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Even though theGroundhogdid
not seehisshadow, thewintercold
and snow is apparently returning
for bit. Next week our students
will be onWinter Break. By all
accounts it isproving tobeanop-
portunity toget in those funwinter
activitiesat leastoncemorebefore
spring returns. Enjoy!
Another activitywe hope you
all enjoy is snugglingdownwith
a good bookwith your children.
This past month we have been
celebrating Parents As Reading
Partners (PARP).
Do you know the benefits of
readingwithand toyourchild?
Consider just a few.
• Reading to your children
makes you bondwith them, and
thisgives themasenseof intima-
cy andwell-being.
• The intimacy of reading to
your children is such a pleasur-
able experience that they will
have a positive attitude towards
readingwhen they grow up.
• It calms your children, espe-
cially when they are fretful and
•Itpromotes increasedcommu-
nication between you and your
• Childrenwho are exposed to
language by hearing words that
are read to them and in conver-
sation, tend to dowell in school.
•Your children learn thebasics
of reading a book; that words
represent sounds and concepts,
words are read from left to right,
and stories continue when you
flip the page.
• Reading promotes a longer
attention span, which is an im-
portant skill for your children to
be able to concentrate.
• Reading to children builds
listening and imagination skills.
• Your children discover an
expanding chain of knowledge.
Their interest in cars, for exam-
ple, will expand to their interest
in trucks,andother transportation
likeplanesand rockets, and soon
theywill be reading about outer
space, science and technology,
Superintendent ’ Column
and beyond.
• Books teach your children
thinking skills. When you read
to your children, they learn to
understand cause and effect, to
exercise logic, as well as think
in abstract terms. They learn the
consequences of actions, and the
basicsofwhat is rightandwrong.
•Your children learn early that
reading is fun and not a chore.
When your children grow up,
you will not be stressed about
getting them to read, as reading
has become a pleasurable habit.
Wow, this one amazing ac-
t i v i t y can
produce so
much good!
The week
of February
The Wolcott
Street School
will celebrate
with a Book
Fair and the
annual PARP
Festival, which will be held on
Friday, February 26th. Please
plan on joining the fun and cele-
brating the joy of reading.
In addition, our
will begin
February 24th. There is a great
lineup for this session ranging
from Holistic Wellness classes,
toYoga, toGreetingCardDesign.
You deserve to take a little time
for yourself and try something
new. For more information con-
tact the Jr.-Sr. High Office at
585-768-8131or online at
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