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A fewweeksago,weheldavery
successful barn quilt workshop at
LeRoy House and we have been
asked to offer a couple more.
2 feet by 2 feet. They are painted
on½ inchplywood,whichwewill
have sanded and primed, ready to
be painted.Wewill have about 10
different paint colors that can be
used.Colors thatwehavearedark
purple, red, white, blue, bright
green, yellow, pink, and brown.
If you decide to bring paint with
you, itshouldbewater-baseacrylic
exteriorsatin. Wewillsupplyfoam
brushes. You may wish to bring
small detail brushes.
Four-square quilts designs are
fairly simple, but can be very
dynamic depending on the choice
of colors and the arrangement
of the pieces. The same is true
for a nine-square design and the
eight-pointed star. Some people
maywant toworkout their design
andcolors aheadof time.Thebest
way is to use some crayons or
markers to work out the design.
It is important to remember that
these barn quilts are small, so the
“pieces” are only inches and if
theyare tobeseen fromadistance,
really small pieces can’t be seen.
To register for a class, call 768-
7433. Classes are limited to 16
people. You may register for all
three classes. All classes are held
at LeRoyHouse.
Wednesdaynight -October 5
6 to9pm–4-square design $25
Sunday afternoon–October 9
1pm to4pm–8pointed star $25
Tuesdaynight –October 11
6 to9pm–9-square design $25
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