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01/06/2016 - The 29 year old Paroleewhowas stabbed on 1/2/16
onLake Street has now been charged by the LeRoy PoliceDepart-
ment and identified asBrandonC. Dodd of 66LakeStreet LeRoy.
It isalleged thatDodd,who’sparoleconditionsconsistedofwear-
ing of a GPS ankle bracelet, allegedly removed his ankle bracelet
on or about 01/01/2016 about 10:00 p.m. and thenwent to the res-
idence of an acquaintancewho also lived onLake Street inLeRoy.
Whileat theacquaintance’s apartment, anargument startedbetween
Dodd and the acquaintance at which time it is alleged that Dodd
grabbedbothametal pot andavaseand started swinging themat the
acquaintance.Aphysical altercation then ensued andDodd alleged-
ly held the acquaintance against her will on the bed at which time
it is believed that Doddwas then stabbedwith a nearby knife. This
disturbancewas heard by a neighborwho called 9-1-1.
Uponarrival of theLeRoyPolice,Doddwas locatedhidingunder
a bed and taken into custody on a Violation of Parole. Dodd was
then transported toahospital due to the stabwoundand subsequent-
ly turned over to theNewYorkStateDivision of Parole.
On 01/06/2016, Doddwas arrested by the LeRoy PoliceDepart-
ment and charged with one count each of theA-Misdemeanors of
Criminal Mischief 4th for allegedly damaging the ankle bracelet
and Petit Larceny for allegedly disposing of the ankle bracelet so
that it could not be recovered.
Dodd was further charged with 1) two counts of The D-Felony
ofCriminal Possessionof aWeapon in the 3rdDegree for allegedly
possessing the metal pot and vase as weapons to be used against
another while having previously been convicted of a crime, 2) one
count ofCriminalMischief in theFourthDegree, anA-Misdemean-
or for allegedly damaging the acquaintances cell phone and 3) one
count of Unlawful Imprisonment in the 2nd degree, a classA-Mis-
demeanor for allegedlyholding the acquaintance on the bed against
Dodd, who is currently being held in theGeneseeCounty Jail on
the ParoleViolation, was arraigned before theHon.MichaelWelsh
of theLeRoyTownCourt and released on his own recognizance.
Given the investigative information at this time, the acquaintance
has not been charged.
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