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Friday, August 14th
BataviaMuckdogsvs. Lowell Spinners
Tickets: $6.00
Available at TompkinsBank of Castile or Town of LeRoy
Joinus for a funfilled evening for the entire family!
The Smokin’Eagle,Miller
andGabrielson familieswould like
to say “THANKYOU,” to allwho
took part in the
“FaithTrumpsHope” benefit
held at the Smokin’EagleBBQ in
LeRoy on July 19, 2015.
The eventwas a huge
success, receiving an
overwhelming amount of
donations, aswell as
volunteer help and support.
The community’s generosity
allowed the event tomake a
substantial donation to the
Gabrielson andMiller
family in their time of need.
Once again, thank you to all
of the local businesses and communitymembers
who participated andmade a difference
in the lives of
two people
we care
so deeply for.
Plumbing&Heating, LLC
10991LakeRd., Pavilion • (585) 584-3841
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&Heating Jobs
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Established 1947
The Class of 1975 held their
40th Reunion at the Knights of
Columbus Hall on Friday July
17th. The group had not been
together as a class in 20 years.
attended, some brought a guest.
The committee had extended
an invitation to anyonewhowas
everpart theClassof1975 to join
them; thereforeanadwasplaced
in the
LeRoy Pennysaver
. As a
result the attendance was larger
than anticipated. The attendees
spent theeveningcatchingupand
Paul Zimmerman who started
theball rollingfor the reunionhad
copiedall senior photos and they
were hung on the wall for all to
see. Other committee members
who added their talents to the
event were: Jamie Calmes, Sue
SavoyMaher, Jean Curry Pene-
pent, Laura Stefani Platt, Judy
McWilliamsGuminiak, andJune
Mr. Reed, class advisor, and
Mr. Crowe, teacher, joined the
class and somewonderful mem-
ories were shared.
Mr. Reed gave a short
speech and congratu-
lated us on becoming
fine adults.A cardwas
read from another of
Hermance Sherwood.
She wrote, “Congrat-
ulations on your class
reunion! The Class of
1975 was one of the
best at LHS.” Mrs.
Hermance Sherwood
also shared that shehad somany
fond memories of all the kids
from theClass of 1975.
Copiesof the
HS newsletter of the time) were
available forall to readand remi-
nisceover. JaneHeamanDarocha
original, black andwhite photos
taken by the year book staff in
1975 that were in her basement
all these 40 years. Jane was the
editor of the O-at-kan in 1975.
George Henry read aloud the
Senior Class Prophecy written
in 1975 as well as a letter from
Jeanette Downie, our exchange
student fromAustralia, whowas
happy to extend an open-invita-
tion to the class to comevisit her
Amemorial table in the front
of the hall was dedicated to the
memory of the five deceased
classmates. Framed photos of
eachwereplacedbehindfive, red
votive candles. They remained
illuminated all evening.
The next morning several of
theclassmembers joined together
one last time todecorateand ride
their float in the Oatka Festival
Parade. “It was a truly memo-
rable weekend,” Laura Stefani
Platt said.
The class is planning two in-
formal gatherings: November 7,
2015 andMay 7, 2016.
The class has also started a
Facebook page “LeRoy Class
of 1975.” The Internet enabled
the class to find most of their
members, some folks had not
seeneachother sincegraduation.
Over the weekend was a huge
success, it was a great timewith
great people and good food. The
class also collected $285.00 that
will be given to the “Strengthen
theArm of LibertyFund.”
Class of 1975 40thReunion
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