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Dinner AuctionCelebrates ADiamond Jubilee -
March 7th
The LeRoyHistorical Society
willkickoff itsDiamondJubilee
year with a grand celebration at
the LeRoy House on March 7.
Tickets are now available at $40
per person. If you are interested
in attending this gala evening,
call the office at 768-7433 or
contact Anne Fox or Michele
Penepento, who are coordi-
nating the event.
tizers will be served
between 5 and 6,
followed by dinner.
The D&R Depot has
graciously agreed to
cater the evening and
beproviding theirser-
vices for the live auc-
tion. Everyone is encouraged to
wear a 1940s tie and to bring a
handfulofdollarbills thatwillbe
used togather votes. Thewinner
with themost votes, gets tokeep
Notonlywas1940 theyear that
the Historical Society ventured
out to help preserve the com-
munity’s heritage, it was also a
year that theLeRoyRotaryClub
began serving the community.
Theworldwas at war. Germany
was invadingDenmark,Belgium
andFrance. Italyentered thewar.
Winston Churchill was elected
Prime Minister of England and
yet therewasasenseofnormalcy
that still prevailed.
It was the year that M&Ms
were introduced, aswell asYork
Peppermint Patties. Tiffany’s
in New York City became the
first fully air-conditioned store.
The first commercial flight with
pressurized cabins was made.
Jeepwas introduced and plasma
became known as a substitute
for whole blood. The first Dairy
Queen opened in Joliet, Illinois
and thefirstMcDonald’sopened
in Pasadena, California. Not to
be outdone, the original recipe
for Kentucky Fried Chicken,
developed by Harland Sanders,
was introduced. A long list of
well-known people were born
in 1940: Jack Nicklaus, Fran
Robinson, Peter Fonda, Mario
Norris, James Caan, Cale Yar-
borough, Herbie Hancock, Al
Pacino, Ricky Nelson, Bernard
Shaw,TomJones, NancySinatra,
Bruce Lee, Chuck Mangione,
Dionne Warwick, Frank Zappa,
Ringo Starr, James Brolin,Mar-
tin Sheen, Raquel Welch, John
Lennon, andPele.
Some great music was intro-
duced in the same year: In the
Mood; A Nightingale Sang in
Berkley Square; Fools Rush In;
Imagination; Tuxedo Junction;
It’s The Same Old Shillelagh;
I’m Nobody’s Baby; Maybe;
TradeWinds; OnlyForever; The
Breeze and I; Indian Summer;
I’llNever SmileAgain; Because
of You; Bewitched, Bothered
andBewildered; BlueberryHill;
Falling Leaves; Hi Diddle Dee
High theMoon; TheLast Time I
Saw Paris; Let There Be Love;
and lest you forget - -PolkaDots
Families would gather around
the radio in the evening to hear
the latest news and “Superman”
and “Truth or Consequences”
made their debut. And there
were some greatmovies - -Walt
Disney’s “Pinocchio” and “Fan-
tasia.” Gary Cooper starred in
“North West Mounted Police”
and Charlie Chaplin starred in
adelphia Story starredKatherine
Hepburn, CaryGrant and James
Stewart. The classic film about
the Great Depression “Grapes
of Wrath” starred Henry Fonda.
starred in “NorthWest Passage.”
Bette Davis and Charles Boyer
starred in “All This and Heaven
Too.” Judy Garland and Mick-
ey Rooney were in the musi-
cal “Strike up the Band.” Bing
Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy
Lamore starred in “Road to Sin-
gapore.” And theWestern“Santa
FeTrail” starredErrol Flynn and
It cost 3 cents to send a first
class letter and unemployment
was at 14.6%. On January 31,
Ida Fuller was the first person to
receive aSocial Security check.
In LeRoy, amagnificent proj-
ectwasundertaken torecordwith
a camera, the people and places
of LeRoy. LeRoyhad26 indus-
tries. Therewere1,192 students
inhigh school and8 rural school
districtswith three school buses
that transported50students into
Politically there were
licans and 500 Dem-
ocrats. There were 114
people on relief, 9 receiv-
ing funds from the gov-
ernment sewing project
and15wereon theWPA
TheVillagewas served
by5 localgroceryandmeat stores
as well as five neighborhood
stores and four chain stores.
Fruits and vegetables were sold
house to house and three dairies
provided pasteurized cream and
milk. Town and Village work-
ers received 40 cents an hour.
Twenty five people commuted
daily to Rochester. There were
seven doctors, five lawyers, five
dentists, five chiropractors and
one osteopath.
Come join us for a nostalgic
evening with good food, good
company and goodmemories.
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