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LeRoy JuniorsOutlastDansville 20-6
The LeRoy Junior Football
team extended their winning
streak to 6 with a hard fought
20–6 victory over the Dansville
Mustangs in cold and sloppy
LeRoy’s defense began the
game with a quick turnover on
the third play from scrimmage.
NateYauchzee forced the fumble
and recovered it himself, giving
theKnights the ball inDansville
territory. LeRoy would cash
in on the early opportunity, as
Riley Williams took a handoff
and eluded tacklers for a 9 yard
touchdown run. Quarterback
Tommy Condidorio would take
the2point conversionattempt in
himself to give LeRoy an early
8-0 lead.
Dansville and LeRoy would
alternate failingoffensivedrives,
madedifficult bywet conditions.
izeon their3rdoffensiveposses-
sionwith a short touchdown run.
The conversion attempt would
fail, as multiple LeRoy defend-
ers converged on the Dansville
runner to preserve the Knights
lead at 8-6.
LeRoy’s offense wasted no
time answering back. Drew
Strollo began the drive with a
25 yard run. A holding penalty
would push the Knights back;
however Landen Saeva showed
his speedburst and took thenext
carry 50 yards for a touchdown.
A failed conversion attempt left
theKnights lead at 14-6.
Both defenses stood strong
throughout the rest of the second
quarter. A nice punt return by
Dansville almost put the Mus-
tangs on the scoreboard again;
howeverNateYauchzee’s hustle
saved a touchdownwith a tackle
inside the 10 yard line with less
than a minute left in the half.
Saeva, andRileyWilliams forced
a fourth and goal with the clock
ticking down. On fourth down
Bryce Lathan broke through the
line for a tackle for loss, thwart-
ingDansville’s attempt to tie the
game at the half.
LeRoy’s offense started out
the second half moving the ball
down the field, using up almost
the entire 3rd quarter clock.
However several penalties and
miscueswould result in thedrive
stalling in the red zone. LeRoy’s
defense answered however, as
BrysonGentile recovered a fum-
ble to stop thedrivingMustangs.
Again, both teams’ defenses
were up to the task, stopping
opposing offenses on ensuing
drives. LeRoy’s offense would
break through however on their
3rd possession of the second
half, as Landen Saeva sprinted
for another touchdown, this time
for43yards. A failedconversion
attempt finalized the score at 20-
6, asLeRoy’sdefensewouldshut
downDansville for the restof the
4th quarter.
Landen Saeva led theKnights
offense with 103 yards on the
groundand2 touchdowns. Riley
Williamsaddeda touchdownwith
30 yards rushing. Drew Strollo
contributed94yards rushing and
also had a 26 yard punt return.
Tony Piazza and Tommy Condi-
dorio each ran for over 10 yards
conversion. Ryan Shirley and
Nate Yauchzee also ran the ball
for LeRoy.
Defensively, Nate Yauchzee
had 4 tackles, a forced fumble
and recovery, but also saved 2
touchdownswithhustle andper-
sistence. JackTonzi led the team
with8 tackles (2 for loss) includ-
ingmultiplemonster de-cleating
hits. Drew Strollo also added 8
tackles (3 for loss) and a forced
fumble. Bryson Gentile had 6
tackles(3for loss)andalsoforced
and recovered a fumble. With 5
tackles each were Jackson Fix
(1 for loss), Tony Piazza, Bryce
Lathan (2 for loss), and Riley
Williams (3 for loss).
Players with multiple tackles
also included XavienWalker (3
for loss), Tommy Condidorio
(3), Antonio Martinez (2), and
Landen Saeva (2). Cole Fried-
haber, Ryan Shirley, Will Esch-
gins, Ben Robinson, and Xavier
King also made tackles, with
assisting on tackles.
LeRoy has a bye week before
their final regular season game,
a 6 PM match up versus GVB
on Saturday, October 18th at
1ChurchSt., LeRoy, NY14482
Baby Shower, Party&Wedding
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