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LeRoy JuniorsBeatBath 36-14
1) 16year oldTy’reeD.WinkfieldofWashingtonSt,Albionwas
arrestedonSeptember20,2014by theLeRoyPoliceDepartment, and
charged with one count of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property
in the 3rd Degree, a Class D-Felony, and Unlawful Possession of
Marihuana, aViolation.
ThevehicleWinkfieldwasdrivingwas initially stopped for traffic
violations but after a brief investigation it was determined that the
vehiclewas alleged to have been recently stolen fromAlbion, NY.
Winkfieldwasarraigned in frontof theHon.D.Sehmof theLeRoy
Town Court and released under supervision of the Genesee Justice
Program.Winkfield is to return to theLeRoyTownCourtonOctober
2, 2014 to answer to the charges.
edonSeptember20,2014by theLeRoyPoliceDepartment.Chidsey
was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, a violation.
The arrest stems from a complaint of loudmusicwhich the LeRoy
Police responded to and upon speakingwithChidsey allegedly saw
a bag ofMarihuana in plain view.
Chidseywas issuedanappearance ticketand isscheduled toappear
in theLeRoyTownCourtonOctober27,2014 toanswer to thecharge.
their4thgame ina rowafter trav-
eling to Bath and outscoring the
Rams 36-14.
Bath began the game with a
strong running game, eventually
breaking off a touchdown run to
takeanearly8-0 lead. TheLeRoy
behind strong blocking. Drew
Strollo took ahandoff and scam-
pered 39 yards for a touchdown
to put the Knights on the board.
Riley Williams carried the ball
into the endzone to complete the
conversion, knotting the score at
8-8 early.
A defensive stand, led by a
huge sack by Xavien Walker,
forced a punt by Bath. The of-
fense sputteredearlyon thedrive
with a run for loss and sack by
the Rams defense. However on
4th down, quarterback Tommy
Condidorio hit Drew Strollo in
stride and Strollo would outrun
theBath defenders for a 47 yard
touchdown catch. Tony Piazza
plunged through the line for the
2 point conversion, giving the
Knights a 16-8 lead.
TheBathoffense tookpossession
of the ball & againmoved the ball
down the field. LeRoy’s defense
tightenedup in the redzone, forcing
a 4th& goal from the 1 yard line.
Bathhoweverwasable tocross the
goal line toscore the touchdown.A
slew of LeRoy defenders worked
together to stop the2point conver-
sion, preserving LeRoy’s lead at
16-14 enteringhalftime.
LeRoy’s offense began the 2nd
half by using a balanced attack
to move the ball down the field.
Effective running from Tony
Piazza and Riley Williams as
well as another well placed pass
from Tommy Condidorio kept
the chains moving. Drew Strollo
broke through the line and stiff
armed a defender, breaking away
fora20yard touchdown toextend
theKnights lead to22-14. On the
very next defensive play, line-
backer Tony Piazza recovered a
fumble togive theKnights theball
back inBath territory.LeRoy’sof-
fense stalledhowever, and turned
the ball over toBathon downs.
Bath’s offense began tomove
the ball, however soon the
Knights defense clamped down.
Abig tackle for lossbydefensive
endRyanHigginswould lead toa
turnover on downs by Bath, and
LeRoy’soffensewould takeover.
The offense continued to click,
leadbyseveral runsbyRileyWil-
liams.TonyPiazzabroke through
the line to rumble 6 yards into
the endzone for his first Junior
touchdown. Bryce Lathan made
an impressive snag on a Tommy
Condidorio’s dart across the
middle to make the conversion,
giving theKnights a 30-14 lead.
The defense stood tall again,
this time with Ryan Higgins
forcing a fumble which Ayden
Riggi recovered. The Knights
would close out the scoringwith
JacksonFix breaking away from
thepack for 60yards to scorehis
first Junior touchdown,finalizing
the score at 36-14.
More than half of the Knights
defense chipped in defensively
with tackles to contribute to the
win. Bryson Gentile lead the
way with 8 tackles (1 for loss),
with fellow defensive linemen
Bryce Lathan and Ryan Higgins
(forced fumble) each making 6
tackles. TonyPiazza also added6
tackles and recovered a fumble.
Drew Strollo, Jackson Fix, and
XavienWalker all had 4 tackles
with Walker adding a big sack.
With 3 tackles each were Cole
Yauchzee, and Ben Robinson.
(fumble recovery), Xavier King,
andWill Eschberger each added
2 tackles. DylanMaciag,Antonio
Martinez, ConnorHegeman, and
ConnorMcGeealsomade tackles.
The explosiveKnights offense
put up over 400 yards of total
his hard running with 141 yards
on theground, includinga2-point
conversion. DrewStrollohad160
yards from scrimmage, including
2 receptions and 3 touchdowns.
Tony Piazza added 30 yards on
theground includinga touchdown
and 2-point conversion. Jackson
Fix ran for 74yards and a touch-
down, also adding a reception.
Bryce Lathan ran for 4 yards
andmade anice catch securing a
2-pointconversion. TommyCon-
attempts for 72 yards, including
a touchdown and conversion.
Ryan Shirley completed a pass
and added positive yardage on
the ground. Landen Saeva and
Nate Yauchzee also ran the ball
for theKnights.
The Junior Knights travel to
Avon to try toextend theirwinning
streakon9/27 for a 6 pm game.
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