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WhiteSox 2016ScanlanCupChampions
Game 1
WhiteSox 7 Indians 5
Tuesday night was the first
game of the 2016 Scanlan cup.
It was a fantastic game by both
teams start tofinish. Starting for
the home team Indians on the
Mound was Zach Vanderhoof
who pitched verywell through 4
innings strikingout7WhiteSox.
Starting for the visiting White
Sox was Kenny Saunders who
went42/3scoreless inningswhile
strikingout 13batters. Itwas the
WhiteSoxwhostruckearly in the
game plating one run in the 1st,
3rd,and4th inning. In thefirst in-
nySaundersdrovehim inwithan
RBI double. Scoring in the 3rd
inning was Chase Cummings
after he hit a nice single andwas
driven in by a Fin Shelby single.
In the 4th inning Wyatt Draper
drew a walk, and was driven in
Hitting for the Indians through
the first 4 innnigs wereMaveric
Mackenzie, andMacienMacken-
zie eachwith singles. The score
going into the5th inningwas3-0
WhiteSox. In the5th inningwith
2 outs the Indians rallied back
scoring 5 Runs! Hitting for the
Indians wereMacienMackenzie
with aRBI double todrive inhis
brother, Zach Vanderhoof with
a nice RBI single, Tony Piazza
drew a big walk, Cory Wallace
added a single before Connor
McGee smacked a 2RBI double
scoring both. The Tally after 5
complete inningswas5-3 Indians.
In the topof the6th theWhiteSox
would answer thebell by scoring
4 runs. Joey Costa would start
thingsoff drawingawalk,Chase
Cummingswould thensingle,and
pitch to load thebases for theSox.
Mike Buccina a good hitter all
year came to theplate, anddeliv-
ereda2RBI single. AlexDowell
would then step in and crush a 2
RBI double! Thiswould put the
score at 7-5White soxgoing into
thebottomof the6th. Coming in
to close for the Sox was Parker
Dowell, and he got the job done
strikingout 2batters.Healsogot
a little help from an outstanding
catch in center field by JoshNo-
ble! Itwasagreatgamebyall the
players, and coaches.
Game 2
WhiteSox 10 Indians 9
Game 2 of the Scanlan Cup
Wednesday night was another
great game by both teams. The
White Soxwere the home team,
and started Parker Dowell on
themound. Thevisiting Indians
hadCoryWallace on themound
to start the game. The Indians
came out in a hurry Scoring 3
runs in the topof thefirst inning.
Starting things off was the lead-
off batter Maveric Mackenzie
with a single to start the game,
following his brother Macien
Mackenzie singled before Tony
Piazza drove in the pair with a
double. Connor McGee would
get himself and RBI double as
back to put up a pair of runs
themselves in the first. With
MikeBuccinacoulddrivehim in,
andAlexDowellwould single to
driveMike in. The Indians bats
would then go cold for the next
couple innings. The White Sox
would add a run in the 2nd, and
one in the3rd. In the2nd inning
Chase Cummings would single,
and Fin Shelby would reach
base on a fielders choice. This
would bring Kenny Saunders to
the plate, and hewould deliver a
RBI single scoring Fin Shelby.
In the 3rd inning Parker Dowell
wouldwalk, and laterscoreonan
RBI single by the lead off man
Chase Cummings. This would
leave the score 4-3 White Sox
going into the 4th inning. The
Indians would fight back to tie
the game in the 4th inningwhen
Jude Sherman drew a walk, and
was followed by a Jack Wettle
double, and aMvericMackenzie
single. TheWhiteSoxcouldnot
score in the 4th leaving it tied at
4 apiecegoing into the5th. The
Indians would have a big 5th
inning. Tony Piazza get things
started with a single to lead off
the inning,ConnorMcGeewould
then single, and both would be
driven in by a laser Triple by
Jacob Iten! He would then be
driven inbyanice singleby Jude
Sherman. However the White
Sox had some fight left in them.
In the bottom of the 5th Wyatt
Draper and Chase Cummings
would reach base, and bring Fin
Shelby to the plate. Fin would
then smash a 3 runHR over the
center field fence to tie the game
WhiteSoxwinScanlanCupChampionship for the second year in a row.
upat7’s. KennySaunderswould
start things back up for the Sox
withasingle, followedbyaMike
Buccinasingle. AlexDowellwho
wasRedHot during the playoffs
would then blast a 2 RBI triple!
He would later score on a Josh
Noble single. This would leave
the score at 10-7 starting the 6th
inning. JoshNoblewould come
in to close for the White Sox.
The Indians would go down
swingingscoring2runs in the6th
with a Zach Vaderhoof double,
and a Tony Piazza single. The
White Sox defense would then
stiffen getting the next 2 batters
to ground out, and Josh Noble
would seal the deal with a strike
out!! This would give theWhite
Sox the serieswin, and the 2016
ScanlanCupChampions!! Con-
gratulations toall theplayers,and
coaches from both teams.
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