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LeRoySeniorsRecord 4thShutoutOfTheSeason -Winning 30-0OverBath
The Le Roy Senior Knights re-
corded their4thshutoutof thesea-
sonandmoved to5-0afterbeating
Bath 30-0 onSunday afternoon.
Bath received theopeningkick-
offand immediatelystartedattack-
ing the edges of Le Roy’s stout
defense. Theywere able tomove
theball into theKnights territory
before Tyler Strollo made a big
stopon4thdownbehind the line
of scrimmage.
The Knights opening posses-
sion began with long runs by
bringing theball toBath’s2yard
into the end zone for theTD and
run, theKnightsheldanearly8-0
lead.Bath’s2ndpossession lost3
theKnightsgreatfieldposition in
Bath territory.
The Knights again kept to
the ground game as Panepento
and Lytle logged carries before
Englerthwould take a pitch and
score from 35 yards out. The
2 pt. conversion failed and the
Knights claimed an early 14-0
lead. Another tough defensive
standby theKnight’sAlexPane-
pento and AndrewKettle led to
another Bath punt. The Knights
wasted no time as QB Keaton
Hobart found Cody Lytle on a
25yard touchdownpass thatwas
highlightedbyCody jukingout2
Bath defenders for the 20 point
lead. Panepento would score on
adive toput theKnights up22-0
early in the 2nd quarter.
Bath’s next drive saw them
pick up 2 first downs before En-
glerth ended any scoring threat
by intercepting theBathQB and
returning the ball 20 yards to set
up the Knights with good field
position. Two quick passes by
Hobart to Ethan Beswick and
Nate Andrews would setup En-
glerth for a37yardTD scamper,
his 2ndTDof thegame and10th
of the season! Hobart would run
in the 2 pt. conversion on a QB
bootleg for a 30-0 Le Roy lead.
The Knights would take that
lead into halftime as Beswick
would sack the Bath QB to end
thefirst half.
TheKnightswould take their1st
possessionof the secondhalf and
chew upmore than 7minutes off
theclockbefore theywerestopped
inside the 5yard line. Tough runs
by Nate Andrews, Cam Greene,
Tyler Strollo and Zack Vander-
hoofwerekeys to thedrive. Bath
wouldcomeclose to scoringonly
the2ndTDof theyear against the
Knightswhen their running back
busted a 72 yard run down the
sidelines but the TD saving tack-
le was made by Brady Fix-who
showed a never give up attitude
dragging the ball carrier down at
the Knights 20 yard line. Cody
Lytle would step up to end the
scoring threat at Le Roy’s own 5
yard linewhenhe intercepted the
Bath QB and returned the ball
to the 30. This was Cody’s 3rd
interceptionof the year!
Another 7 plus minute drive
by the Knights that stalled on
Bath’s18yard line leftBathwith
only 1 minute left in the game.
Seven different Knights carried
the ball on the drive led by a 21
Vanderhoof! Ethan Beswick,
AdamRisewick, Alonso Storey,
BradyFix,BrockFlint andKaiel
Robinson all helped move the
chains behind the solid blocking
of JimmyBurns, IanKemp,Cole
Rauscher, Andrew Kettle and
Offensively, theKnights racked
up 288 yards rushing as they
surpassed 245 or more for the
5th straight game. Englerth led
thewaywith107yards on just 4
carries to go along with his two
touchdowns (Andrew now has
511 yards on just 27 carries, an
Zack Vanderhoof would add
43 yards while Alex Panepento
would chip in 30 yards with a
touchdown and2pt. conversion.
Keaton Hobart went 3-4 for 32
yardswith a TD passing and a 2
pt. conversion running.
The following all added to
the yardage total as 14 different
Knights carried the ball: Adam
Risewick (19 yards), Lytle (17
yards rushing and 25 yards re-
ceiving for a TD), Andrews (16
yards rushing and 1 reception),
Beswick (12 yards rushing and
1 reception), Greene (15 yards)
whileBradyFix, AlonsoStorey,
Tyler Strollo, Brock Flint and
KaielRobinsonall loggedcarries.
Defensively, the Knights were
led by Panepento (7 tackles),
Englerth (5 tackles, 1 intercep-
tion , 1 pass break-up), Greene
(5 tackles), Rauscher (4 tackles)
andBeswick (3 tackles, 1 sack).
Alsomaking stopswereVander-
hoof (3), Storey (3), Strollo (2),
Andrews (2), Lytle (1 and an
interception), Fix (1), Flint (1),
Burns (1),andZekeMcIntyre (1).
The Knights are at Avon next
Saturday as they face a 3-1
Braves team that is in 2nd place
in theNorthDivision. The game
starts at 8 pm and has a huge
implication on postseason play!
Come on out and support the
players and cheerleaders!
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