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The Le Roy Senior Knights
recorded their 7th shutout of the
season beating theGeneseeVal-
leyBills 36-0onSaturdaynight.
Thiswas theKnight’s7thshutout
of the season!
GVB received the opening
kickoff and were forced into a
threeandoutbut a toughKnights
defense. On just the third play,
Alex Panepento plowed in from
the two for the games first TD.
The2pt.conversion failedgiving
theKnights an early 6-0 lead.
GVBhadadifficult timesecur-
ing the kickoff and Cody Lytle
recovered their fumble setting
the Knights up with great field
position onGVB’s 27 yard line.
Once again the Knights scored
quicklyason their5thplay.Cody
Lytle plunged in from the one
giving the Knights a 12-0 lead,
justminutes into the game.
The Knights again forced the
Bills to turn the ball over on
downs setting Le Roy up on the
Bill’s 46 yard line. The Knights
went right towork pounding the
Bill’s defense before Andrew
Englerthbroke free for a20yard
TD scamper. Keaton Hobart
connected with Englerth on the
pass completion for the 2 pt.
conversionmaking it 20-0.
GVBcontinued tohave trouble
with the snap as they fumbled
on 2 of their next 3 plays. The
2nd fumble was recovered by
EthanBeswick, again giving the
took to the air on their 4th drive
asKeatonHobart connectedwith
AndrewEnglerthona longcom-
pletionand thenwithCodyLytle
then ran in the 2 pt. conversion
giving theKnights a 28-0 lead.
On thenext series, theKnight’s
defense held as Cole Rauscher
recovered aGVB fumble on 4th
down. The Knight’s then took
just 3 plays as they turned to
Ethan Beswick who ran for 39
yards, includinga15yard touch-
down run. Panepento took the
toss infor the2pt.conversionand
a36-0 leadat thehalf forLeRoy.
Le Roy received the 2nd half
kickoff, and as the rain came
downharder, they stuckwith the
run game and their ball control
offense theentire2ndhalf.Great
runs by Zach Vanderhoof, Nate
Andrews, Cam Greene, Adam
Risewick and Brady Fix along
withgreatcommand in thehuddle
by Jason Eck at QBmilked the
clock as theKnights came away
with the 36-0win.
GVB in the 2nd half as they
didn’t pick up a first down.
Defensively, the Knights were
led by Cody Lytle (8 tackles,
1 fumble recovery) and Alex
Panepento (6 tackles).Collecting
3 tackles eachwereAndrewEn-
Greene. Tyler Strollo (2 tackles),
Ethan Beswick (2 tackles, fum-
ble recovery), DevynBzduch (2
tackles),CoryWallace (1 tackle),
NateAndrews (1 tackle)andJim-
myBurns (1 tackle) all added to
a great defensive effort.
This unit has only given up
one TD all season! Offensively,
theKnightswere ledbyAndrew
Englerth as he ran for 72 yards
and 1 TD while also making 2
receptions for20yardsanda2pt.
conversion. KeatonHobart went
LeRoySeniors ShutoutGVB 36-0
ToFinishThe 2014SeasonUndefeated
3-4 passing for 30 yards with
1 TD and one 2 pt. conversion.
Ethan Beswick finished with 39
yards rushing and 1 TD while
Alex Panepento ran for 38 yards
and 1 TD and two 2 pt. conver-
sions. CodyLytle added 5 yards
rushingwith1TD and a 10yard
receiving TD. Zach Vanderhoof
chipped in24yards rushingwhile
Nate Andrews, Cam Greene,
Brady Fix and Adam Risewick
allchurnedoutyards toadd to the
211 total rushing yards.
The Seniors are home next
week for the2014Championship
game as they face the Livonia
Bulldogs. Come on out to Hart-
wood Park at 2 pm and support
our boys in their quest for a
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