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LittleLeagueWrapUp -Week 5
WhiteSox 34 –A’s 11
The A’s andWhite Sox squared off in aMemorial
Day classic. Chase Bordonaro got things started for
theA’s reachingfirstwithahit. Jacksonfixwouldalso
reach base which set the stage for Brady Fixwho hit
a double to scoreChaseBordonaro. LukeRider then
hit a single to score JacksonandBradyFix tomake the
score3-0after thefirst inning. TheA’swouldgoon to
add another run in the secondwhenChaseBordonaro
hit a double and later scored. TheWhite Sox finally
got on the board in the top of the third inning when
Kenny Saunders hit a triple and was later hit in by
RyanFriend’s single. TheA’swould add another run
in the bottom of the thirdwhenAidenRobinson hit a
single and later was hit in by JacobMarcello tomake
the score 5-1 after 3. TheWhiteSoxgot things going
in the topof the fourthadding7 runs tomake the score
8-5. TheA’swould strike back adding 3 runs of their
own to take the lead9-8. WhiteSox answered adding
17 runs in the top of the fifth. The A’s answered by
adding 2 runs of their own. TheWhite Sox added 9
more runs tomake the score 34-11. The A’s pitched
Aiden Robinson who pitched an excellent 3 innings
strikingout8. Alsopitching for theA’swasLukeRider,
ChaseBordonaro,BrianRoblee, JacksonFixandCon-
norHegeman. KennySaunders started on themound
for theWhite Sox and pitched 2 2/3 innings striking
out 4 andAndrewKettle pitched 3 1/3 strong innings
strikingout4. Hitting for theA’swasChaseBordonaro
with 4 hits, Jackson Fixwith 2 hits, Brady Fixwith 2
hits, Aiden Robinson with 3 hits, Luke Ryder with 3
hits, JacobMarcellowith1hit andConnorMageewith
1 hit. Hitting for theWhite SoxwasKennySaunders
with2hits, BryceLathanwith1hit, RyanFriendwith
6 hits, AndrewKettlewith a hit, JackDuyssenwith a
hit, Jason LaSage with 2 hits, Mike Buccinna with 2
hits andAlexDowellwith 2 hits.
RedSox 11 Orioles 3
The Red Sox pulled out a win over the Orioles in
thisMemorialDay contest. TheRedSoxused agroup
effort toget thewin. JohnPanepentoandJimmyBurns
led theway at the plate. Panepento had 4 hits, 3were
doubles, while scoring 3 times. Burns also had a big
day. He had 3 hits including a double and his 3rdHR
of the season.He scored twice. Theother contributors
for the Red Sox offense were Andrew Loftus, 2 hits
including a triple and1 run scored. BenPocock (1hit,
2 runsscored),TonyPiazza(2hits,2 runsscored),Cole
Sullivan(1 run scored) andMichael Covert (double).
The Orioles were led by Alex Panepento at the
plate.Alexhad2hits. TyStrollo added a hit and a run
scoredwhileDrewStrollo also had a hit and scored a
run. AidenHume rounded out the Orioles scoring by
adding a run scored.
Burns startedon themound for theRedSoxgoing2
inningswhile strikingout 5. Loftus relievedBurns for
thenext 3 and1/3 innings.He struckout 7. Panepento
recorded thefinal 2 outs, striking out 1.
AlexPanepentowent 4 inningson themound for the
Orioles strikingout 7.ConnorWright pitched thefinal
2 innings, strikingout 1.
Orioles 3 Tigers 2
defensivegems, theOriolesbeat theTigersonTuesday
night in their secondmatchupof the seasonby a score
of 3-2. TheOrioles opened up the scoring in the first
inningwhenFinnShelbyknocked inAlexPanepento to
openupa1-0 lead. TheTigers answeredbackquickly
in the bottom of the first when Giavanni Caccamise
tripled to scoreCamGreene. In thebottomof the2nd,
theTigers struckagainwhen JoeyBrennanknocked in
DylanMaciagwithabigdouble. In the seesawbattle,
theOrioles knotted up the score in the 3rdwhenAlex
Panepento doubled inAdamRisewick.
TheOrioles would score the decisive run in the top
of thefifth. AlexPanepentodrewawalk, stoleabase,
andeventually scored thewinning runwithaggressive
base running, capitalizing on awild pitch.
Adam Risewick threw a complete game for the
Orioles, striking out 7. He was aided by excellent
defense and a fantastic 1-6-3 double play, teaming up
withAlexPanepentoandFinnShelby for thedefensive
gem. GiavanniCaccamisepitchedsuper for theTigers,
striking out 9 in 3 innings ofwork. JamesBlake also
pitchedwell for theTigers, strikingout 3. TheTigers
defensemade some excellent plays behindBlake, in-
cludinga runsavingcatchbyDylanMaciag in leftfield
andadoubleplaybyGiavanniCaccamiseat shortstop.
Hitting stars for for the Tigers included Joey Bren-
nan (single, double, RBI), CamGreene (single, run),
GiavanniCaccamise (single, triple,RBI), JamesBlake
(single),TylerKlein (walk),andDylanMaciag (2walks,
run). AdamRisewick singled, walked, and scored for
the Orioles. Alex Panepentowas a pest on the bases,
walking, doubling, and scoring 2 runs. Finn Shelby
singledandwalked twice. JoeyStephanywalked for the
Orioles. DrewStrolloblasteda triple to the right center
fieldwall, thefirst three bagger of his young career.
A’s 5 Indians 4
The A’s faced the Indians for the second time this
season. The see-saw battle turned into a pitchers dual
as the two teams pitchers did a great job of quieting
the bats. The Indians struck first at the top of 1when
Maveric McKenzie scored after drawing a walk and
scoring on a wild pitch. For the first time all season
the A’s went down in order in the top of the first as it
was clear that Indians started ShawnMoribito had his
brought his best stuff on the hill. It wasn’t until the
third that the A’s struck back on a two out double by
ChaseBordonaroandback tobackwalksbyBradyand
Jackson Fix. Bothwould score on a single byAiden
Robinson and the A’s took the lead 3-1. The Indians
foughtback in the topof the5thasback toback twoout
walksbyMoribitoandZachVanderhoofwere followed
upbyan inside theparkhomerunbyJakeWilliamsand
the Indianshad the leadback4-3. TheA’swould sting
4 singles together in the bottom of the inning to score
runsbyBordonaroandBrianRoblee to takea5-4. The
A’swould shut down the Indians in the topof the6th to
closeout theclosegame. A’spitchersBordonaro,Brady
Fix and Robinson combined for a two hitter, striking
out 9whilewalking 5 Indian batters. For the Indians,
Moribito and Vanderhoof combined to allow 6 hits,
striking out 10A’s andwalking 6 in the loss.
WhiteSox 8RedSox 5
TheRedSoxandWhiteSoxsquaredoff inanexciting
game ThursdayNight. TheRed Sox got on the board
first when Andrew Loftus and John Panepento both
reached base and later scored to put the Red Sox up
2-0after one inningof play. AndrewLoftus startedon
themound for theRed Sox andwould hold theWhite
Sox scoreless until the third inningwhenRyan Friend
hit a 2 run homerun over the left field wall to tie the
score at 2-2. TheWhite Soxwould strike again in the
fourth inning as Mike Buccina would reach base and
behit inbyKennySaunders’ single. AlexDowell also
reachedbaseandwashit inbyBryceLathan’ssingle to
make the score 4-2. TheWhite Sox in the fifth added
a run as AndrewKettle reached based and was hit in
by JasonLaSage’s single. Topof the6th theWhitesox
added3more runs onAndrewKettle’s 3 runhome run
tomake the score8-2going into thebottomof the6th.
TheRedSoxcamechargingbackasMikeCovert drew
awalk and JohnPanepento hit a single to set upGrant
Gilligan’s double that scored 2. Grant Gilliganwould
later score on Ben Pocock’s double to make the final
score8-5. RyanFriendstartedon themoundandpitched
one inningstrikingout4. KennySaunderspitched11/3
innings and struckout 3 and JasonLaSage came inon
relief andpitched32/3 strong innings strikingout 6 to
get the save. AndrewLoftus started on themound for
theRedSox andpitched4 innings strikingout 7. John
Panepento pitched 1 2/3 innings and struck out 3 and
Grant Gilligan pitched the final 1/3 inning and struck
out1. Hitting for theRedSoxwasJohnPanepentowith
a single and double, Grant Gilligan with a single and
double, BenPocockwith a single and double. Hitting
for theWhiteSoxwasKennySaunderswithasingleand
double,BryceLathanwith2 singles,RyanFriendwith
a single and homerun, AndrewKettlewith a homerun
and JasonLaSagewith a single.
Twins 4 Yankees 3
This matchup was a Friday night battle between
The Twins andYankees. It would take nine innings of
baseball todecide it.Thisgamehad itall,goodpitching,
good hitting and great plays in the field. Mix in some
bunts for base hits and aggressive base running and
youhave avery entertaining contest. Thepitchingwas
solid forbothclubs.TheTwins startedColinMcCulley
and he gave a strong performance with eight k’s and
pitching into the fifth inning. Joey Brennan came in
and was outstanding in relief. The Yankees staff was
equally effective. They startedCodyLytle and hewas
in command until he was replaced by Ryan Shirley.
Shirley would go two innings doing well on the hill.
He was then relived by Zach Baker who took it the
rest of theway.
TheYankees had the bats going quickly. CodyLytle
startedoff thegamewithadoubleandwouldbeknocked
inby a single fromRyanHiggins. Theywould tackon
a run in the third fromaLytle tripleandaRyanShirley
single. Then another in the fifth courtesy of a Lytle
single and some aggressive base running.
The Twinswould fight their way back into the game
beforewinning indramatic fashion in thebottomof the
ninth.XavianWalkerhadhisfirstLittleLeaguehits this
gameand the timingcouldn’tofbeenbetter.Hewasable
toget onbasewithabunt, thenColinMcCulleywould
single.EthanBeswickwould laceadoublescoringboth
Walker andMcCulley. In the fifth theTwinswould tie
it up with a single fromCole Rauscher, a stolen base
and a single from JoeyBrennan.
Thenext runwouldn’t cross thedishuntil thebottom
of the ninth. However from the fifth to the ninth there
wouldbe some fantastic plays in thefield. ZachBaker
madeacoupleof hugeplays from themoundandZach
Tooleymade afine run saving catch in left field. In the
sixth inning the Yankees had bases loaded with one
out.TheTwinsdrew their infield inandColinMcCulley
caught a line drive rocket off the bat of Cody Lytle.
However most dramatic situation came in the bottom
of theninthwhenXavianWalker, the speedy lefty, laid
down the perfect bunt and reached first base. Colin
McCulley then singled to center. The next batter was
EthanBeswick.Hewould ropeadoublescoringWalker
from second and giving theTwins thewin.
Hitting for theYankeeswereCodyLytlewithasingle,
double and triple. Merritt Holley and Brett Babcock
both had two singles. Zach Baker had a double, and
Ryan Higgins, Ryan Shirley, Ian Frawley and Kenny
Brownell all had hits.
TheTwinswere ledat theplatebyEthanBeswick, he
had two doubles. ColinMcCulley andXavianWalker
eachhad two singles. ColeRauscher had a double and
single. LilyUbertyblasted a shot to the left center gap
for a stand up double. Jackson Locke rounded out the
hitting for theTwinswith a single.
RedSox 9 Yankees 8, F/10
The Red Sox and Yankees got together on Saturday
and the resultswereagame for theages, aLeRoyLittle
League instant-classic. The game went 10 innings
of heart-pounding baseball that Red Sox ultimately
won 9-8.
The game started out with the Red Sox striking first,
scoring 2 runs in the top of the 1st. The Yankees an-
sweredwith2 runs of their own in their half of the1st.
TheRedSox reclaimed the lead in the topof thesecond,
going ahead3-2. It remained thatwayuntil the the top
of the 4th inningwhen they tacked on 2more runs to
make the score 5-2. Not to be outdone, the Yankees
answeredwith5of their own inbottomhalf, taking the
lead7-5. It stated thatwayuntil the topof the6thwhen
the Red Sox rallied for 2 runs to make the score 7-7.
The scoring stayed that way until the 10 inningwhen
Ben Pocock stepped up to the plate. His 2 run single
gave the Red Sox a 9-7 lead. The Yankees rallied for
a run in the bottom of the 10th but fell short by 1 run.
The gamewas highlighted by numerous outstanding
defensiveplaysbyboth teams.Thebestbeing in the10th
inning. JohnPanepentomadea fullyextendedplayona
ballup themiddle fromhisshortstoppositionand threw
out the runner at first base for thefirst out of the inning
andAndrewPocock ended the game on a courageous,
sliding catch from his center field position with the
tying runon3rdbase.Thecatchendedanactionpacked
game thathadeverybodysaying“Wow ,what agame!”
Offensively, Panepento andBen Pocock led theway
for theRedSox. They both recorded 4 hits. Panepento
added3 runs scored.GrantGilligan (3hits including a
doubleand2 runsscored),AndrewLoftus ( Ihit,3 runs
scored),MichaelCovert(2hits, 1 run scored) andTony
Piazza ( 1 hit) allmade contributions.
For theYankees,ZachBaker led theway.Bakerhad4
hits, 3of themdoubles and1 run scored. RyanShirley
andMerrittHolleyadded2hitsapiece.Roundingout the
offensive stars for theYankswereCodyLytle( double
and 2 runs scored), RyanHiggins, Brett Babcock, Ian
Tooley each scored a run.
On the Jimmy Burns started for the Red Sox. He
went the first 3 innings striking out 6. Panepento then
pitched the next 2 innings. He struck out 2. But the
herowasGilligan. Grant pitched the final 5 innings of
relief. He pitched out of several jams to earn thewin.
He struck out 10.
Starting for theYankeeswasLytle. Codypitched the
first4 inningsstrikingout8.AaronLeonewasoutstand-
ing in relief hepitched the last 6 innings strikingout 6.
A’s 13 Tigers 3
A’s pitcher Aiden Robinson was the story of this
game between theA’s andTigers. Robinson pitched a
completegameallowing3 runson6hitswhile striking
out 4. Robinsonwas the beneficiaryof strongdefense
by theA’s throughout thegame. Robinson alsohelped
himself at the plate going5 for 5with a triple, 5RBI’s
andone run. ChaseBordonarocontinuedhishothitting
going4 for4with5 runsand2RBI’s. JacksonFixhad
twohits,withoneRBIand two runswhileplayinggreat
defense at second base. Older brother Brady also had
two hits, two runs and anRBI. JakeMarcello, Ayden
Riggi andBrianRoblee also scored runs for theA’s.
For the Tigers, CamGreen andGianni Ferrera com-
bined to strike out 6 A’s on the mound. Ferrera also
had two hits and scored a run at the plate. Giavanni
Caccamise had two hits and two runs scored while
Green registered a double and single aswell.
Twins 10 Indians 4
The Twins faced off with the Indians for the second
time this year. The Twins started out hot at the plate.
ColinMcCulley ledoffwithasingle, followedby three
and JoeyBrennan.LilyUbertywouldalso single in the
first. The Twins would score three runs in the inning(
McCulley,Beswick,Rauscher). The Indianswould re-
spond in theirhalfof the inning.TommyCondidoriohad
a nice hit up themiddle for a single. ZachVanderhoof
would drive a double into center field. Jimmy Burns
cashed both with a single to center field. The Twins
wouldgoon toscoreruns in the2nd,4thand6th innings.
Cole Rauscher had four hits in the game, two doubles
and two singles and scored twice. EthanBeswick had
two doubles and one single, also scoring twice. Colin
McCulley had two singles, a double and scored four
runs. JoeyBrennanandJacksonLockehaddoubleswith
a single and scored twice.
Jimmy Burns filled in for a injured Indian player
and led the way at the plate with two singles and two
RBI’s.MatthewRoloson also collected two singles in
the game. Maveric McKenzie and Zach Vanderhoof
andShawnMoribito all had singles.
ColeRauscherwas the startingpitcher for theTwins
and pitched well. He was relived by Ethan Beswick.
Together theystuckouteightbatters.BenLombombard
started for the Indians and pitched into the fourth. He
was then relived byMavericMcKenzie who finished
the game for theTribe.
WhiteSox 5 Orioles 2
The White Sox and Orioles squared off in the last
game Saturday afternoon. TheWhite Sox got on the
boardfirst asKennySaunders ledoffwithadoubleand
would later score. In the second inning theWhiteSox
added3more runsstartingwithKennySaunders’home
run. BryceLathanwould reachwith a single and later
be hit in byRyan Friend’s single. Ryan Friendwould
later scoreaswell tomake the score4-0after 2 innings
ofplay.RyanFriendstartedon themound for theWhite
Sox and pitched a strong 5 1/3 innings striking out 10
andonlygivingup2hits holding theOrioles scoreless
for the first 5 innings of play. TheWhite Sox added
another run in the bottom of the fifth when Chase
Cummings drew awalk andwould later score tomake
the score5-0going into the topof the6th. TheOrioles
Strollohit adouble. With runnerson secondand third,
Alex Panepento hit in Adam Risewick. Finn Shelby
addedahit toscoreTyStrollowhichmade thescore5-2.
AndrewKettlecame inon reliefandgot thefinal2outs
toend thescoringat5-2. AlexPanepentostartedon the
mound for theOriolesandpitched32/3 inningsstriking
out 5. Finn Shelby pitched 1 inning striking out 1 and
JoeyStephanypitched1/3 inningstrikingout1. Hitting
for theOrioleswereFinnShelbywith adoubleandTy
Strollowith a double. Hititng for theWhite Soxwere
Kenny Saunders with a single, 2 doubles and a home
run, Bryce Lathanwith 2 singles, Ryan Friendwith 2
singles andAndrewKettlewith 2 singles.
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