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Today the Rotary Club wel-
Stein, Deputy Mayor Robert
Taylor, Dr. Wally Johnson, Dr.
Andrea Kudel and Dr. Kelly
Nichols as guests.
President Tony Gugino rang
the bell and opened the floor
for announcements: The Past
President’s Dinner will be held
in September, please report to
Larry Boylan with suggestions.
Our next Boardmeeting will be
held Aug. 12 at 11 am. Lynne
Belluscio reported that theLeRoy
HistoricalSociety’s, “Strengthen
the arm of Liberty” fund is half
way there! Tohelp reach thegoal
of $10,000 please send contri-
butions to the LeRoy Historical
Society. TheRelay forLife is this
Saturday, Aug. 8 in LeRoy – be
sure to join theRotary team!
The America’s Best Commu-
nitiesCompetition iswell under-
way andwe are quarter finalists!
As part of the project the com-
mittee ishostinga, “Field toFork
Feast”onSeptember 3. Itwill be
a five course showcase of our
local agricultural richesdesigned
by SelbyDavis and prepared by
D&RDepot. PleasecontactSami
VaggASAP formore information
and to reserveyour seat: svagg@
Lastly for announcements,
President Tony reported that
since 1985 Rotary International
has raised$1.3billion in thefight
against polio. Recently itwas re-
ported thatNigeria is now1year
polio free! This leaves just two
countries in the world that still
have outbreaks.
Our fining session started
rather unexpectedly when Bob
Carlson’s cell phone rang in the
middle of the polio update – it
only cost him $5, but President
Tony got him for another $5 due
to the Yankees success. Tom
Cox’s run-away boat and Mary
Margaret Ripley’s Blog cost
them each $5. Ron Pangrazio
and TimMoag both celebrated
RotaryAnniversaries, not freeof
charge, though. Mary Young is
still having somemailing issues,
as her Rotarianmagazine seems
to end up at Past President Ran-
dy’shouseeachmonth. President
Tonyhad several pictureswhich,
of course, cost their owners a
pretty penny – Dr. Bruce Baker
had topayup for a lovelypicture
of his wife Nancy, the LeRoyan
of the year, in theOatkaFestival
Parade. Dave Frost was caught
relaxing at the hot dog stand and
Dr. Anil Sawhney’s daughter
visited President Tony’s daugh-
ter in Boston. As if that wasn’t
a robust enough fining session,
Past President Tracy Ford called
on the services of Past President
DavidGrayson– the twoof them
cited President Tony for being
MIA fromhishotdogstandshift.
Luckily, hiswifeBettywas kind
enough to fill in for him, so it
didn’t cost him toomuch.
For the program today, Dr.
Bruce Baker introduced Dr.
and Dr. Kelly Nichols from the
University of Rochester Medi-
cal Center. They were warmly
welcomed. Rural towns across
the United States are experienc-
ing severe shortages in medical
services because they lack the
ability to attract primary care
doctors to their communities. So
whatmakesLeRoy,NY somuch
Nichols and Dr. Andrea Kudel,
LeRoy’s newest primary care
doctors, who excitedly told their
stories. Dr. Nichols, is a LeRoy
es had taken her to several large
citiesand, asshesaid, “Icouldn’t
wait to get back home. City life
was just not forme.”Dr. Kudel,
who is also a native of Western
New York, had a very similar
experienceandsheknew thather
commitment tomedicine was in
a small town. Starting a primary
care facility in a small town isn’t
easy, so she welcomed the ini-
tiative that has been undertaken
by the University of Rochester
MedicalCenter, toprovide small
communities with important
medical services. Under the
direction of Dr. Wally Johnson,
the University of Rochester has
acquired space in the formerStar
MarketPlazaand isdeveloping it
into a modern facility complete
with doctor’s offices, and a di-
agnostic laboratory draw with
room for expansion.Dr. Johnson
was extremelypositiveabout the
opportunities that thenew facility
inLeRoywillprovide. “LeRoy is
a vibrant, rural community and
wewill beprovidingnew, young
physicianswhoare rooted in this
area. They are committed and
know the people and understand
their needs.”
Dr.Nichols andDr.Kudel are
welcoming patients for the new
medical plaza. For more infor-
mationor toscheduleanappoint-
ment, please call 585-768-2620.
This is just another testament
toour community, one ofAmer-
ica’s Best Communities, with
small town rural values, butwith
a commitment to the betterment
and expansion for the future.
For more information on the
Rotary Club of LeRoy please,
“Like” us on Facebook, follow
us on Twitter or check out our
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