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LeRoy United Methodist Church
Harvest Roast Beef Dinner
Saturday, October 1
10 Trigon Park, LeRoy, New York
Roast Beef, Gravy, Real Mashed Potatoes, Salad Bar, Squash,
Desserts, Rolls, Beverages
ServedBuffet Style
Seating: 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Take Outs: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Presale Tickets Available
Adults: $11.00;
Children 6 – 12: $6.50
5 and under—FREE
(We are handicapped accessible!)
Presale tickets available at The Hobby Horse,
Vintage & Vogue, The Divine Tree
or call the church office.
Tickets will be available at the door.
For home deliveries call:
768-8980Monday – Friday (leave a message
& your phone number please)
September/October SundayDinnerSpecials
hand stuffed shells servedwith soup or salad
andCannolis for dessert $16.99
includes soup or salad, potato pancakes, applesauce,
apple cake $17.99
servedwith soup or salad, mashed potatoes,
chocolate creme pie $17.99
TheDepotwill serve regular hoursColumbusDayweekend
Providing full funeral and cremationservices.
111Wolcott Street, LeRoy, NY 14482
(585) 768-6800
Jeff Deragon
Funeral Director/Owner
Working toEnactRealReforms
LakeSt. (Rt. 19), LeRoy• 768-6270
... AGreatAmericanBrasserie
OpenForBreakfast, Lunch&Dinner
Sun.-Thurs. 7-7, Fri. &Sat. 7-9
September 2016
As your State Senator, I am
continually working to change
the way state government op-
erates. That’s why I wanted to
share some of my recent efforts
to enact comprehensive ethics
reforms to promote integrity,
ensuremoreopenness and trans-
parency, lowercontribution limits
and hold corrupt public officials
accountable for their actions.
First and foremost, I pushed
for aConstitutional Amendment
to strip pensions from corrupt
governmentofficials. Thosewho
betray the public trust should
not be allowed to collect taxpay-
er-funded pensions. I voted to
end this practice.
During the 2016 Legislative
Session, I also voted in favor of
these additional, new reforms:
• ApprovingSenateRules that
impose term limits forLegis-
lative Leaders andCommit-
• Enacting new campaign fi-
nance reforms;
• Passing new lobbying and
political consultant reforms;
• Improving the procedures
and operations of the Joint
Each one of these reforms is a
strongfirst step to ensuringmore
accountability and integrity, but
there isstillmorework tobedone.
Thisyear, I introduceda tough
new ethics bill (S7837) to lower
campaign contributions across
theboard,whileclosing theLLC
loophole. Under my plan, cam-
paign contribution limits would
be decreased to the lowest levels
in decades.
My legislation would drasti-
cally diminish the amount of
money individualscandonate toa
candidate. Forexample, thecon-
tributionmaximum in a general
election for statewide candidates
woulddecrease from$44,000 to
$25,000. For Senate candidates,
itwouldbe reduced from$11,000
to $6,250. The limit would de-
cline from $4,400 to $2,500 for
Assembly candidates.
All non-individual entities,
such as limited liability com-
panies, labor organizations and
associations,wouldbe subject to
amaximum $5,000 contribution
tions across the board will take
some of the money out of poli-
tics, lessening the role of special
interests inour stategovernment.
Itwill alsoweaken the influence
ofmorewealthydonors, prevent-
ingmillionaires and billionaires
from using theirmoney to try to
buy elections.
Finally, my legislation would
increase transparencyandexpand
disclosure requirements for inde-
All toooften, we see or readpo-
litical advertisementssupporting
some position, and we wonder
who are these special interests
andwhat is really in it for them.
My bill will pull aside this
curtainand shed light on the real
agenda of these committees.
Under my proposal, the real
playersbehind these typesofpo-
litical advertisements, and their
financial interests with the state
or any other public entity, would
be disclosed.
Overall, my tough new ethics
bill will reduce the impact of
information tovoters, andcurtail
unidentifiable money flowing to
campaigns. As your State Sen-
ator, I will continue to focus on
ensuring your state government
works for you.
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