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LeRoyLittleLeague -May 16th-21st
White Sox 10 Tigers 7
Another exciting game at the little league
field Monday night. The White Sox faced
off against a hungryTigers team. In the first
inning theTigerscameout swingingwith4of
the top5battershitting. Starting thingsoffwas
AdamRisewickwithanice single. Following
Adamwere Robbie Newmark, Merrit Holly,
and Jackson Spezzano with singles of their
own. Tigers would score 3 runs in the top of
thefirst inning. TheWhiteSoxwouldcounter
in thebottomhalfwhenChaseCummings,and
FinShelbybothHittingSingles beforeKenny
Saunders would come up big with a 3 Run
HR. In the second inning the Tigers would
onlyget onemanonbeforebeing retired. The
WhiteSoxwouldhaveanotherbig inningwith
single before Fin Shelbywould knock him in
with a beautiful shot down the right field line
resulting inan in theparkHR. KennySaunders
would Triple and come in to score on aMike
Buccinasingle. Going into the3rd inningwith
the score6-3 in favor of theSox. The scrappy
Tigerswould comeback to score2 runs in the
top of the 3rd, and hold the Sox scoreless in
the bottom tightening the game up 6-5. The
Sox held theTigers scoreless in the top of the
4th inning. Kenny Saunders would lead off
the bottom of the 4th inning with a solo HR
brining the tally to 7-5. The Tigerswould go
scoreless in the5th Inning, and theWhiteSox
wouldadd3more in the5th. With the scoreat
10-5WhiteSoxgoing into the6th inning. The
Tigerswouldput ascare into theWhiteSoxby
scoring 2 runs in the top of the 6th before the
Sox could close the door. A great game was
played by all! Pitching thewin for theWhite
Sox was Fin Shelby with a very nice outing.
Coming in toclose thegamewasMikeBuccina
with nerves of steel. Combining to pitch for
theTigerswere JoeyStephany, JacksonSpez-
zano, andLillyUberty. Hiting for the Tigers
were AdamRisewick with 3 singles, Robbie
Newmark with a single, double, and a triple,
MerrittHollywith2 singles, LillyUberywith
acrushed triple, JacksonSpezzanowithapair
of singles, and Joey Stephany with a single.
Hitingfor theWhiteSoxwereChaseCumming
with3 singles, FinShelbyhada single, double
and a HR, Kenny Saunders had 2 HR, and a
ellwitha single, ParkerDowellwithadouble,
and a single, and JoshNobel adding a single.
Indians 8 Yankees 7
The Indians and Yankees met for the
second time this season inwhat would prove
to be another nail biter for the Indians. This
visiting Yankees would strike in the top of
the 1st inning with Ryan Higgins singling to
plate Tommy Condidorio and Ryan Shirley.
The Indians would draw even in the bottom
half of the inning after CoryWallace singled
scoring Tony Piazza and Zach Vanderhoof.
After a scoreless 2nd inning, Ryan Higgins
wasat itagain, scoringCondidorioandShirley
again with a double to center field. Higgins
would later score on a fielder’s choice giving
the Yankees a 5-2 lead. The Yankees would
extend their lead after a lead off double by
Jake Higgins. He would score on a double
byGianni Ferrara. In the bottom of the 4th,
the Indianswould rally, scoring5 runsonhits
byConnorMcGee,MavericMcKenzie, Tony
Piazza, and Zach Vanderhoof to take a 7-6
lead. TheYankeeswould tie the game in the
topof the6th inningafterTommyCondidorio
drove inAdamWoodworth. But the Indians
would not give up. With 2 outs in the bottom
halfof the6th,MavericMcKenziewoulddraw
awalkbringingTonyPiazza to theplate. With
one strike,Piazzawoulddrive theball to right
center field allowingMcKenzie to score from
1st base towin the game.
Hitting for the Indians were Maveric
McKenzie (2hits), TonyPiazza (2hits), Zach
Vanderhoof, andConnorMcGee (double).
Hitting for theYankeeswereGianniFerrara
(single, double), TommyCondidorio (2 hits),
RyanHiggins (2singles,double), JakeHiggins
(double), andAdamWoodworth.
Indians 11 Orioles 4
The Indians and Orioles squared off for
the first time on the 2016 season. This vis-
iting Indians would jump out early. Maveric
McKenzie and Zach Vanderhoof would each
single and later score on a hit by CoryWal-
lace. Wallacewould eventually steal home to
give the Indians 3 runs in the 1st inning. The
Indians would get 2 runs in the 2nd inning
after ZachVanderhoof doubled scoringMav-
ericMcKenzie andTonyPiazza. TheOrioles
wouldgeton theboard in thebottomof the2nd
after IaenFrawleysingledplatingJamesBlake
who singledearlier in the inning. In the topof
the 3rd, the Indians would extend their lead.
Maveric McKenzie hit a ball up the middle
scoringMaicenMcKenzie, JackWeddle, and
Elijah Iten. McKenzie scored after being
batted in byVanderhoof. TheOrioles would
tack on a run in the bottom of the 4th after
James Blake doubled scoring Benny Pocock.
Both teamswouldadd2more runshighlighted
by theOriolesAdrianStephens double. Zach
Vanderhoof pitched a great game for the In-
dians allowing3 runs on8hitswhile striking
out11batters. MaicenMcKenziewouldcome
in to record the last 2 outs tofinish the game.
Hitting for the IndianswereMavericMcK-
enzie (2 singles, double), Tony Piazza, Zach
Vanderhoof (3singles,double),CoryWallace,
JackDuyssen, andMaicenMcKenzie.
Hitting for the Orioles were Drew Strollo,
Tyler Strollo, Jimmy Burns, Benny Pocock,
AdrianStephens(double), JamesBlake(single,
double), and IaenFrawley (2 singles).
Twins 10 WhiteSox 4
TheTwinscameupbigat theplate.Scoring
10 runs on 14 hits. Cole Rauscher went 4-4,
with three singles and a triple. Brett Babcock
had three singles and Jackson Locke hit two
singles. AntonioMartinez had a double and a
FinnShelby led theway at the plate for the
WhiteSox.He ripped twodoublesanda triple.
KennySaunders and JoshNobleboth reached
base with doubles. Brothers Alex and Parker
Dowell eachhit singles. JoeyCostaandWyatt
Draperchipped in tohelp theSoxwithsingles.
A’s 5 Yankees 3
On Thursday evening the A’s beat the
Yankees 5-3 in a tight game. Yankees pitcher
Gianni Ferrara pitched a complete game 6
hitter with no walks and kept the A’s batters
off balance all game. TheA’s facing4games
in 6 days pitched 4 different players allowing
6 hits aswellwhilewalking7.
Brady Fix did thework at the plate for the
A’s in the first when his 4th homerun of the
season plated Conner Wright. Fix would
score the would be winning runwith a triple
before stealinghome in the3rd. TheYankees
got runs by Ferrara Ryan Shirley and Jake
Higgins in the loss.
RedSox 10 Tigers 3
TheRedSoxwereable toget their3rdwinof
the seasonwhen they facedoff against theTi-
gersonThursdaynight.Theywere ledbyLuke
Caccamise and Joey Brennan on the mound.
Caccamise pitched the first 2 2/3 innings and
struckout3.Brennanpitched thefinal31/3.He
struckout 3.TheTigerscounteredwithAdam
Risewick and Robbie Newmark. Risewick
pitched thefirst 32/3 innings.He struckout 7.
Newmark threw the last21/3.Hestruckout4.
The game started off in theTigers favor as
they led3-0at theendof the1st inning.Rise-
wick , Newmark andMerrit Holly all singled
and scored in the frame. The Red Sox were
able to cut into the lead in the 2nd. Brennan,
Bryce Lathan and Zach Flansburg all had
hits in the inning. Brennan and Lathan were
able to scoremaking the score 3-2. The score
remained the same until theRed Sox erupted
for 6 runs in the top of the 4th. They had 6
hits in the frame. XavienWalker, Panepento,
Bryce Lathan,AidenRiggi, Luke Lathan and
Flansburg all scored in the inning. After the
big inning the scorewas 8-3.
The last of the scoring came in the top of
to cross the plate for the final 2 runs, making
thefinal scoreRedSox 10 and theTigers 3.
Brennan, Bryce Lathan, Walker and Zach
Flansburgallhad2hitsapiece for theSox .For
theTigersLilyUbertyhad2hits and Jackson
Spezzano chipped in with one to round out
the hitting.
Orioles 7 Twins 0
TheOriolesandTwins lockedup inaFriday
nightmatchup thatdidnotdisappoint. Orioles
pitcher Jimmy Burns and Twins hurler Cole
Rauscherstartedon thebumpandbothpitched
effectively. Thegame remainedscorelessuntil
theOrioles struck in the topof the4th inning.
Jimmy Burns helped himself out leading off
the inningwith a triple. Ben Pocock singled
in Burns, and was soon knocked in by Iaein
Frawley to give theO’s the 2-0 lead. TheO’s
would add twomore in the 5th inning behind
a single by William Bogan (his first career
LL hit), a single byTyler Strollo, and a 2RBI
single by James Blake. Superb pitching by
Burnswould continue, and theOrioles added
3 insurance runs in the 6th behind a triple by
Drew Strollo and doubles by Tyler Strollo
ColeRauscher pitchedwell for theTwins,
strikingout 8 andonlywalking1. Brett Bab-
cock also pitched for the Twins. Offensively,
ColinMcCulleyhad2 singleswhileRauscher
added 1 single.
JimmyBurnswas incontrol on themound,
out 12 in 5.1 innings of work. James Blake
picked up the last 2 outs on the mound to
finish the game. Tyler Strollo led theOrioles
hittingattackwith3hits (double,2 runs,RBI).
JimmyBurns added a double and triple (run,
RBI) while James Blake knocked in 2. Also
contributing offensively for the Orioles were
Drew Strollo (triple, run, RBI), Ben Pocock
(single, run, RBI), Adrian Stephens (single),
IaienFrawley (run, RBI), andWilliamBogan
(single, run).
RedSox 7 Yankees 4
The first game of the day on Saturday saw
theRedSox andYankees squareoff. TheRed
Soxwereable tocomeawaywitha7-4victory.
Theywere ledby thearmof JoeyBrennanand
some timely hitting.
TheRedSoxwere able to get on the board
first. They scored 3 runs in the top of the 2nd
inning. Brennan, Bryce Lathan and Luke
Lathanwereallable toscore in the frame.They
led 3-0 after the 2nd inning. They continued
to score in the3rd.LukeCaccamise scoredon
JohnPanepentos triple tomake the score 4-0.
Panepento later scored on aBrennan ground-
outs tomake it 5-0. TheYankees answered in
their half of the inning howeverwhenGianni
RyanShirley thenknocked inCondidoriowith
a singlemaking the score 5-2 after 3. The 4th
inning was scoreless . In the top of the 5th
the Sox tacked on a couple of insurance runs.
Zach Tooley led off the inning with a walk
andwas later knocked in onXavienWalkers
double.Walkerwouldcomearound toscoreon
a singlebyPanepento.Thisgave theSoxa7-2
lead. TheYankees responded, in their half of
thefifth,with2 runs of their own.Condidorio
and Shirley both scored in the inning thanks
toaConnorHegemansingle.This roundedout
the scoring for thefinal 7-4 score.
Brennan was solid on the mound pitching
5 innings and striking out 9 to earn the win.
Panepentopitched thefinal inningstrikingout
2 for the save. For theYankeesRyanHiggins
pitched well. The lefty went 4 innings and
struck out 7. Condidorio pitched the final 2.
He struck out 1.
Panepento had 2 hits(triple) to led the Sox
bats. Walker(double), Brennan, Aiden Riggi,
andZachFlansburgchipped inwithahitapiece.
TheYankeedwere ledbyFerraraandHegeman.
Shirley rounded out theYanks hitting.
A’s 12 Tigers 6
OnSaturday, theA’s faced theTigers in the
second game of the day winning by a score
of 12-6. The A’s bats were hot as 6 players
combined for 16 hits. Jackson Fix andBrady
Fix had 4 hits a piece, while Conner Wright
pitched in with 3. Mike Covert had 4 RBI’s
on 2 hits. Big JakeWilliams had a triple and
scored a run and Shawn Morabito had two
runs and anRBI.
The Tigers were led by Adam Risewick
who had 2 hits a run and an RBI. Robbie
Newmark, Merritt Holley, Cole Sullivan and
EvanReynolds scored the runs for theTigers.
The A’s got solid pitching fromMorabito,
BradyFix andWright in thewin.
Twins 13 Indians 7
The Twins batted around the order in the
first to take a big early lead. Cole Rauscher
blasted two homers, ColinMcCulley had two
doubles and a single. Jackson Locke had a
to leftfieldandAntonioMartinezhadasingle.
The Indians would get back into the game
with some timely hits.MavericMcKenzie hit
a double and single. Zach Vanderhoof had a
doubleandTonyPiazzaasingle. JudeSherman
also recordeda singleonanicehit to leftfield.
Orioles 16 White Sox 5
TheOrioles andWhite Sox tangled under
light rain for the Saturday 3 PM game. The
Orioles started out the scoring quickly in the
topof thefirst. TylerStrollo tripled, andwould
soon be driven in by JimmyBurns to take an
early 1-0 lead. TheWhite Soxwould answer
in thebottomof the1stonhitsbyKennySaun-
ders andAlexDowell. TheWhiteSoxwould
claim the lead in the 2nd as Saunders cleared
the baseswith a double, scoring 3 and giving
theWhiteSox an early lead.
In the topof the3rd,DrewStrollosingled
and stole two bases before being driven in by
older brother Tyler. Jimmy Burns followed
suit, hitting a single, stealing 2 bases before
being knocked in by Ben Pocock to tighten
the score at 4-3White Sox. A scoreless 4th
inningwouldbring thegame to the topof the
5thwith the same score. However theOrioles
would start a rally. Afterwalks to theStrollo
brothers, Jimmy Burns stepped to the plate
and blasted a pitch over the wall, giving the
Orioles a 6-4 lead. The shot would open up
the floodgates, as the Orioles would go on to
score 7more runs to take a 13-4 lead after 5.
TheOrioleswould add3 runs in the 6th,with
theSox answeringwith1, finalizing the score
at 16-5Orioles.
FinnShelby struckout 5 for theWhiteSox
on themoundwhileMichaelBuccinnafinished
the game pitching. KennySaunders doubled,
singled, and drove in 3. AlexDowell singled
and had anRBI as well. Finn Shelby, Parker
Dowell, JoshNoble, and JoeyCostaall scored
for theWhiteSox.
Tyler Strollogot thewinon themound for
theOrioles, strikingout7 in4 inningsofwork.
JamesBlakeclosedout thefinal two inningsfor
theOrioles, strikingout4. At theplate, switch
hitterDrewStrollohadhits fromboth sidesof
the plate (3hits, 4 runs, 2RBI). Tyler Strollo
hadmultiplehits, scoring3 runsanddriving in
3. JimmyBurnsdrove in4on3hits, including
abigflyand scored twice. BenPocock (4hits,
1 run,RBI), JamesBlake (2hits,1 run,2RBI),
and Andrew Pocock (2 hits, 1 run) also had
multiplehits. IaienFrawleydrove in2onahit
andscored. FirstyearplayersAdrianStephens
andWilliamBogan both had triples, scored,
and drove in runs.
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