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8700 Lake Rd.

LeRoy, NY 14482

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Vern C. Falcone

Jenna M. Falcone

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Vern C. Falcone


PO Box 187

8700 Lake Road

LeRoy, NY 14482

(585) 768-2400



Around Town

I will report on the Board’s reorganization meeting in my column

next month. What I would like to do here is begin speaking with

you (and continue throughout the first half of the year) about a few

of the most significant issues facing us in 2017.

You may have read a few articles recently in the Daily News about

the negotiations in progress concerning sales tax distribution be-

tween the County and City of Batavia (and, by association, with the

rest of the towns and villages throughout Genesee County). I can

think of no other issue more important that faces us (with signifi-

cant impact on the Village as well) this year, and it warrants your

close attention as things develop. While complex and co-mingled

with municipal water supply throughout the County, I will give you

a “Reader’s Digest” version in this column.

In 1991, a contract was entered into between Genesee County and

the City of Batavia regarding the distribution of collected sales tax

revenue in Genesee County. This contract was renewed in 2007,

and is set to expire in February, 2018. In sum, the County collects

the “local” share (4%) of the sales tax levied in the county. Fifty

percent (50%) of those monies are set aside for county purposes,

sixteen percent (16%) goes to the City of Batavia, and thirty-four

percent (34%) is divided among the towns/villages through a for-

mula with a basis on real property tax value.

To demonstrate what this has meant to the Town of LeRoy, we re-

ceived approximately $1,012,600 in sales tax revenue for 2012;

$1,066,000 in 2013; $1,070,400 in 2014; $1,070,450 for 2015; and

I am expecting about $1,000,000 for 2016 (gas prices remain lower

than those earlier years but I am awaiting the fourth quarter num-

bers that reflect the Christmas shopping season). So, as you can see,

the Town counts on about $1,000,000 in sales tax revenue for its

annual budget each year. By way of example, $1 million equates

to about 60% of our total 2017 A (town-wide) and B (outside vil-

lage) Fund revenue amounts. The other 40% comes from a variety

of sources (court fines, NYS aid, mortgage tax, various fees, etc.),

including property taxes. That is, 60% of our in-coming monies

comes from one source- sales tax revenue.

I believe it is fair to say that any elimination, reduction, or growth

limitation of sales tax revenue to the town will most likely result in

an increase in property tax rates. Positive negotiations are continu-

ing, and the Genesee Association of Municipalities (representing

towns and villages on this issue) is well-represented on the nego-

tiations committee with the Supervisors of Bergen and Darien. As

things develop on this front, I will keep you informed.

Thank you and see you Around Town.

Stephen R. Barbeau


Town Supervisor Column

The family of Jennie Hale

would like to thank the whole D Wing Unit staff

at the LeRoy Village Green Nursing Home.

You all went above and beyond

your everyday duties to make sure

Jennie received excellent continuity of care

during her stay.

For the volunteers who have donated

food and their time,

we are eternally grateful for all your kindness.

As her family, we would also like to extend a

thank you to everyone who has given donations

in lieu of Jennie Hale.



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