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Rededicationof theStatue of Liberty
3pm - Sunday, July17th
Pleasenote that thedatehasbeen
changedfor therededicationof the
will beonSunday July17at 3pm
following the Regatta and before
the Duck Derby. If you haven’t
noticed, Bubba’s Landscaping is
workingovertime tohave thenew
retainingwall completed in time,
complete with lighting – thanks
toHumphreyElectric. Today I re-
ceivedword that theplinth isready
and will be arriving onMonday.
(A special thanks to Bill Fox for
being at the ready to build a ply-
wood base just in case the plinth
wasn’t ready in time).
The Garden Club has made
arrangements with Pully’s Farm
Market tomove several planters
from his greenhouse to the base
of theStatue.There isnoquestion
that this is a community project.
The Democrat and Chronicle
article thatwas on the front page
last Saturday, was phenomenal.
(Just forclarification, itwasn’t the
LeRoystatue thathad twentycoats
of paint – itwas another one.)
The programwill start shortly
after the Regatta and will last
about half anhour. Pleasebringa
lawnchair ifyouneedaseat.Tom
Coxhasgatheredasmallgroup to
sing some patriotic songs, with a
solobyPatFussell “GiveMeYour
Tired, Your Poor” by IrvingBer-
lin. Pat’sFussell’sgranddaughter
Kayla,will sing theNationalAn-
them. Laura and JustinWilliams
will sing “Here I Stand” byMax
Smith.ElizabethBoltonwill read
“The New Colossus” by Emma
Lazarus, and four students, Jacob
and EvanWilliams and Erin and
EmilyOverackerwill share some
“Statue of Liberty Facts.” A few
certificates of recognitionwill be
Libertywill be ready to look out
over this community for another
On Saturday, for the parade,
we are inviting kids with their
Americanflags - -take themoff
your front porch - - to march
Liberty, Michelle Panepento
and her daughter Anna. We’re
hoping for 50 kids at least.
The more the merrier. Mom
anddadscancome too, but you
have to carry a flag! Meet in
the Boylan Law office yard on
WestMainStreet andwe’llfind
a place in the parade.
A couple of other notes.
There are 100 special edition
“Strengthen theArmofLiberty”
T-shirts for sale - $10 apiece.
First come first serve. They’re
for sale at the Historical Soci-
ety tent. (Which by the way is
at the east end of Trigon Park
this year because of the school
Next, there will be 50 com-
memorative Statue of Liberty
ducks available for the duck
derby. I’mstillworkingout the
details, but theywill costmore
than the usual ducks, but at the
end of the derby, you can take
your duckhome as a souvenir.
Last, and certainly not least
- - the Jell-O Gallery and the
LeRoy House will be open
during the Festival and there is
no fee this weekend (although
House has an exhibit about the
Statue of Liberty and the Boy
Scouts that is interesting. Ifyou
need a break from the heat and
the sun, come sit on the back
porch of LeRoy House and
enjoy the garden, or visit the
air-conditioned Jell-O Gallery
and do a little shopping in the
museum shop.
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