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A call from an alert citizen thismorning assisted
police in catching 2 subjects who went on a crime spree in the
villageallegedlydamagingnumerousvehicles. 28-year-oldRobert
W. Devos of 66LakeStreet inLeRoy and27-year oldKatrinaM.
Klaich of 47 Spring Street inLackawanna are each chargedwith
1 count of felony criminal mischief in the second degree. It is
alleged thatDevos andKlaichdiddamage to the rearwindows of
3 vehicles and damage to the trunk of another vehicle that were
parked on village streets. In addition, Klaich was charged with
DWI, DWIBAC .08%ormoreanddrivinganuninspectedvehicle.
Both subjectswere arraigned in theTown of LeRoyCourt by
the Hon. Darryl Sehm. Klaich was committed to the Genesee
County Jail in lieuof$5000cashbail andDevoswascommitted to
jailwithout bail. Both subjects are due back inCourt onOctober
27th, 2016 at 1:00 P.M.
Alsoassistingwith the investigationwas theGeneseeCounty
Starting thiswinter, theChil-
dren’s Room at the Woodward
Memorial Library will trans-
form, creating a more stimu-
lating and inviting atmosphere
for children and parents. A
six-to-eight week renovation
will create a space for play for
preschoolers and elementary
aged children as well as cozy
spots for parents and children
to read. The roomwill bemore
colorful and child-friendly, and
include interactive play spaces
where kids can create, invent
and learn – nurturing children’s
development while promoting
useof the libraryandof reading.
Since the Woodward Memo-
rial Library was built in 1930,
the elementary library has been
housed in the basement of the
building. The new elementary
schoolmedia center, opening in
early 2017, will move the stu-
dents into the school building.
For the first time in its history,
the Woodward Memorial Li-
brary will operate strictly as a
public library. This isawin-win
endeavor for both institutions: it
will allow the public library to
expand its children’s program
in exciting and innovative ways
andallowWolcott Street School
toofferasecure libraryenviron-
mentwithin its doors.
Construction will begin ear-
ly in 2017 and the Children’s
Room will be closed until the
project is finished. New carpet
tile flooring, improved light-
ing, window shade treatments,
and modifications to the story/
activity room are all part of the
project. The project will also
consist of removing wall trim,
patchingandpainting. Theroom
will be outfitted with furniture,
shelvingandseating forchildren
and adults.
TheChildren’sRoom renova-
tionwill improve libraryservices
andalsocarveout space for edu-
cational, interactiveplay. “Play is
essential todevelopmentbecause
it contributes to the cognitive,
physical, social, and emotion-
al well-being of children and
youth,”says theAmericanAcad-
emy of Pediatrics. Open-ended
activitieswill engageavarietyof
age groups and encourage adult-
child interaction.
The large, open space of the
Children’sRoomwill bedivided
into smaller areas tomake a co-
zier atmosphere and to provide
activities for childrenof all ages.
Comfortable furniture, stacks of
books and toys, a puppet theater
learning materials designed to
stimulate young minds will be
added. Legoand traindiscovery
tables, aswell as interactivewall
activity centers are part of the
plan. A program/activity room
for young readers will be ex-
tra-specialwithchairsand tables
as a new space for story times.
During construction, the pre-
school room on the main floor
will remainopenandsomemate-
rials for elementary age children
will be relocated to this room.
Children’s programming and
eventswillcontinue,but theywill
be somewhat limited due to the
reduction in space. Theproject’s
cost will be funded by private
donations, grants and capital re-
placed on the taxpayer.
The Children’s Library will
be filled with opportunities for
children to read, create, play,
explore, and learn together.
Our hope is that the Children’s
Roomwill becomeadestination
that kids and their caregivers or
parents visit frequently.
Children’sRoomRenovation at
WoodwardMemorial Library
byStephenR. Barbeau
Supervisor, Town ofLeRoy
(585)768-6910 x 231
For your future planning, as I
knowmanyLeRoyanscommute to
Rochester for work, we were just
informedbyNYSDOT that there
willbea roadworkprojecton I490
from the LeRoy NYS Thruway
exit to exit 4 (Rt. 259) beginning
in spring of 2017 and lasting all
summer. The ramps will be open
at all times (though pavement
widths will be reduced) and they
toperiodic single lane traffic.
I had the opportunity to expe-
rience the recent GLOW house-
hold hazardous waste collection
first hand last week. I had some
exterior house stain to dispose
of but others were dropping off
tires, electronics, other solvents,
batteries, propane tanks, phar-
maceuticals, etc. You make an
appointment for a certain time
(to prevent backups), check in at
the gate, and drive to the station
takingyour typeof item tobedis-
posed. I didn’t even have to leave
the vehicle. This was very expe-
dient and efficient and I would
highly recommend its future use
if youhave aneed (this is usually
run once a year in the early fall).
The Board is in the process of
reviewing/modifying the 2017
tentative budget and correcting
anymisinformation fromourfirst
comprehensive plan public hear-
ing.More tocomeoneachof these
aswemove through theprocesses
over the next twomonths.
Finally, special recognition to
Frank Davis, named this year’s
recipient of the LeRoyan of the
Year by the American Legion.
The Board and I have had the
pleasure to have worked with
Frank on a number of issues to-
ward improving LeRoy (such as
Cemetery, andBusinessCouncil).
CongratulationsFrank!Great job
and see youAroundTown.
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