Martinez had his first hit of the year for theA’s.
WhiteSox 3RedSox 1
The White Sox and Red Sox played a closely
contestedgamewithboth teams showingexcellent
pitching. At the top of the first inning Kenny
Saunders belted a double andRyanFriend a single
setting the stage for AndrewKettle who ripped a
2 run double that scored bothSaunders andFriend
giving theWhiteSoxa2-0advantage. JimmyBurns
on themound for theRedSoxwould thenshutdown
theWhiteSoxuntilbeing relieved in the3rd inning.
RyanFriendstartedon themound for theWhiteSox
andwouldnot giveup a rununtil the fourth inning
whenGrantGilligangot onbasewith a double and
laterwould score on a passed ball. TheWhite Sox
would answer in the bottom of the fifth as Ryan
Friend reachedbase on a single andAndrewKettle
belted another double scoring Friend to make the
scoreWhite Sox 3Red Sox 1. Ryan Friendwould
thengoon tocloseout thegamestrikingout16with
nowalks and giving up only 3 hits. JimmyBurns
pitched 2 1/3 innings striking out 7 andwalking 3.
AndrewLoftuspitched the remaining22/3 innings
strikingout7andwalking1. Hitting for theRedSox
wasGrantGilliganwith2doubles and1 run scored
and Andrew Loftus with a single. Hitting for the
WhiteSoxwereKennySaunderswith a single and
doubleand1 runscored,RyanFriendwith2singles,
2 runs scored and1RBI andAndrewKettlewith2
doubles and 2RBIs.
Orioles 4 Tigers 3
Ina fundamentallywellplayedgame, theOrioles
usedonebighit late tobreaka tiewith theTigers to
wina tightlycontestedballgame. TheTigersstruck
first and early, using a CamGreen hit to score the
Caccamisebrothers (Giavanni andLuke) in the top
of the first inning. TheOrioles cut the lead to 2-1
in thesecond inningasFinnShelbyscoredonawild
pitchafterhissingleandwalks toConnorWrightand
DrewStrollo. In the third, theTigersextended their
lead to3-1afterGiavanniCaccamisescoredspeedy
Gianni Ferraraon abigdouble. TheOrioles struck
back in the bottom of the 3rd however. Awalk to
Adam Risewick and singles by Tyler Strollo and
Shelby loaded thebases. ConnorWrightknocked in
Risewickwithahardhitball toshortstop, andheads
up aggressive running by Strollo plated the tying
runas theball squirtedaway from thecatcher as the
Tigersattempted tocutoff theRisewick runathome.
Excellent pitching by both teams kept the score
tieduntil thebottomof thefifth. With thecount full,
after foulingoffseveralpitches,FinnShelbycrushed
a fastball todeep right field. Shelbyhustledaround
thediamond, scoringonan inside theparkhomerun
togive theOrioles a 4-3 lead. Shelbywouldfinish
the jobon themound in the6th inning, shuttingdown
theTigers offense topreserve thewin.
Cam Greene struck out 7 pitching well for the
Tigers. Giavanni Caccamise struck out 5 in just
two innings of work for the Tigers. Offensive
contributors for theTigers includedGianni Ferrara
(single,walk, run),LukeCaccamise (run),Giavanni
Caccamise (single, double, walk, RBI, run), Cam
Greene (RBI),TylerKlein (single)andJamesBlake
AlexPanepento (4Ks),ConnorWright (3Ks), and
Finn Shelby (2 Ks) all pitched 2 innings each for
theOrioles. Offensive playmakers for theOrioles
includedAdamRisewick (single, walk, run), Tyler
Strollo (single, run),FinnShelby (2singles, homer-
un, 2 runs, 1 RBI), Connor Wright (single, walk,
RBI), and walks to Cory Wallace, Drew Strollo,
RedSox 12 Indians 7
TheRedSox improved to3-2with ahard fought,
12-7winover the Indians.TheRedSoxwere ledon
innings striking out 6. He allowed 2 runs on 4 hits.
Grant Gilliganwent the final 21/3 striking out 3.
The Indians were led on the mound by Shawn
Morabito. Shawn pitched 3 innings while striking
out7.TommyCondidoriopitched thefinal3 innings.
He also struck out 7.
Andrew Loftus and Gillifan was again led the
Res Sox offensively. Loftus had 3 hits and scored
3 runs. Gilligan added 2 doubles while scoring 3
runs. Panepento helped himself by adding 2 hits.
He also scored 3 times. Others hitters for the Red
Sox were Ben Pocock and Tony Piazza who had
doubles,MichaelCovert, andAndrewPocock.Cole
Ashley scored a run.
The Indianswere led byBenLaBombardwho had
MatthewRoloson also added a hit.
Twins 7 Indians 6
TheTwinswere able to pick up thewin in a very
competitive game vs the Indians 7-6. The Indians
had theearly lead, scoring three runs in thefirst.The
Twins would answer with three runs of their own.
The Indians took the lead in the fourth 6-4, but the
Twinswould come up big in the fifth inning. They
would plate three runs that inning to take the lead
and secure thewin.
ColeRauscher startedon themound for theTwins
andwent into the fifth inning. He struck out seven
batterswhilewalkingfive. EthanBeswick came in
relief and closed the door. He struck out four Tribe
batters. The Twins batswould provide just enough
support to get their pitcher thewin. Theywere led
by thehothittingJoeyBrennanwhowas3 for3with
a double, two singles and two runs scored. Colin
McCulley had two singles and two runs scored.
JacksonLocke, ColeRauscher andEthanBeswick
all recordedsingleswithBeswickalsoscoringa run.
Lily Uberty helped the Twins cause with a single
of her own, whichwas her first LittleLeague hit.
The Tribe started Ben Labombard on the hill.
He k’d five in a strong start for the Indians. He
alsowent 2 for 3 at the platewith a single, a inside
the park HR and he also scored twice. Maveric
McKenzie chipped inwith two runs scored. Shawn
Moribitohadasingle,doubleandscoreda run. Jake
Williams blasted a double into left center field and
Matthew Roloson rounded out the hitting for the
Tribewith a single.
Yankees 7 RedSox 6
In the second game onSaturday theYankees took
on theRedSox. TheRedSox started thegamewith
AndrewLoftuson themound. For theYankeesZach
Bakerwouldget adoublebutwas left onbase in the
top of the first. For theYankeesCodyLytle started
the game on themound. The twins opening batter
AndrewLoftusdrewawalk. JohnPanepentowould
get an RBI scoring Loftus on a fly out to Yankees
secondbasemanRyanShirley. GrantGilliganwould
next get abasehit andeventually scoreon someag-
gressivebase running. After thefirst inning theRed
Soxwereup2-0. Loftuswould take themound in the
top of the second and strike out 3 straight Yankees
batters. Lytlewould take themound striking out 2
battersbeforeAaronLeonewould takeoverpitching
duties for theYankees. Leonewouldhold theTwins
scoreless in the inning. In the top of the third the
Yankeeswouldfightback. ZachTooleydrewawalk
butwas thrownout onafielders choiceafter aCody
Lytlegroundball. LytlewouldscoreafterRyanShir-
ley ripped the ball down the third base line, getting
a triple. Next up for theYankeesZachBakerwould
hit an identical shot down the thirdbase line scoring
Shirley and getting a triple as well. Baker was left
onbaseand theYankees tied thegame2-2. TheRed
Sox’TonyPiazza, drew akeywalk in thebottomof
the thirdandwouldeventuallyscorePutting theRed
Sox in front3-2. In the topof the fourthLoftusstruck
out 2Yankees batters tohold theYankees scoreless.
For theRedSoxwith 2 outs JohnPanepentowould
get onbase after a dropped third strike and error on
the catch at first base. Panepentowould score on a
Grant Gilligan RBI single. Gilligan through some
aggressivebase runningwouldalsocrosshomeplate
in the inningputting theRedSoxup5-2. In the top
of thefifthwith theYankeesat theplate,ZachTooley
drew a key walk. Tooley would later score after a
CodyLytle triple. Lytlewould then score on some
aggressive base running. Zach Baker then stepped
to the plate hitting his 2nd triple of the day. Baker
would score in the inning on a past ball putting the
game tied 5-5. In the bottom of the fifth the Twins
Andrew Pocock hit a single andwould cross home
plate in the inning putting the Red Sox back on
top 6-5. In the top of the sixth TheYankees Brett
Babcockhitasingle, IaeinFrawleywouldalsosingle
anddrive inBabcock,KennyBrownell drewawalk
but would eventually be left on base. Cody Lytle
also singled in the inning but was also left on base.
In the bottom of the 6th the Yankees took the field
up 6-7. ZachBaker on themound for theYankees
struckout thefirst batter beforeGrantGilliganhit a
double. Gilliganwould steal thirdputting the tying
run on third base. Baker struck out the next batter.
With2outsand the tying runon third thenext batter
hit a hard ground ball to Yankees 9 year old third
baseman Iaein Frawley, who fielded the ball and
made great throw to first base to get the runner out
and end the game. TheYankeeswon a hard fought
gamebyboth teams7-6. Andrew loftuspitched5and
a third inningsstrikingout12battersandgivingup6
hits. TheYankeespitchersCodyLytle,AaronLeone,
andZachBakercombined for9strikeoutsgivingup
4 hits. On a record settingweather day, theOrioles
outlasted the 5-0White Sox by a score of 19-13 in
extraordinarilyhot temperatures to tighten theLittle
League standings two weeks into the season. The
White Sox took the early lead in the first inning on
doublesbyKennySaundersandAndrewKettle. The
Orioles struck back quickly, asAdamRisewick led
off the bottom of the first inningwith a blast down
the rightfield line, circling thebaseswithgreat speed
tofinishoff the inside theparkhomerun. Singlesby
Tyler Strollo, Alex Panepento, ConnorWright, and
CoryWallacewouldplate twomore runs, giving the
Orioles a 3-2 lead after one inning.
Orioles 19 White Sox13
Excellent pitchingbyAlexPanepento into the5th
inning would give the Orioles the opportunity to
open up a 9-2 lead after multiple hits and a 3-run
triplebyConnorWright in the4th inning. However,
this was not enough, as the resilient White Sox
fought back with an 11 run top of the fifth inning
to take a 13-9 lead! The inning was powered by
several walks to theWhite Sox hitters and a 3-run
triple byRyanFriend.
Not tobeoutdone, theOrioles tookadvantageofmul-
tiplewalksandsome timelyhitting in thebottomof the
fifth to answer backwith10 runs of their own, taking
back the lead 19-13. Joey Stephany took themound
in the sixth inning to retire theWhite Sox in order to
preserve thewin in this 3 hour plusmarathon game.
Kenny Saunders, AndrewKettle, Bryce Lathan,
and Jason Lesage all pitched for theWhite Six in
the extreme heat. Offensive stars for the White
Sox includedKennySaunders (double, single, run,
RBIs), Jack Duyssen (2 singles, run, RBIs), Ryan
Friend (single, triple, 2 runs, RBIs),AndrewKettle
(single,double,2 runs,RBIs),BryceLathan (double,
2 runs, RBIs), andMike Buccina, Parker Dowell,
AlexDowell, JasonLesage, andChaseCummings
withwalks and runs.
AlexPanepentopitchedverywell for theOrioles,
strikingout8. ConnorWright,FinnShelby,andJoey
Stephany also threw for theOrioles,withStephany
strikingout4closing thegameout. Offensiveplay-
makers includedAdamRisewick(HR, single,3runs,
2RBI), Tyler Strollo (2 singles, double, 2walks, 3
runs, 3RBI), Alex Panepento (2 singles, double, 2
walks,4 runs,3RBI),FinnShelby (2singles,2 runs,
2RBI),ConnorWright (single, triple,3 runs,3RBI),
CoryWallace (2 singles, 1 run, 2 RBI), andwalks
and runs by Drew Strollo, Joey Stephany, Connor
Hegeman, andAidanHume.
A’s 7 Tigers 6
The twilight gameof ahot dayat thepark saw the
A’s defeat the Tigers 7-6. The Tigers would score
first in the top of the first when a walk by Gianni
Ferrerawould lead toa run following ahit byLuck
Caccamise. A’s centerfielder JakeMarcellomadea
great catch to end the threat by theTigers. TheA’s
wouldgo toworkquickly in thebottomof thefirst.
ChaseBordonaro scoredona triplewitha throwing
error to tie thegame. AfteraBradyFixsingle,Aiden
Robinson would score himself and Fix on a line
drive to rightfield that couldn’tbehandledproperly
and it was quickly 3-1. Robinsonwould strike out
the side in the top of the second and theA’swould
quicklygoback towork. ConnorMagee ledoffwith
a single and after two strikeouts by Tigers pitcher
withanotherdoublescoringMagee. JacksonFixhit
a seeing eye single to right to scoreBordonaro and
McGee andmake it 5-1A’s after two.
Aone to three inningby theA’swas followedby
a five strikeout inning fromCaccamise to keep the
score 5-1 after 3. The Tigers struck big in the top
of the third. A triple byGiavanni was followed by
a triplebyCamGreene. Apassedballwouldallow
Greene to scoreand JamesBlake to steal 1st. black
would score on a fielder’s choice by Tyler Klein
and theTigerswouldget someback tomake it 5-4.
TheA’s answered right back in the bottom of the
inning. Bordonarowould again get theA’s started
with a sharply hit single. Brady Fix then hit a line
shot over the right center field fence for his first
Little League Homerun and the A’s increased the
lead to 7-4.
Gianni FerraraandCaccamisewouldagain strike
in the topof thefifthwithadoubleandsingle respec-
tively. Camgreenwoulddrive inCaccamiseand the
lead was cut to one at 7-6. The pitchers would do
thework after that as thefinal score remained7-6.
The tigerswere ledbyCaccimise andGreenwho
eachwent2 for3at theplate. GianniFerrerawent1
for3with2 runsandLukeCaccamisewouldchip in
the other hit for theTigers. TheA’swere again led
byBordonarowhowas 4 for 4with 3 runs scored.
Brady Fixwas 2 for 3with aHomerun and 2 runs
scored. JacksonFixhadahit and twoRBI’s,Aiden
hits for theA’s.
GiavanniCaccamise showedwhyhe isoneof the
elitepitchers in the leaguestrikingout16A’splayers
in the loss. Aiden Robinson, Chase Bordonaro
and Luke Rider would combine for 10 strikeouts,
scattering6hits andallowingBordonaro topickup
thewinwhileRider recorded the save.
Twins 8 A’s 3
In a Little League Mothers Day match up the
Twins picked up the win 8-3 against the A’s. The
Twins playedwell in all aspects of the game. Colin
McCulley foundhisgrooveearlyon themound. He
struckout eightbatterswithonewalkandscattering
six hits in 5 2/3 innings. XavianWalker made the
defensive play of the game for the Twins when he
ran down awell hit ball to right center field to end
the inning. The Twins were also sharp at the plate.
Cole Rauscher was 3 for 3 with two singles and a
double.Healsoscored two runs.EthanBeswickhad
three singles and scored two runs. ColinMcCulley
had twosinglesandscored twice. JacksonLockehad
a hard hit double to left field while Joey Brennan
andLilyUbertybothcollectedsingles for theTwins.
TheA’s busted out in the fourth inning scoring all
three of their runs. BradyFix started things offwith
asingle followedbyaAdianRobinsonwalkandback
tobackhits fromLukeRiderandJakeMarcello.Fix,
RobinsonandRiderwouldallscore in the inning. Jake
Marcello andLukeRider led theway at theplate for
theA’swith two hits apiece. Also hitting for theA’s
wereChaseBordonaro andBradyFixwith singles.
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