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5 pm to 8 pm
21BankSt., LeRoy •768-6170
Groundfloor, no stairs, designated parking close to the apartment.
Screened porch, in apartment, washer/dryer,
nice electric stove& refrigerator. Lots of cupboards in kitchen.
Large bedrooms, each have lots of closet space.
Large bathroomwith tub& shower, large bathroom closet.
Very reasonable rent includeswater/sewer/heat for entire
Looking for long term tenant!
Call 356-0296
byThomasR. Frew
LeRoy, NY
Bordonaro, as demonstrated by
his funeral, was an exceptional
cop. He was also a dad and
husbandwho did it all. Coached
several youth sports, managed
the household during the day
and somehowkept it all afloat. I
worked forover20yearsdirectly
and indirectlywithhiswifeRobin
at Eastman Kodak Company.
Theywerea teamandhave raised
two exceptional young men in
Bryce andChase.
Frank’s passing could never
have been expected. A physical
specimen, afit andwell groomed
guy. Who would have guessed?
Frank gave everything he had to
his career. I saw him in action
at a serious fire in our neighbor-
hood. He was the consummate
professional. His day was never
done. It often leaked beyond his
normal quit time which would
and arrival to Kodak. He was
dedicated to thenthdegree tohis
career and toGeneseeCounty.
colossal disruption to those clos-
est on. This gnaws on both the
emotional and less obviously the
financial side of the family unit.
Tasks that need to be done, bills
to be paid, life goes on yet with
one income.
Frank Bordonaro had built up
through his years with Genesee
County themaximumnumber of
sickdays. This equal toone year
of pay. The funds for this are ac-
cruedor “banked”by theCounty
in a fund for those times when
thedeputyneeds them for health
reasons. Frank also had 19 years
of active time with the County.
This one year short of making
him“retirementeligible”. Idon’t
thinkFrank,with two adolescent
sons,wasgoing to retireanytime
soonbuthewasayear frombeing
Shortly after Frank’s passing,
the Genesee County Sheriffs
voted to not hold the County
contractually responsibleanden-
couraged theCountyLegislature
to pay some portion of Frank’s
sick time. This to possibly assist
in Healthcare or for services
package in the past.
And now the purpose of this
editorial. Our County Legisla-
ture elected not to pay this, even
a percentage less than full. Not
Legislature. This ismoneysitting
in a fund. A great thanks and
message of appreciation to one
of their most dedicated servants
takenway too soon. Not a great
demonstration of heart, compas-
sion and appreciation. Possibly
somepotential, large, retail chain
needed tax relief. So sacrifice a
dedicatedservant’s family? Now
I understand….
Letter To The Editor
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