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LittleLeagueWrapUp -Week 6
TheLittleLeague season iswindingdown
asplay forweek6wascompleted.Thisweek
saw the White Sox improve their record to
14-1 and clinch theHistorical Trophy,which
is givenout to the team that finisheswith the
best record. TheWhite Sox will also be the
#1seed in theupcomingScanlanCupplayoffs
that will begin starting June 15. Come on
down and support the players!
White Sox 7 Tigers 1
The White Sox and Tigers squared off
Tuesday afternoon. The White Sox struck
quickly when Kenny Saunders reached base
andRyanFriendbelteda2 runhome runover
the left center field wall. Kenny Saunders
started on the mound for theWhite Sox and
wouldhold theTigers scorelessuntil the third
inningwhenGianniFerrara reachedbasewith
a single andwould later behit inbyGiavanni
Caccamise. Kenny Saunders and Jason La-
Sage would both score in the bottom of the
3rd tomake the score 4-1 after three innings
of play. In the bottom of the fourth Chase
Cummingsdrewawalkandwould later score
onKenny Saunders single. Kenny Saunders
would later scoreonMikeBuccina’s single to
make thescore6-1after4 innings. TheWhite
Soxwould addonemore run in thebottomof
the fifth when Parker Dowell reached base
on awalk andwould later be hit inbyKenny
Saunders tomake the final score 7-1. Kenny
Saunders pitched an excellent game going all
six innings striking out 12. Giavanni Cac-
camise started on the mound for the Tigers
andpitched31/3 innings strikingout 9. Luke
Caccamise pitched 2/3 innings striking out 2
and Gianni Ferrara pitched 1 inning striking
out 3. Hitting for the Tigers was Gianni
Ferrara with a single, Luke Caccamise with
2 singles,Giavanni Caccamisewith2 singles
and Cam Greene with a single. Hitting for
the White Sox was Kenny Saunders with 2
Buccinnawithasingle. ChaseCummingsand
ParkerDowell both scored for theWhiteSox.
RedSox13 Indians 5
TheRed Sox got the better of the Indians
13-5behind thearmofAndrewLoftus.Loftus
was incontrolonTuesdaygoing4 inningsand
not allowing a hit. He struck out 12 in the
game. Hewas relieved byBen Pocock, who
was making his first ever appearance on the
mound. Ben did a great job lasting 1 2/3 in-
nings.Hestruckout2batters. JohnPanepento
picked up the final out on themound.
For the Indians,ZachVanderhoofdrew the
start on themound. Zachwent 1 2/3 innings
striking out 2. Shawn Morabito relieved
him. Shawn struck out 3 over 1 2/3 innings.
TommyCondidorio recorder the final 6 outs.
3 via strikeout.
At the plate for theRed Sox JimmyBurns
led the way. Burns connected for his 4th
homer of the year. He added another hit and
scored 2 runs. Loftus added 2 hits, one of
which was a triple, and 2 runs scored. John
Panepento( 1hit, 3 runs scored), GrantGilli-
gan(doubleand3 runs scored), Pocock(1hit.
1 run),TonyPiazza(1hit),MichaelCovert(1
( 1 hit) all chipped in offensively.
The Indians were led by Landen Saeva.
Landen collected his first Little League hit
while scoring2 runs.Vanderhoof(1hit),Mai-
cen Mckenzie(1 run), and Brett Babcock(2
runs) all contributed at the plate.
Twins 3 A’s 2
TheTwinswereable topull out thevictory
behindgoodpitchingand timelyhitting.Cole
Rauscher startedon themound for theTwins.
He pitched two strong innings, strikingout 2
batters before going back behind the plate.
Colin McCulley came in and gave up two
runs curiosity of a Brian Roblee double and
a Chase Bordonaro triple. McCulley would
eventuallysettle in.Strikingout sevenbatters
andgetting thewin.
Aidan Robinson started on themound for
theA’s.Hehad eight k’s andpitched into the
fifth before being relived by Chase Bordon-
aro. Three A’s batters had multiple hits in
the game. Chase Bordonaro had a triple and
single as did Brady Fix. Brian Roblee had a
inwith a single.
The Twins were led by Colin McCulley
at the plate. He had two doubles and scored
a run. Ethan Beswick, Cole Rauscher and
JacksonLocke all reachedbasewith singles.
Orioles 4 Yankees 3
The Orioles andYankees squared off in a
Thursday night thriller at the Little League
field. The game started out with a bang, as
Yankees star Cody Lytle led off the game
with ahome run togive theYankees an early
1-0 lead. The Orioles answered back in the
bottomof the1st, asAdamRisewick singled
to lead off the inning and eventually scored
on a passed ball. The Yankees reclaimed
the lead in the 3rd, as Cody Lytle led off
the inning with a single. A bunt single by
Ryan Shirley and errant throwwould score
Lytle. Zack Baker tripled to score Shirley,
giving theYankees a3-1 leadafter 3 innings.
Lytlewould shut down theOrioles bats until
the 5th inning,when they struckwith a 2out
rally. AdamRisewick walked, followed by
a double by Tyler Strollo. Alex Panepento
doubled as well, scoring both Risewick and
Strollo to tie thegameup at 3. Bothpitching
staffs continued with excellent pitching and
benefited from fantastic defense, bringing
the game to extra innings. Excellent catches
by Joey Stephany and Connor Hegeman in
the 7th inningwould provide theOrioles the
opportunity towin in thebottomof the inning.
TheOrioles would load the bases, and Tyler
Strollo knocked in the winning run with a
sacrifice fly to center field, scoringStephany
to secure thewin for theOrioles, 4-3.
Alex Panepento pitched very well for the
Orioles, strikingout5 in52/3 inningsofwork.
AdamRisewickpitched thefinal4outsof the
game to secure the win. Risewick singled,
walked twice, and scored twice to lead the
offense.TylerStrollodoubled, scored,andhad
the game winning RBI. Panepento doubled
andhad2RBI. CoryWallace singled, while
Finn Shelby, Drew Strollo, Connor Wright,
Stephany scored the gamewinner.
Cody Lytle had a home run and single,
scoring twice for theYankees. RyanShirley
singled and scored,whileZackBaker stayed
redhot at theplatewith2 triples and anRBI.
Merritt Holly and Aaron Leone singled as
well for theYankees. Lytlepitched super for
theYankees, tallying11strikeouts in51/3 in-
nings. AaronLeonestruckout2 in reliefduty.
Orioles 12 Indians 6
The Orioles and Indians met in the first
game of a Saturday quadruple header. The
visitingOrioles struck early, scoring 6 in the
1st inning. AdamRisewick doubled to lead
off the game, and Tyler Strollo knocked him
in with a single. Alex Panepento drove the
elder Strollo inwith a double, andwas soon
knocked in by a triple by younger brother
DrewStrollo. CoryWallace singled inDrew
Strolloandhimselfwasknocked inbyadouble
by Connor Wright. Aidan Hume completed
the scoringwith a big single, scoringWright
withhisfirst careerLittleLeaguehit! The In-
diansansweredback in thefirstwitha leadoff
double byMaverickMcKenzie. McKenzie
would score on a single byZachVanderhoof.
In the 2nd, Alex Panepento started the
inningwitha single. After stealingabase, he
waspromptlyknocked inbyasinglebyDrew
Strollo toextend theOrioles lead to7-1. The
Indians answeredback in the 2nd aswell. A
double byMatt Roloson and singles byZach
Flansburg, Maverick McKenzie, Tommy
2 runs, tightening the score to7-3.
In the top of the 4th, the Orioles struck
again, this time for 4 runs. The inning was
powered by singles by CoryWallace, Adam
Risewick, Alex Panepento, both Strollo
brothers, and a double by Connor Wright.
The Indians scored in the 4th when a Ben
ing the score to 11-4 after 4. Finn Shelby
scored in the 5th for the Orioles, and RBI
singles by Labombard and ShawnMorabito
for the Indians finished the scoring off with
theOrioleswinning 12-6.
TommyCondidorio andShawnMorabito
shared pitching duties for the Indians. Mav-
erickMcKenziedoubledandsingled, scoring
3 runs. Condidorio singledand scored,while
ZachVanderhoof had3 singles, anRBI anda
run. BenLabombardhadadouble, single,and
2 RBI. Other offensive contributors for the
Indians includedShawnMorabito (2 singles,
RBI),MaicenMcKenzie (single),MattRolos-
on (double, run), andZachFlansburg (single).
AdamRisewickpitched into the6th inning
for the Orioles, picking up the win. Tyler
Strollo picked up the last couple of outs
on the mound for the Orioles and provided
excellent defense at catcher and shortstop.
AlexPanepentopaced theoffensewith4hits
(2doubles,3 runs,RBI). SwitchhittingDrew
Strollo (3 singles, triple, 2 runs, 3 RBI) had
a big game aswell, with 4 hits of his own, 3
coming from the right side of the plate and1
coming from the left. AdamRisewick (single,
2doubles, 1 run) andTylerStrollo (2 singles,
run,RBI)providedpopat the topof theorder.
CoryWallace had2hits, 2 runs, and anRBI,
whileConnorWright got hotwith3doubles,
2 runs, and 3 RBI. Finn Shelby scored for
the Orioles and Aidan Hume knocked in a
runwithhis first career hit.
White Sox17Yankee 6
The White Sox and Yankee squared off
Saturdaymorning. TheWhiteSox jumpedout
Friendhit a single to scoreKennySaunders to
make the score 1-0 through themiddle of the
1st inning. The Yankees struck back quickly
asCodyLytle reachedbase. RyanShirlyhit a
single and ZackBaker hit a home run to give
the Yankees a 3-1 lead after one. TheWhite
Sox bats came alive in the second inning as
AlexDowell reachedbaseandKennySaunders
belteda2 runhome run toeven the score. The
WhiteSoxbatscontinued in thesecondgetting
hits fromBryceLathan, RyanFriend,Andrew
Kettle and Jason La Sage on route to scoring
11additional runs toput theWhiteSoxup13-3
in themiddle of the 2nd inning. Ryan Friend
started on the mound for the White Sox and
shut down the Yankees for the next 3 innings
until the 5th inningwhenCodyLytle reached
baseandRyanShirlyhit asingle toscoreCody
Lytle. ZackBaker reachedbaseonasingleand
RyanHiggins hit a single to scoreRyanShirly
andZackBaker. TheWhiteSoxstarted the5th
ders. The scoring continued as Bryce Lathan
hit adoubleandwould scoreonRyanFriend’s
double. Ryan Friendwould score onAndrew
Kettle’s single. Andrew Kettle would score
on a hit by Mike Buccina to make the score
17-6 after 5 innings. Both teams played tight
defense in the6thand thefinal scorewas 17-6.
Pitching for the White Sox was Ryan Friend
with 13 strikeouts and Jason La Sage with 2
strikeouts. Pitching for theYankeeswasRyan
Higginswith3 strike outs, RyanShirlywith1
strike out and Zack Baker with 4 strikeouts.
Hitting for the Yankees was Cody Lytle with
a single, Ryan Shirley with 2 singles, Zack
Baker with 2 singles and a Home Run, Ryan
Higginswith a single, KennyBrownellwith a
single. Hitting for theWhite Soxwas Kenny
Saunders with 2 Home Runs, Bryce Lathan
with 2 singles and a double, RyanFriendwith
2 singles and 3 doubles, AndrewKettle with
2 singles and 2 doubles, JasonLa Sagewith a
single, Mike Buccina with a single and Alex
Dowellwith a single.
RedSox 8 A’s 6
The Red Sox andA’s squared off in
what was a pitchers duel early on. Andrew
Loftus(RedSox) andChaseBordonarowere
dominant on the mound for the respective
TheRedSoxonly runsoffBordanarocame
in the topof the1st inningwhenLoftus (walk)
andGrantGilligan (double)wereable tocross
the plate. The A’s 2 runs off Loftus came in
the4thwhenBordonaro (single)camearound
to score. The gamewas 2-1 in the bottom of
the6thwhenChasewas able to scorehis2nd
run.With thegame tiedat2 theRedSoxwere
able to score 6 runs in the top of the 7th to
give themselves a little cushion. TheA’s did
their best to rally, scoring 4 of their own in
the bottom half,all with 2 outs. The final out
of thegamecamewhenBradyFixhit abases
loadeddouble off thewall andColeSullivan
would relaya throw toLoftuswhowasable to
makea throw toGrantGillgan(catcher),who
tagged out the A’s runner at the plate. This
ended another unbelievably excitinggame at
On the day Loftus went 6 1/3 innings,
striking out 12. Bordonaro wasn’t to be out
done, going52/3 and strikingout 14. Jimmy
Burns and JohnPanepento recorded thefinal
3 outs for the Red Sox while Fix and Luke
Rider finished for theA’s.
Offensively, Gilligan continued his im-
pressive season for the Red Soxwith 3 hits(
2doubles) and2 runs scored.Loftus(double,
2 runs), Ben Pocock( 1 hit), Jimmy Burns(
1 run), Michael Covert(1 run), Andrew Po-
cock(1 run) and Cole Sullivan(1 run) each
contributed at the plate.
For theA’s,Bodonnaro(1hit,3 runs),Brady
Fix had 3 hits(1 double), Connor Magee(1
run), Antonio Martinez(1 run) and Brian
Roblee(1 run)were the contributors.
Twins 5 Tigers 4
The Twins picked up their fourthwin in a
rowwith a one run victory over the Tigers.
helpedpropel theTwinspast theTigers.Cole
Rauscherhit hisfirstLittleLeaguehome run.
Itwasa two run linedrive thathit the leftfield
foul pole. In the fifth JacksonLocke had the
biggest hit of thegame.With theTwinsdown
4-3and runnerson secondand thirdwith two
outs, Locke came through chalking the right
field line scoring the tyingandgoahead runs.
The Twins playedwell in the field. Kaden
Burgerhadafinecatch in leftfield tostopany
momentum the Tigers tried to muster. The
pitchers for theTwinsdidagood jobkeeping
theTigersoff balance.ColeRauscher started
going two innings striking out four. Ethan
Beswickcame inandworkedhardstrikingout
sevenwhilegetting thewin.Healsowassolid
at the plate, hitting two doubles and scoring
twice. Jackson Locke and Cole Rauscher
both had nice days at the dish. Lockewith a
double and singlewhile Rauscher had a two
runhomer and scored twice.ColinMcCulley
pitched inwith two singles and a run scored.
Gianni Ferrara led the offense for the
Tigers. He had a inside the park home run, a
double and scored a run. JamesBlakehelped
thecausewith two singlesofhisown, healso
TylerKleinallhadsingles. JoshNoblecrossed
the plate scoring for theTigers.
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