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LittleLeagueWrapUp -Week 4
Yankees 21 Indians 10
OnMondaynight theYankees took
on the Indians. Inahighscoringgame
the Yankees would get the victory
21-10. Ryan Higgins started on the
mound for the Yankees. Higgins
pitched2 innings strikingout 2while
givingup3hits. ZachBaker came in
in the third inning and pitched 2 and
1/3rd innings, strikingout5whilegiv-
ing up 2 hits. Iaein Frawley finished
thegameofffor theYankees inhisfirst
little leagueappearanceon themound.
Frawley would strike out 2 and give
up 5 hits. Pitching for the Indians,
Maveric McKenzie went 1 inning
3 and 1/3rd striking out 5 andShawn
Morabitopitched2 and2/3rd innings
striking out 4. Hitting stars for the
for 6 at the plate hitting a double and
scoring6 runsand2RBIs.RyanShir-
leywent 4 for 4 at the plate anddrew
2walks, scoring 6 runs. ZachBaker
went 5 for 5with3doubles scoring4
runs and6RBIs. RyanHigginswent
3 for4at theplate includingadouble,
and 6RBIs plus drew 2walks. Brett
Babcockhad3hitsand2RBIs. Aaron
Leone hit a single and a triple, while
Zach Tooley added a single. For the
Indians Maveric McKenzie went 4
for 5with a double scored3 runs and
had 4 RBIs. ShawnMorabito had 2
hits and scored a run. Zach Vander-
hoof playing with a cast on one arm
recorded2hitsand scoredonce. Jake
Williams added 2hits aswell.
Orioles 13 Twins 1
onaTuesday4PMgameat theLittle
League Field. The visiting Orioles
started the scoring early capitalizing
on a triple by Tyler Strollo. Alex
Panepento knocked him in with a
in by a Finn Shelby double. Drew
Strollo hit Shelby in with a 2-out
single to give the Orioles an early
3-0 lead after 1 inning. Panepento
extended the lead in the 3rd, scoring
on a triple byShelby. CoryWallace
knocked in Shelby, and then scored
with some heads up running later in
the inning, giving the Orioles a 6-0
lead after 3. The Orioles added 2
more in the 4th,withConnorWright
knocking in Panepento this time
and Shelby scoring again as well.
In the 5th inning, Adam Risewick,
Ty Strollo, and Panepento would all
score after hits of their own and an-
otherRBI byShelby. ColinMcCul-
ley singled and scored for the Twins
in the5th, spoiling the shut out. The
Oriolesscored2more in the6thwhen
Aidan Hume and Risewick scored
onTyStrollo andPanepento singles,
finalizing the score at 13-1.
AlexPanepentowasmasterful on
the mound for the Orioles, pitching
a complete game striking out 8 and
walking none. He was solid at the
plate aswell,with5hits, 4 runs, and
3RBI. AdamRisewickdoubled and
tripled, scoring twice. Ty Strollo
added 2 hits including a double, 2
runs and an RBI. Finn Shelby had
3hits, including a triple,with3 runs
and3RBI. ConnorWright andCory
Wallace eachhad ahit andRBIwith
Wallacescoring. DrewStrolloadded
twohitsand2RBI, andAidanHume
scored aswell.
Cole Rauscher, Ethan Beswick,
and Jackson Locke shared pitching
duties for theTwins. ColinMcCulley
had twosinglesandscored to lead the
Twins offensively. Ethan Beswick,
Cole Rauscher, and Joey Brennan
added hitswhile JacksonLocke had
two singles.
RedSox 9 Tigers 6
TheRedSoxwere able to get the
win thisweek against theTigers be-
hind the arm of AndrewLoftus and
some timelyhitting.Loftuspitched5
2/3 inningsandstruckout11. Jimmy
Burns came in to record the final
out. The Tigers were led by Luke
Caccamise and CamGreene on the
mound. Luke pitched 1 2/3 striking
out 5while Greene finished the last
4 1/3 innings striking out 6.
Offensively theRedSoxwere led
by Burns and Grant Gilligan. Burns
hithis2ndhome runof theseason.He
scored 2 runs. Gilligan hit 3 doubles
and scored 3 runs. Loftus 2 hits and
1 run scored. Ben Pocock had 2 hits
and1 runscored.Othersscoring runs
were Tony Piazza , John Panepento,
AndrewPocock andCole Sullivan.
For the Tigers Giavanni Cac-
camise led the way offensively.
Caccamise hit aHRwhile scoring 2
Ferrara, who had a hit and scored
2 runs, Luke Caccamise also had a
hit and scored a run. Greene scored
their last run.
A’s 12 Yankees 8
The A’s andYankees squared off
for the second time this season and
like the first meeting the A’s used a
strong 5th inning to secure a 12-8
win.Both teamsscore two in thefirst,
while theA’sscore3 to theYankees2
making it 5-4after3.The fourth saw
theA’s extend the lead to6-4before
the Yankees tied it up with two of
thereown inthebottomof the inning.
TheA’s bats got hot scoring 4 in the
5th to pull away for good.
For theA’sBradyFixcontinued to
homerunof theseason togowith two
doubles, asingle,4 runsand4RBI’s.
AidenRobinsonwent 3 for 4with 2
runs and 3RBI’s. Chase Bordonaro
had a multi-hit game while Luke
Rider, JakeMarcello,ConnorMagee
and Brian Roblee had hits as well.
ChaseBordonaro replacedBradyFix
on themound toget thewin.The two
combined for 12 strikeouts.
The Yankees were again led by
CodyLytle3 for3with3 runsscored
andZacharyBaker 2 for 3with two
Higgins had two hits apiece to go
with singles by Iaian Fraeley and
Zachary Tooley. Ryan Shirley and
Baker pitchedwell in the loss com-
bining for 12A’s strikeouts.
Orioles 14 Indians 6
In another 4 PM game, the Ori-
oles met up with the Indians at the
Little League Field on Thursday.
ZacharyVanderhoof got the Indians
started early doubling in the 1st,
then scoring later in the inning. The
Orioles answeredback in thefirst on
consecutive singles by Adam Rise-
wick, Ty Strollo, Alex Panepento,
and Finn Shelby... but only scored
oneas they left thebases juiced. The
Orioles took the lead in the bottom
of the2nd, scoring3 after singles by
Joey Stephany, Finn Shelby, Con-
norWright, and walks to Ty Strollo
andConnor Hegeman. TheOrioles
extended their lead to 5-1 in the 3rd
after a single by Drew Strollo, who
stole a base and then scored on an
AdamRisewick single.
The Indians fought back hard,
showing grit and determination
in the top of the 4th. With 2 outs,
MaicenMcKenzie found the perfect
time for his first LL hit, a big triple
to right field to scoreMatt Roloson!
Maicen’s big brother Maveric kept
the rallygoing, singling inMaicen to
cut the lead to5-3. The Indianswere
not done yet, as Vanderhoof singled
and ShawnMorabito followed with
a double to knot up the score 5-5.
The Orioles answered back in a
bigway in the bottom of the inning
scoring 7 to take a 12-5 lead. The
inning was powered by singles by
Drew Strollo, Joey Stephany, and
Finn Shelby, a double by Ty Strollo
and a triple by Alex Panepento.
Singles in the 5thbyConnorWright
andCoryWallace extended the lead
to 14-5. Vanderhoof would give
the fans a big thrill in the 6th, with
a booming homerun to centerfield,
thefirst of hisLL career tobring the
score to14-6 in favor of theOrioles.
Vanderhoof andMavericMcKen-
zie pitched for the Indians. Offen-
sively, Maveric McKenzie singled
and scored, while brother Maicen
McKenziehadhisfirstLLhit (triple)
and scored. Vanderhoof had amon-
ster day at the platewith2 singles, a
double, andhisfirst career homerun,
scoring 3 times. Shawn Morabito
doubled, as did Jake Williams who
also had a single. Ben Labombard
tripled and Tommy Condidorio
singled to round out the Indians
offensive output.
AdamRisewick threw a fantastic
game for the Orioles, striking out
6. Finn Shelby provided excellent
middle relief and Joey Stephany
closed out the game on the mound.
Offensively, Risewick starred as
well with 3 hits, 2 runs, and 4 RBI.
Ty Strollo added 2 hits, a run and
an RBI. Alex Panepento (2 runs, 3
RBI) andFinnShelby (1 run, 2RBI)
both had 3 hits pacing the offense.
Connor Wright added 2 hits, 1 run,
and anRBI, andCoryWallacehad a
hit and scored twice. Drew Strollo
had2hits, 2 runs, and anRBI,while
JoeyStephanyhad3hits, 2 runs, and
2RBI. ConnorHegemanalsoscored
for theOrioles.
WhiteSox 6 Twins 5
TheTwins andWhite Sox played
an exciting game that came down to
the bottom of the 6th inning. The
Twins would get things going in the
2nd inningwhen Joey Brennen hit a
double and would later score. The
Twins would add 2more runs in the
4thwhenColeRauscher hit a double
and later score on Joey Brennen’s
single. Joey would go on to score
on LillyUberty’s single. The Twins
would add another run in the top of
the fifth asColinMcCulley hit a sin-
gleandwould later score tomake the
score 4-0. Colin McCulley pitched
anexcellent gameandkept theWhite
Sox scoreless until the fifth inning.
Chase Cummings got things started
for theWhiteSoxdrawingawalkand
Kenny Saunders hit a double. With
runnersonfirstand thirdBryceLathan
hit a single that would score Chase
Cummings and Kenny Saunders.
RyanFriend thenhit adouble toscore
BryceLathanandJackDuyssenhit in
RyanFriend to tie thescoreat4-4after
5 innings. TheTwin’sJacksonLocke
would reach base and later scored to
make the score 5-4. TheWhite Sox
down1 run in thebottomof the sixth
got things started with a double by
AlexDowell. ChaseCummingsdrew
a walk. With runners on first and
second,BryceLathanhitadouble that
Cummings to third. The Twins then
walked Ryan Friend to load the bas-
es. Parker Dowell came to the plate
and hit his first little league single to
score Chase Cummings to make the
score 6-5. Kenny Saunders started
on themound for theWhite Sox and
pitched 4 strong innings striking out
8. RyanFriendpitched the remaining
2 innings striking out 6. ColinMc-
Culley pitched 4 2/3 innings striking
out 7 and Joey Brennen pitched the
final 1 1/3 innings. Hitting for the
Twins were Colin McCulley with 2
singles and a run scored, EthanBes-
wickwitha single,ColeRauscher hit
a double, RBI and had 1 run scored.
Joey Brennen hit a double, a single,
had1RBI and scored2 runs, Jackson
Locke scored 1 run and Lily Uberty
had a single and RBI. Hitting for
withasingle,doubleand1 runscored,
BryceLathanwitha single, double, 3
RBIs and 1 run scored, Ryan Friend
withasingle,double,1RBIand1 run
scored, Jason LaSagewith a double,
and 1 run scored, Chase Cummings
scored2 runsandParkerDowellwith
his first little league single and game
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