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The LeRoy Pantry andHelp Fund
would like to say thank you to everyone in the
community for their support.
Through the year 2014, you collected and donated food
and other items to enable the Pantry to provide 16,851
meals and aid to 440 households, 1,131 individuals.
We also wish to sayTHANKYOU
to those many seniors who staff the Pantry all year and
who came out as a part of the “Make ChristmasMerry”
program& filled the food boxes, wrapped gifts or
filled stockings for the project.
Orcon, LeRoyPlastics, PCORE,
LeRoyFireDept., StaffordFireDept.,
Tops inLeRoy, LeRoyDollarGeneral,
Walgreens inLeRoy, CaledoniaMarket,
Townof LeRoy, LeRoyTownStaff,
RotaryClubof LeRoyand to the
localChurches andOrganizations
Thank you for your continued support.
The LeRoy Pantry
andHelp Fund
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