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LeRoySeniorsBlanksDansville 30-0
ForTheir 7thWinOfTheSeasonWinning 30-0
10/01/2014 - A 22-year-old Pavilion resident was charged with
DWI followingan investigation intoaonecarmotorvehicleaccident
of Silver LakeRoadwas chargedwithnumerous vehicle and traffic
violationsafterabrief investigation intoacarvs. poleMVAonWest
MainStreet in theVillage of LeRoy.
McKeownwaschargedwithDrivingWhile Intoxicated,Unlawful
Possession of Marijuana, Reckless Driving, Failed to Keep Right,
Improper Passing, Moved From Lane Unsafely, Speed Not Rea-
sonable and Prudent, Consumption of Alcohol in aMotor Vehicle,
UninspectedMotorVehicle, andUnsafeTires.
McKeownwas issued appearance tickets and is to appear in the
Town of LeRoy Court on October 27, 2014 at 1:00 pm to answer
the charges.
The Le Roy Senior Knights
recorded their 6th shutout of the
season andmoved to 7-0 on the
season after beating Dansville
30-0 on Sunday afternoon. The
win puts the Knights in the
Championshipgame onOctober
26th atHartwoodPark!
Dansville received theopening
kickoff and fumbled on their
second play giving the Knights
38 yard line. The Knights made
shortworkof thisdriveason the
4th play, Keaton Hobart passed
to Andrew Englerth for the 21
yardTD on a perfectly executed
bubblescreen.Hobart then found
Cody Lytle wide open for the 2
pt. conversion and an early 8-0
The Knights defense forced a
three and out on 3 consecutive
tackles in thebackfieldbyDevyn
Bzduch, Ethan Beswick and
Zach Vanderhoof. Vanderhoof
then busted through the line and
blocked the punt on 4th down
with Joey Brennan recovering.
The Knights again began their
drive in Dansville territory as
they setup on the 27 yard line.
Alex Panepento took the 3rd
play from the 5 and punched it
in the end zone for the Knight’s
2nd second. An offsides penalty
pushed the Knights back to the
eight for their 2 pt. conversion
attempt, which Keaton Hobart
ran inon thebootleg.TheKnights
were up 16-0 half way through
the 1st quarter.
Dansville’s third series saw
them pick up a couple of first
downsbefore theKnightsdefense
stiffened. On third down, inside
the Knight’s 15 yard line, Nate
Andrewsmadeagreat openfield
tackle to save a touchdown and
then Andrew Englerth knocked
downa4thdownpass togive the
ballback to theKnight’soffense.
On third down, a 75 yard touch-
down run by Andrew Englerth
was called back on a question-
able holding penalty putting the
Knight’s in a big hole. Englerth
was then tackled just short of the
1st downmarker to turn the ball
over toDansvilledeep inLeRoy
The Knight’s defense rose to
the occasion as they stopped
again setting up theKnight’s on
the25yard line.CodyLytlemade
Dansvillepay fornot capitalizing
on the short field as he took the
1st hand-off 75 yards for the
touchdown! The highlight of the
run was a vicious stiff arm and
a cutback as he sprinted past all
conversion failed as theKnights
took a 22-0 lead into the half.
Le Roy received the 2nd half
kickoffand,with the rainstarting
to pick up, kept the ball on the
ground. Long runs by Andrew
Englerth, Cody Lytle, Nate An-
drews andCamGreene setup the
Knightswith a first down on the
14yard line.AlexPanepento took
thehandoffandwent thedistance,
dragging twoDansvilledefenders
into the end zone. Andrews ran
in the 2 pt. conversion as the
Knights finished off the scoring
and a 30-0 lead.
Dansville struggled with get-
ting the snap off the rest of the
way leading to numerous fum-
bles/turnovers. Jason Eck came
in at QB and the Knights were
able to run out the clock with
tough running by Tyler Strollo,
Brock Flint, Adam Risewick,
Ethan Beswick, Kaiel Robinson
Defensively, the Knights were
ledbyAlexPanepento(6 tackles),
AndrewEnglerth (5 tackles) and
Cam Greene (5 tackles and a
fumble recovery). Zach Vander-
hoof also had a monster game,
particularly in the 1st quarter, as
he logged4 tacklesandablocked
punt. Eighteen Knights were on
the defensive stat sheet as they
again showed a total team effort;
Tyler Strollo (3 tackles), Ian
Kemp (3 tackles), CodyLytle (2
tackles), Brock Flint (2 tackles)
, and Joey Brennan (fumble re-
covery).Loggingone tackleeach
were: Ethan Beswick, Devyn
Bzduch, Cole Rauscher, Luke
Ethan Howe, Jimmy Burns and
Jackson Locke. Offensively, the
Knightswere ledbyCodyLytle,
who rushed for 103 yards and 1
touchdown while also catching
2 passes for 9 yards and a 2 pt.
Alex Panepento finished with
49 yards on eight carries with 2
TDs. Englerth added 53 yards
on 5 carries to go along with 1
reception for 21yards and aTD.
Hobart was 3-6 passing for 30
yards and 1 TD and one 2 pt.
conversion passing and 1 rush-
ing. Cam Greene finished with
19 yards while Nate Andrews
chipped in 15 yards and a 2 pt.
conversion. Tyler Strollo, Brock
Flint, Adam Risewick, Ethan
Beswick, Kaiel Robinson and
to the 268 yards rushing total.
outs in sevengamesas theyenter
their bye week. The Seniors are
back at home onOctober 18th at
8pm tofinish the regular season.
Come on out and cheer on the
boys as they attempt to complete
an undefeated season.
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