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Superintendent of Schools
The Le Roy Central School
District’s“R.I.T.E. (
nnovation, and
radition, for
ducation)Project” tookanother
important step last night as the
unanimously toadopt theSEQRA
(State Environmental Quality
Review Act). This resolution
ensures that any renovation or
construction related to theproject
will not impact the environment
in a negativeway.
The Board also reviewed the
scope of the project, listened
to comments from community
members, and reviewed the
financial implications of the
project. Over the course of the
past few weeks, I have shared
the items under consideration
for theWolcottStreetSchool, the
Jr./Sr. High School, Hartwood
Park, and the bus garage. In this
article I would like to provide
an overview of the cost of the
project,howwewillpayfor itand
implications toyou, the taxpayer.
The total proposal for this
comprehensive project is
$12,748,440. Over $6,500,000
is dedicated to improvements
andupdates to theWolcottStreet
School. The remaining funds
are targeted at the Jr./Sr. High
School, Hartwood Park and the
busgarage. TheDistrict receives
89% state aid on this project.
This excludes $1,671,250which
represents the work at Harwood
Park. Since this isnot considered
does not offer aid onwork done
in this area. Through strategic
planning and strong financial
foresight, tax payers will
incuranyadditionalcost to their
taxes as a result of this project.
What does thismean?
Currently taxpayerspay$24.18
per thousand on the value of
their home. Of this $24.18;
is dedicated to debt on previous
capital projects. In the next few
years, some debtwill be paidoff
and we will replace it with the
new payments for this project.
Inaddition,wewill applyenergy
savings of $120,000 a year and
the capital reserve amount
expected to be at $750,000
Superintendent''s Column
(funded by a refinance savings
of $140,000 a year), to offset
the cost of this project. These,
combined with 89% state aid,
allows the
local share of debt
to remain at the same level as it
is currently, or .
In essence
.34 per thousand allows for
$12,748,440of improvementand
upgrades to be completed. But
what is the burning question on
Will my
tax rate
($24.18) stay
the same if thedistrict completes
the project?
No. The tax rate fluctuates
year to year in response tomany
things, stateaid,healthcarecosts,
pension, and operating costs,
to name a few. The Board has
been committed to keeping the
tax rate within a few cents each
year to allow for predictability
and planning. In fact, it has
been relatively flat for the past
six years. It is our intention to
continue this practice.
we can say with certainty is
that the .34 that is included in
the 2014 tax rate for capital
improvements, will remain at
.34within the rate in 2018.
A tremendous amount of
collaboration, research, and
planning has gone into this
project. It is truly the
“R. I. T.
E. Project at the Right Time”.
The financial homework has
been done, the bidding climate
is favorable and the timeline
for approval of projects at the
State Education Department is
supportive of a summer 2016
construction start date.Thework
that is being targeted is
to the health and safety of our
staff and students, will
our beloved building assets
and will allow our students to
program in a
learning environment.
Ifyouwould like to learnmore
about theproject, pleasevisit our
click on the
R.I.T.E. Project
link. Be looking for our public
presentation dates that will be
announced soon!
Thank you for your support!
1ChurchSt., LeRoy, NY14482
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