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Oatka Festival Sponsors Are The BEST
If it weren't for our sponsors ...
it wouldn't be Free!
Once again, theOatkaFestival Committee is bringing lots of
entertainment to the 28thAnnual OatkaFestival during theweekend ...
and it's all free ...
thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.
We tip our hats to the sponsors for their continued support!
Thank You!
Town of LeRoy •Boylan LawOffice, LLP • LeRoyBusiness Council
Tompkins Bank of Castile/Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc. • LeRoy Central School
Rotary Club of LeRoy • Village of LeRoy • LeRoy FireDistrict
ClarkPatterson Lee •McDonald’s of LeRoy
TomMcGinnis Excavating&Plumbing •Marshall Trucking • LPGraphics
LeRoy Village Green •D&RDepot Restaurant
Stein Farms, LLC•Townsend Energy • LeRoyMoose Family Center • Cedar Street Sales&Rental
Humphrey Electric & Security, Inc. • LeRoy DPW•Genesee Lumber
Cameron-Brady & Steuber Funeral Home •Mooney’s • Bubba’s Landscape
The RedOsier Landmark& AdamsWelding& Fabrication
CarolinaEastern-Crocker, LLC•
M-BFarms, Inc. •PagenFarms, Inc. •PizzaLand, Inc. •Five Star Bank
Bill Fox&SonConstruction&Remodeling•Orcon Industries Corp. •Northwoods Sportsmen’s Association, Inc.
L.T. Disposal •HumphreyMediaSolutions•Lapp Insulator•The Yngoddess Shop•Martin& JaimeBiracree
Wright BeverageDistributing Inc. •StellaCollisionService, Inc. •
Crocker’s AceHardware•LeRoyHistory Society•PeterM. Casey, Attorney at Law•Nanette’sHair&Now
A.D. Call&Sons Excavating&Trucking, Inc. •Terri B. Starowitz, CPA•Freed,MaxickCPA's, PC
IroquoisDesignCo., Inc.
•BLPDesign&Print •RobleePlumbing&Heating, LLC•PlaceEyeCare
Falcone Family Funeral&CremationService, Inc. •LeRoyDental Center/PavilionDental Center•PatrickMajor Construction, LLC
DADD, Nelson,Wilkinson&Wujcik
LeRoy Federal Credit Union •
thony J. Gugino, DDSPC•McPhersonOrchards•LeRoyPhysical Therapy/Village Fitness•
Robert F. Humphrey, Attorney
GeorgePursel Repair•WasteManagement
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