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LeRoyLittleLeagueHighlights -Week 3
Twins 9 RedSox 1
TheTwinsandRedSoxplayed for the
first time thisseason.TheTwinswouldgo
on toget thewin.Theywereable togeton
the board earlywith runs in the first and
second innings. TheTwinswould add to
their lead in the third and fourth innings
to put the game out of reach.The Twins
batters lookedgoodat theplateall night.
Cole Rauscher had 3 singles and scored
twice.ColinMcCulley had a double and
single.He also scored three runs.Chase
Bordonaro singled twice and scored a
run.Ethan Beswick had a double and
single.ZachBaker andTonyFiliowould
both single. Filiowent on to score a run.
AndrewLoftus andConnorWright both
scored runs in thesixth inning.TonyFilio
started on the mound. He pitched well
through two innings striking out five.
ColinMcCulleywould relieveFilio in the
third.Hewouldgoon topitch three solid
innings.AndrewLoftus came in to close
it out. Due to the dropped third strike
rule, Loftus recorded four strikeouts in
the sixth.
The Red Sox batters were kept off
balance formostof thenight.CamGreene
led theRedSoxwith twowellhit singles.
BrockFlint andNickEngel also singled
for theSox.Engel scoreda run in thesixth
inning for the Red Sox.Alex Panepento
was the starting pitcher going 4 innings.
Jimmy Burns came in to pitch the final
two. Panepento recorded six strike outs
whileBurns had two.
Tigers 9 Twins 2
TheTigers and theTwins squared off
for the second time this year. TheTigers
jumpedout toa1-0 lead in thefirst inning
on a double byReece Tresco and single
byAustinSaeva. Theyaddedanother run
in the secondona singleby JamesBlake
and double by Giavanni Caccamise. In
the third Tresco and Saeva doubled and
singled again, while Zach Vanderhoof
added a single and 2 runs were scored
putting theTigers up4-0. TheTwins cut
the lead to4-2 in the3rdasDrayGrayson
Bakerwasable tohit both in. TheTigers
were thenable toadd2 runs in the4thon
hitsbySaevaandVanderhoof. TheTigers
finished off the scoring in the 6thwith 3
runs asTrescoblasted a2 runhomer, his
3rd of the year, and Blake hit Saeva in
giving theTigers a 9-2win.
AustinSaeva started the game for the
Tigers going3 innings strikingout 2 and
giving up 5 hits. Giavanni Caccamise
came in topitch thefinal 3, strikingout 4
andallowing2hits. AustinSaevashined
at theplategoing4 for4withanRBI and
scoring 2 runs. Giavanni Caccamise had
a double, RBI and scored 2 runs. Reece
Trescowas 3 for 4with2doubles, home
run, 2 RBI’s and scored 4 runs. Zach
Vanderhoof added2 singles and3RBI’s,
while JamesBlakehad2 singles, anRBI
and scoreda run.LukeCaccamiseadded
anRBI on a sacrifice.
AndrewLoftus started on themound
for theTwinsgoing4 innings, strikingout
6 and giving up 6 hits. Tony Filio came
in to pitch 1 1/3 innings and striking out
4, while Collin McCulley pitched the
final 2/3 innings striking out 1. Chase
Bordonaro had a single and 2 walks.
Ethan Beswick added 2 singles and a
run scored. Zach Baker had 2 singles
and 2RBI’s. CollinMcCulley andDray
Grayson finished out the hitting each
adding a single.
Indians 3 RedSox 0
The Indians and Red Sox faced each
other for the second time this season.
Like the first meeting, it was a low
scoringaffair. Thevisiting Indianswould
jumpout toanearly lead in the topof the
1st when Brady Fix stepped to the plate
with the bases loaded. Fix would single
into right field scoring 2 runs. The Red
Sox were shut down by Indians’ pitcher
TylerSlaven formuchof thegame. How-
ever, theSoxhadagreatopportunity in the
bottom of the 4thwith the heart of their
order coming to the plate.
a nice catch in right field taking away a
surehit fromCamGreenediminishing the
RedSox scoring chances.
Thescore remained2-0until the topof
the 5th inning when Fix was put out on
afielder’s choice allowingCodyLytle to
score from 3rd.
Tyler Slaven pitched a great game for
the Indians completing the game on 65
pitches, allowing no runs and no walks
while striking out 9. Nick Engel pitched
well for theRedSox allowing2 runs and
striking out 9 during 3 2/3 innings of
work. CamGreenewould enter in relief
allowing 1 run and striking out 2.
Hitting for the Indians wereMaxin
McKenzie (2 hits) andBradyFix.
Hitting for the Red Sox were Brock
Flint andNickEngel.
Whitesox 4Yankees 3
The Whitesox and Yankees played an
exciting game that came down to the final
inning. The Whitesox got off to a fast
start putting up 2 runs in the first inning
withRBIs byAdamRisewick andTommy
Saunders and added another run in the 3rd
with anotherRBI byAdamRisewick. The
Yankees came right back adding 3 runs in
the fourthwithRBIs from Jason Le Sage,
Doug Irwin and Kyler La Carte making a
3-3game. In thebottomof the5thTommy
Saunders led off with a triple and would
later score on a passed ball giving the
Whitesox a one run lead. The Whitesox
defenseheld in the topof the6thgettingkey
putouts by short stopKennySaunders and
second baseman Jake Duyssen. Pitching
for the Yankees was Kyler Le Carte who
pitched2 inningsstrikingout1andwalking
2,SeanMorabitopitched2 inningsstriking
1¾ inningsstrikingout2andwalking2and
RichieCarpino pitched 1/3 inning striking
out 1. Pitching for theWhitesoxwasColm
Roster who pitched 2 innings striking out
3 and 0 walks, Tommy Saunders pitched
1 inning striking out 2 andwalking 3 and
Ryan Friend pitched the final 3 innings
strikingout 4 andwalking0. TheYankees
hitting was lead by SeanMorabito with 2
hits (singles), Doug Irwin 2 hits (singles)
and anRBI , Kyler LaCarte 2 hits (single
a single and Jason Le Sage with a single
and RBI. The Whitesox hitting was led
byAdamRisewickwith 2 hits (single and
double) and 2 RBIs, Colm Roster with a
single, Tommy Saunders with a triple and
RBI, andKennySaunderswith a single.
Whitesox 6Redsox 1
The Whitesox and Redsox squared
off in thefirst gameof theweekend. The
Whitesox jumped out to a 2 run lead in
the first inningwhenRyanFriend hit a 2
runhome runover the leftfield fence. The
Whitesox’sColeHeanyscored in the2nd
inning. In the third inningwith a runner
on secondbaseTommySaunders blasted
a shot over the right field fence making
the score5-0. In the topof the fourth the
Redsoxgoton theboardwhenNickEngle
reached basewith a single andwas later
hit inbyMichealCovertmaking thescore
5-1. TheWhitesoxaddeda run in the5th
tomake the final score 6-1. Alex Pane-
pentopitched41/3 strong innings for the
walking 2. JimBurns came in on relief
for2/3 inningsallowingno runsorwalks.
Colm Roster pitched a terrific game for
theWhitesox scattering11hitsover52/3
walk. TommySaunderscame inon relief
striking out the last batter. The Redsox
hitting was led by Cam Greene with 2
singles, Alex Panepento with 2 singles,
NickEnglewith2 singles, CoryWallace
with 2 hits (single and double), Micheal
Panepentowith a single. TheWhitesox
hittingwas led byKenny Saunders with
3 hits (single, double and triple), Ryan
Friend with 2 hits (double and home
run) and 2 RBIs, Tommy Saunders with
a homerun and2RBIs, ColeHeanywith
2hits andAdamRisewickwith adouble.
Twins 12 Yankees 10
For the third time this year the Twins
and Yankees squared off.This contest
would be action packed from start to
finish. Both teamsmanaged to score two
runs in the first. TheYankees would put
up two runs in the secondand three in the
third to takecontrolof themiddle innings.
The Twins would not quit. They would
wakeup in the fourth inningandputupsix
runs to take the lead.TheYankeeswereup
for thechallengeand scored three runsof
theirown to take the leadback in thefifth.
TheTwins came upbig in the sixth.Tony
all score in the inning takingback the lead
for good. TheYankee batterswere taken
care of in the sixth and theTwins would
get the hard foughtwin.
TheTwinspoundedout twelvehitson
Baker and Colin McCulley all had two
singles.EthanBeswick andAndrewLof-
tus both had a double and a single.
at the plate.Andrew Tygart led the way
with 3 singles.Grant Gilligan had two
hits,a double and a single.Kylar LaCarte
andDoug Irwin also recorded hits.Irwin
had a single and LaCarte a double and a
single.Jason Lasage contributed at the
plate with two singles.Shawn Morabito
and Luke Rider each had base hits for
Yankees 18 Tigers 6
In theYankeessecondgameof theday
theywere able to score their first win of
the year. In the first inning theYankees
cameouthot scoring4 runs,withadouble
fromKyler La Carte and a 2 RBI triple
fromAndrewTygart, that scoredDouglas
IrwinandLaCarte. GrantGilliganwould
also get in the action hitting a double
which scoredTygart. GiovanniCaccam-
isewould lead theTigersoffwithasingle
and later would score on an RBI single
from Reece Tresco. In the top of the
second inning theYankees scored 5 runs
togoup9-1. KylerLaCarte leadoff the
hittingwith a single, the next batterAn-
drewTygartwouldhit a2RBI single that
scored Tyler Klein and Kyler La Carte.
Later in the inningGrant Gilliganwould
step up and hit a 2 RBI single scoring
AndrewTygart andRichieCarpino. The
Tigers would battle back in the second
scoring 4 runs to make the game 9-5.
Lucciano Caccamise and Reece Tresco
both hit singles, with Reece’s single
scoringTylerWilliams. AustinSaevahit
adouble that scoredRileyWood,Luciano
Caccamise, andReeseTresco. In the top
of the3rd inning theTigerswouldhold the
Yankees to1 run. The runwas scoredby
Doug Irwin, off aKyler LaCarte single.
The Yankees held the Tigers scoreless
in the thirdwithAndrewTygart striking
out 2batters. In the topof the4th inning
theYankees bats really came alive. The
Yankees would go on to score 7 runs to
take a 16-5 lead. Jason La Sage, Doug
Irwin, Kyler La Carte, Andrew Tygart,
and Ryan Higgins all hit singles with
Grant Gilligan hitting a double. Shawn
Morabito got up twice in the inning and
hit a double and a single. In the bottom
of the4th,ReeceTrescosteppedup to the
plate and drove a ball deep over the left
center field fence for his 4thhome runof
theyear,making thescore16-6. In the5th
inningboth teamswereheldscoreless. In
the6th inningAndrewTygartgot asingle
and then later scored a run off a Shawn
Morabito double. In the bottom of the
6thGiovanni Caccamise hit a single and
was laterscoredbyaReeceTrescoSingle.
Andrew Tygart pitched 5 and 2/3rd
innings, striking out 7 while walking 4,
before Richie Carpino would take over
on themound for theYankees. Pitching
for the Tigers were Austin Saeva, Joey
Leading thehitting for theYankeeswas
Andrew Tygart 5 hits (4 singles, triple,
5 RBI’s), Kyler La Carte (3 singles, 1
double), Grant Gilligan 2 hits (1 single,
1 double, 3RBI’s).
For theTigers,ReeceTrescohad4hits
in4atbats (3singles,1HR)andcontinues
to lead the league inhome runs. Giovanni
Caccamise had 2 singles.
Tigers 3 Indians 0
Well the Indianssquaredoff for the3rd
time thisseason in lastgameonSaturday.
The crowd would be treated to a great
pitcher’s duel betweenReeceTresco and
CodyLytle. Thepitcherseachcontrolled
the batters for the first 2 innings until in
the top of the 3rd theTigerswere able to
score2asTresco singled inGiavanni and
LukeCaccamise. Thescore remained2-0
until the topof the6thwhenTrescostarted
the inninghittinghis 5thhome runof the
year toput theTigersup3-0. Tresco shut
thedooron the Indians in the6th,butgave
up a single toTyler Slavenpickedup the
first hit for the Indians with 2 outs. The
Tigers came out on top 3-0.
Reece Tresco went the distance for
the win allowing only the 1 hit, walked
2 and struck out 12. Hitting for the
Tigers were Giavanni Caccamise with 2
singles and scoring 1 run. ReeceTresco
with 2 singles, a home run and 3 RBI’s,
and James Blake added a single. Luke
Caccamise collected a single and scored
a run.ThiswasLuke’sfirstLittleLeague
hit!!!Way to go!!
Cody Lytle was super on the mound
going 5 1/3 innings, giving up 7 hits,
walking1andstrikingout10. MaxMcK-
enziecame infor thefinal2/3of the inning
and struck out 2. Tyler Slaven collected
the only hit for the Indians, whileAidan
Robinson and Maveric McKenzie both
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