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t was a stormy evening at The
Stafford Country Club on June
as we gathered for our An-
nual Rotary Installation Dinner.
This dinner is held every year to
raise money for a charity, recognize
achievements and notable Rotarians
from thepast year, and install thenew
officers for the incoming year. This
year’s dinner theme was urban chic/
snappy casual. Since few of us knew
what urban chic is, the consensuswas
snappy casual. The event was well
attended as we celebrated President
Tracy’s year, and welcomed Randy
Vink as the new President. We were
MarleeDiehl, IncomingAlbionRotary
President,WilliamDiehl, andGenesee
CountyLegislator, ShelleyStein.
After a lengthy introduction of
guests, itwas time for the entertaining
fining session led by “Fine master”
Bob Bennett. He kicked off the party
by fining Martha Bailey for having
thenicest outhouseonBlackLake– it
evenboasts a chandelier. BruceBaker
paid up for a new car he purchased in
February that President Tracy failed
to fine him for. Bob Bennett was
calledout for breakinghis own rule…
it is better not to signup and showup,
than to sign up and not show. Cindy
Bishop paid for ending her 4-year
run as Club Treasurer. Chris Biviano
was fined for a book on the History
of Beer Making inAmerica. The last
entry recognizes his efforts to make
beer for his fellowRotarianswhile al-
most burning his house down. Robert
Boyce was recognized and paid for
hisnewlyelectedpositionon theGCC
Board of Trustees. Kim andTomCox
are busy preparing for a daughter’s
wedding. Tom was presented with a
book on how to survive the occasion.
June Dusen paid for her grandson’s
acceptance toR.I.T. in the fall. JimEl-
lison was fined for changing the date
of thebanquetwithout clearing itwith
BobBennett first.
Erik Fix paid up for his son’s lit-
tle league team winning the coveted
Scanlan Cup. Tracy Ford paid for
overcommitting herself (according to
her husband) and leaking inaccurate
fining information to Bob Bennett.
Lynn Freeman was fined for break-
ing Bob’s rule (see above) when he
showed up at the dump during Rent-
A-Rotarian, which he had signed
up for. Tony Gugino was fined for
his incredible choice of attire which
showedoff his enviablegolf tan. Lau-
ren Humphrey was presented with a
book of bedtime stories to help her
sleep at night. Tracy Martorana was
fined for her new series ofmeditation
classes starting up at Le Roy Physi-
cal Fitness. Jerry McCullough was
fined for his inability to navigate the
wakes on Rushford Lake. Tom Mc-
Ginnis paid up for his daughter’s re-
cent wedding. MarciaMcKenzie was
fined for having two grandsons and a
son with successful baseball seasons.
TimMoagwasfined for his endearing
love of little dogs.MaryMargaret Ri-
pleywas fined for her incredibly suc-
cessful new career in the Caledonia
Market bakery. Tamara Torrey was
fined for some “back-road” sales and
leavingher belongings laying around.
Samantha Vagg was congratulated
and fined for her recent promotion.
Carol Wolfe was fined for a trip to
Albany for her grandson’s 8
graduation. Mary Young was fined
for her terrible texting skills.All pro-
ceeds from the fining session will go
a charity of incoming President Ran-
dy’s choosing. He selected a summer
After a fabulous dinner, Larry
Boylan presented the Paul Harris
Awards. Lynn Freeman was recog-
nizedwith the first award that he had
earned throughhis generous contribu-
tions toTheRotaryFoundation.Bruce
Baker received a clubpresentation for
his 50 years of dedicated service to
our club. Bruce’s wife, Nancy was
also presented a Paul Harris in recog-
nition of her outstanding support.
After the Paul Harris Presentation,
Chris Biviano came forward for the
Past President Presentation. Chris
gave President Tracy accolades for
her outstanding leadershipandperfect
attendance, and then presented her
with an engraved plaque and gavel.
Jim Ellison then presented her with
a large wall hanging representing her
last BoardMeetingwith severalmov-
ie stars.
Pr es i den t
Tracy then took
over the po-
dium one last
time to pres-
ent awards and
give her fare-
well address.
She began the
awards segment
by recognizing
the Rotarians
with 25+ years
of service to
our club. They
were: LynneBelluscio
with 25 years, Bob
Boyce with 26 years,
years, TimMoagwith
27 years, Anil Sawh-
ney with 28 years,
Robert Bennett with
28years,Robert Jones
Gugino, Jr. with 31
years, Loren Wetzel
with35years, Robert Carlsenwith37
David Frost with 46 years, andBruce
preciationandgiftswere thengiven to
several Rotarians for helping tomake
thisyear a success:DavidGrayson for
renovating our website and running
our weekly Rotary Notes, Bob Ben-
nett forChairing theApplianceRaffle,
and serving as President of theMilne
Board, TamaraTorrey for co-chairing
theBeat theBucket game andAllYou
Can Eat Breakfast, Mary Margaret
Ripley for Birthdays, and co-chairing
Beat the Bucket and theAll You Can
Eat Breakfast, Marcia McKenzie for
organizing the trestle clean-up and
co-chairing theAllYouCanEatBreak-
fast, Martha Bailey for her incredible
dedication to Rotary in chairing and
functions and inher overall support of
ourclub,RandyVink forhis incredible
support. President Tracy then gave
special recognition toSamanthaVagg
by presenting her with the Inspiration
Award for her outstanding display of
our motto, Service Above Self. Sa-
mantha haswholeheartedly supported
the InterAct Club and SLAPSHOT.
She coordinated the Chartering of
the two EarlyAct Clubs. She presents
the Milne Scholarships on Awards
night. Shevolunteers for almost every
fundraiser and service project. Under
her leadership, theGraze toRaise has
generated over $100 k to support the
REAMilne Scholarship Fund. She
truly does inspire somany of us.
President Tracy also thanked The
Zoccos, Tamara Torrey, Samantha
Vagg and Christine Gephart for all
of their hard work and dedication in
chartering the 2 EarlyAct Clubs, and
KimCox andSam for their continued
support of InterAct.
She then thanked her Board for
their support this past year, especially
Chris Biviano. Recognition was also
given to her husband, Dave and her
President Tracy recapped the year
andall the services& support theclub
has given. The local contributions
includedGrace’sKitchen, theLeRoy
Food Pantry, local nursery schools,
youth sports, Le Roy Historical So-
ciety, and Oatka Festival to name a
few. The Rotary Club of Le Roy also
awarded multiple scholarships this
year towell deserving students in the
Le Roy School District.We provided
first yearband studentsatTheWolcott
Street School with theirmusic books,
and free readingmaterial to people of
allages inourcommunityatourREAL
Book Drive at The Farmers Market.
Through our work with the Interact
Program in the high school, we pro-
videdseveral lowcost, family-friendly
and safe activities for the youth inour
community including roller skating
parties, summer picnics, and the Fall
Festival.WecharteredEarlyAct clubs
at the Wolcott Street School and St.
JosephSchool inBatavia.
Internationally, the Rotary Club
of Le Roy supported Polio Plus (the
world’s largestorganization in thefight
to eradicate Polio), provided funding
for water purification systems to be
built inGuatemala, BishopMaserka’s
which supplies basic living needs to
victims of natural disasters such as
Our clubwelcomed fournewmem-
bers this year – Tracy Martorana,
and Lauren Humphrey. We are very
excitedabout the talents thisgroupwill
lend to our club.
Tracy’s husband, Dave Ford came
up to present her with the Past Presi-
dent Pin. Tracy then called Randy
Vink up for his induction. After tak-
ing the Presidential Oath and being
passed the prestigious gavel, Randy
thanked his family for their support.
He reviewedhis excitingplans for the
year inwhichwe will “Light Up Ro-
tary”.Randy then inductedhis incom-
The meeting was concluded with
the drawing of the 50/50 raffle. The
winner, BruceBaker, donatedhis pro-
ceeds to theRotaryFoundation.
Best of luck, to our new President
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