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LeRoyYouthFootball Seniors -LeRoy 0 -Avon 6
LeRoy JuniorFootball -LeRoy 32 -Avon 0
In a very hard fought game
the Le Roy Senior Knights lost
to Avon Braves 6 to 0. Avon
started the game on offense.
Le Roy defenders Tyler Strollo
and Brock Flint combined for
a huge tackle for a loss forcing
an eventual turnover on downs.
The Knights took over on of-
fense and some costly holding
penalties combined with good
Avon defensive play forced the
Knights to turn the ball over on
downs. Avon would take over
and once again the Knights de-
fense held tight, allowing only
1 yard of offense. TheKnights
startedwith theball on theAvon
37 yard line. This time the Le
Roy offense would get the ball
moving. After several carriesup
themiddle theKnightsgot afirst
down. On the next play Brock
Flint took thehandoffand fought
hard for a22yardcarry. LeRoy
QBJohnPanepentoused thehard
count todraw theBravesoffsides
giving theKnights theballon the
Avon5yard line. On thirddown,
Adam Risewick took the pitch
and got around the outside edge
but theAvondefensewas able to
stophim at theoneyard line. On
fourth down the Braves defense
stood strongkeeping theKnights
from scoring. The half ended Le
Roy 0Avon0.
In the second half Le Roy
received the openingkickoff and
theoffense took thefield. LeRoy
began the drivewith several car-
ries for short yardage leading toa
firstdown. Twoplays laterAdam
Risewick took the handoff to the
left side of the offense, and then
cut back across the field racing
around the right end for a48yard
TD. The touchdown would be
calledbackonablock in theback
onLeRoy. On theverynextplay
LeRoywouldget apersonal foul
penaltypushing theKnightsback
an additional 15 yards. Le Roy
reset and started the drive over.
JohnPanepento raced around the
right end for a 10 yard gain. On
the next play Adam Risewick
ran for 10 yards. BradyFix then
added a10yard run, followedby
Risewick with an 8 yard carry.
The Knights were driving down
the field but the Braves defense
stood strong at the Avon 5 yard
line and theKnightswere unable
to score. Avon would take over
and on their own 5 yard line
to start the fourth quarter. The
Braveswouldput together a nice
drive,marchingdown thefieldon
theKnightswhilechewingup the
clock. Eventually theBraves run-
ningbackwas able toget though
theLeRoy linebackersand raced
down to the one yard line, where
AdamRisewickcaught him from
behindand forceda fumble. The
ball would roll into the end zone
andwas recoveredby theBraves
for the only touchdown of the
game. TheKnights defense held
strong and stopped the Braves 2
point conversion attempt.
TheBraveswould thenattempt
and recover an onside kick with
3minutes left in the game. The
Le Roy defense fought hard and
made a great tackle to stop the
Braves and give the ball back
to Le Roy on their own 45 yard
line. On first down the Knights
went to the passing game, John
PanepentohitAdamRisewick for
aquick22yardgain. On thenext
playRisewickwould take theball
around the left end for a gain of
8. Twoplays laterLeRoywould
fumble and theBraves took over
on downs sealing the victory.
Offensively for LeRoyAdam
Risewick led the way with 8
rushes for 90 yards and 22 yards
receiving. BradyFixhad6carries
for 22 yards, ZachVanderhoof 5
carries for 12 yards, Brock Flint
5 carries for 23 yards, and John
Panepento had 4 carries for 15
yards and threw for 22 yards.
Defensively Zach Vanderhoof
led the way with 8 tackles. Co-
rey Wallace recorded 6 tackles,
3. Also getting tackles for the
Flint, Jackson Locke, Ethan
Howe, John Panepento, Ryan
Higgins, Wyatt Calcote, Landen
Saeva, BenRobinson, andAnto-
The LeRoy Junior Knights
continued their dominating start
to theseason, running their record
to4-0aftera32-0victoryover the
AvonBraves at HartwoodPark.
LeRoy began the game on
defense and was stout from the
beginning. After a tackle for
loss by JackEgeling,Avonpunt-
ed away after 3 plays. Drew
Strollo received the punt, started
right, reversed field and made
a dazzling return of 45 yards to
give the Knights excellent field
position. Only a few plays later,
Strollo crossed thegoal linewith
a 6 yard run to give the Knights
an early 6-0 lead.
LeRoy would force anoth-
er quick punt, however Avon
recovered a fumble to regain
possession. LeRoy’s defense
would give up a first down on
eventually force a turnover on
downs. The offense would take
thefieldbehind theirfieldgeneral,
Condidorio kept the defenders
off balance all afternoon, with
deceiving ball fakes and fancy
footwork. On their seconddrive,
the Knights would score again,
this timebehind thebrute forceof
touchdown. Rewardingoneofhis
off to Aiden “the voice” Davis,
whopromptlyscampered into the
end zone to tack on the 2-point
Avon would take the field for
their 3rd offensive possession,
and for them the resultscouldnot
have beenworse. Onfirst down,
a blitzingDrew Strollo flew into
the backfield, wrestled the ball
away from the quarterback, and
raced 35 yards down the field
for a defensive touchdown. The
play left theAvon teamandcrowd
dazedandconfused, asseemingly
within the blink of an eye the
Knightswere up20-0.
The Knights defense forced
another quick 3 and out. Run-
Xavien Walker would lead the
Knights down the field. Eventu-
ally Walker scampered into the
endzonefora10yard touchdown,
the first of his promising career.
The defense stood tall again as
Avon attempted several passes
at the end of the half, only to be
thwarted by excellent team de-
fense leadby ade-cleatinghit by
With the second half starting
with a score of 26-0 LeRoy, the
offense took the field. Quarter-
backs Alex Spezzano and Jake
Higgins led a ball control attack
ona13playdrive that chewedup
the majority of the 3rd quarter.
Eventually Avon forced a turn-
overondowns,but theycouldnot
capitalizeasLeRoydid thesame.
Thenextoffensiveseries resulted
in another score for theKnights,
as the speedy Jackson Fix ran in
fora24yard touchdown toextend
the lead to32-0. The fourthquar-
ter featuredgooddefensebyboth
squads, with the game ending
with aLeRoy victory 32-0.
The Knights defense was suf-
making tackles. Drew Strollo
led the hit paradewith 8 tackles,
includinga fumble recovery for a
TD. ConnorHegemanhad5 tack-
les including2 for loss andXavi-
enWalker added 4. ZachTooley
contributedwith 3 tackles as did
Hunter Beverly. With 2 tackles
each were Adam Woodworth,
Luke Lathan, Xavier King, Tony
Piazza, and Tommy Condidorio.
OtherLeRoydefenderswith tack-
les included Jack Egeling, Jake
Higgins, Zach Samis, Jackson
Fix, Aiden Davis, Holden Sulli-
van, DJ O’Geen, Wyatt Draper,
and Jude Sherman.
Offensively, 13 Knights car-
ried the ball in a very balanced
attack. Scoring touchdowns for
theKnightswereJacksonFix (53
yards rushing), Tony Piazza (39
yards rushing), Drew Strollo (48
yards rushing, 45 return yards),
and Xavien Walker (28 yards
rushing). ConnorHegeman add-
ed 12 yards, whileAdamWood-
worthadded14and JakeHiggins
added 11. Also gaining yards
for the Knights were Tommy
Condidorio, JudeSherman, Alex
Spezzano, Luke Lathan, Aaric
Luce, andAidenDavis.
The 4-0 Junior Knights next
match up with rival Cal-Mum,
whoalsoboastsa4-0 record. The
pivotal CYFLNorthernDivision
game is set for a noon start on
SundayOctober4th inCaledonia.
Please consider taking the short
ridedownRoute5 to support this
group of boys as they represent
1...,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 15,16,17,18,19,20
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