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byGreg “Porp”Rogers
Summer is finally here, kicked
offby theMemorialDayParade.
Iwould like to thankall veterans
for their sacrifices so we can
live in a free country. The Botts
Fiorito Post outdid themselves,
puttingon agreat ceremony, and
havingMainStreet lookingvery
patriotic. Congratulations toAva
Horgan forbeing the2014Poppy
Jackie Whiting has the Sum-
mer Recreation play book at the
printersandexpects itoutbynext
week; itwill bedistributedat the
school and available at theTown
and Village Hall as well. Jackie
isextremelyexcitedabout all the
programs that will be available
to ensure that our children expe-
riencehowgreat it is tobe raised
In 2008 Mayor Jim DeLooze
applied for and received a Street
Light Grant for Main Street. To
date we have not used this, so
theVillage Boardwill be taking
actionon this, inaneffort tobring
somemomentum toMainStreet.
This isause itor lose it situation,
andanopportunity togetyour tax
dollarsback intoourcommunity.
TheDPW is currentlyworking
on Elm St. in an effort to find
the reason behind the amount
of standing water during heavy
rains; this will be followed by a
long overdue paving, so please
try to avoid any unnecessary
travel on this street.
Every year I make the same
pitch tokeepyarddebrisoutofour
storm sewer. Grass clippings and
leaves cause a bigproblem to the
system and costmanyman hours
to unplug. If you have a drain on
your street, try to keep it clear, it
would really help. Thanks.
“Nothing will be attempted if
all possible objectionsmust first
be overcome”Samuel Johnson
Notes From TheMayor's Office
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