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Pete Zeliff, CEO
P.W. Minor
WhenBatavia shoemanufacturer P.W.Minorwas indanger of closing its doors forever, PeteZeliff saw an
opportunityhe couldn’t pass up.
“Iwanted to resurrect the company,” Pete says. Sohepurchased the company’s assets, ordered$2millionof new
equipment—and startedbringingproduction fromChinaback toBatavia.
Pete reliedonTompkins Bankof Castile for a lineof credit, aswell as for all of the company’s banking and
checking accounts.
“They’re likea small-townbank,”he says. “But they cando far
more thana small-townbank cando.”
For Pete, thebank’s local decision-makingwas pivotal.
“You just go inand talk to them,”he
says. “It’s likedealingwitha friend.”
Need a local decision?Call 877-243-8030.
Or visit BankofCastile.com.
Locally focused. A world of possibilities.
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