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LeRoyLittleLeagueHighlights -Week 4
Indians 5 WhiteSox 4
The Indians and White Sox
squared off in another epic 1 run
battle; this time going into extras.
Thevisiting Indianswould jumpout
early in the topof the1stwhenMaxin
McKenziewoulddouble. CodyLytle
and Tyler Slaven would each draw
walks. McKenzie would score on a
passedball andLytlewouldscoreon
a fielder’s choice from a ball hit by
TheWhite Soxwould come right
back in thebottomof the inningscor-
ing2of their own. KennySaunders
ledoffwith a single for theSox. He
would laterscoreona throwingerror.
Adam Risewick would be driven
in on a single by ColmRoster. The
White Sox would take the lead in
the bottom of the 2nd inning with
Michael Buccinna scoring on a ball
hitbyAdamRisewick. Bothpitchers
would settle in, holding the opposi-
tion scoreless for the next 3 innings.
In the topof the6th, down a run, the
Indians had the top of their order
coming to the plate. After Maxin
McKenzie flied out to short, Cody
Lytle would single. Tyler Slaven
wouldapproach theplatewith1out.
Slaven would rifle the first pitch he
saw to rightfield forasingle.Howev-
er, thehardshotwouldmanage toget
by therightfielderallowingSlaven to
motor all the way around and score
himself giving the Indians the lead.
The White Sox were not done
themselveshowever. ZachFlansburg
and Adam Risewick would draw
walks. Andwith2outs in thebottom
of the6th,RyanFriendwouldsmack
a double scoring Flansburg. The
game would head to extra innings
and remain tied at 4 entering the
8th inning.
MavericMcKenziewould leadoff
the top of the 8th and reach safely
after being hit by a pitch. Maxin
McKenziewould reachonafielder’s
choiceputtingout his brother at 2nd
base. Maxinwouldsteal2ndbaseon
theverynext pitch. The throw from
thecatcherwouldgetby theshortstop
allowingMcKenzie to come all the
way around and score. This would
prove tobe the gamewinning run.
Both Ryan Friend and Maxin
McKenzie pitched exceptionally
well for their respective ball clubs.
Friend would go 7 innings striking
out 7 and allowing 4 runs. Tommy
Saunderswouldenter in the8th. For
the Indians,MaxinMcKenziewould
go51/3 innings strikingout 7while
allowing4 runs.TylerSlavenentered
in relief and got the win. Slaven
would strike out 6 in 2 2/3 innings.
Hitting for the IndianswereMaxin
McKenziewith2hits (double),Cody
Lytle with 2 hits, Tyler Slaven, and
Aidan Robinson. Hitting for the
White Sox were Kenny Saunders
with 2 hits, Ryan Friend (double),
TommySaunders, ColmRoster, and
ColeHeaneywith 2 hits (double).
Twins 9 RedSox 5
The Twins late rally would be the
difference inaclosematchupagainst
as they put up 5 runs in the first two
innings. TheRed Soxwould keep it
close putting up 4 runs of their own
in the fourth, highlighted by Jimmy
Burns first Little League home run
over the right fieldwall.
The Twins would tack on three
insurance runs in the sixth. Chase
and was driven in with a double by
Cole Rauscher. Rauscher as well as
Brian Roblee would both score in
the inning putting the game out of
reach. Zach Baker and Chase Bor-
donaro led the Twins at the plate.
Baker hit 3 singles and scored a run
while Bordonaro had 2 singles and
3 runs scored. Ethan Beswick also
had2 singleswith1 run scored.Cole
Rauscher remained hot at the plate
with2singlesandadoublewith1 run
scored. ColinMcCulley had a base
hit and scored a run.ConnorWright
and Brian Roblee would both reach
baseand scorea run.AndrewLoftus
pitched in with a single of his own.
Loftus also startedon themound for
theTwins.He threwacompletegame
striking out five batters.
in thegame.Withoneof them theHR
day at the plate. He hit a double and
single.Both Cam Greene and Nick
Engelwould record singles to round
out the hitting for theSox.
Tigers 12 Yankees 1
TheTigers tookon theYankees for
the second time this year and were
able to jump out quick scoring 9
runs in the first 3 innings. Giavanni
Caccamise singled andwas brought
home on a double byReece Tresco.
Austin Saeva then singled home
Tresco. In the 2nd Tresco doubled
home the Caccamise brothers put-
ting the Tigers up 4-0. In the 3rd
James Blake, Zach Vanderhoof and
JoeyBrennan had 2 straight singles,
and Giavanni Caccamise singled in
1, while Tresco tripled in 3. In the
5th Luke Caccamise led off with
a single before Tresco blasted his
league leading 6th home run. The
Tigersfinished the scoring in the6th
as Tresco singled inTylerWilliams.
TheYankeespushedoneacross in the
bottom of the 6th as Grant Gilligan
singled in Doug Irwin. The Tigers
came awaywith a 12-1win.
GiavanniCaccamisewasgreat and
economical going 5 2/3 innnings,
giving up 5 hits and striking out 10.
AustinSaevacame in for thefinalout
striking out 1.
ReeceTrescohadabignight at the
plate hitting for the cyclewith a sin-
gle,2doubles, tripleandahome run.
He had 9 RBI’s and scored twice.
GiavanniCaccamisehad2 singles, 3
walks and 1RBI and scored 3 runs.
Luke Caccamise added 2 singles,
scoring 2 runs. Austin Saeva had
a single and RBI, while Zach Van-
derhoof had 2 singles, scoring once.
run, JamesBlake singled and scored
1 and Tyler Williams walked twice
and scored 2.
Doug Irwinstarted on themound for
the Yankees going 5 strong innings,
strikingout 6batters. RichieCarpino
came infor the6thstrikingout1.Doug
Irwinwas solid at theplate collecting
2 singles and scoring once. Grant
Gilligan added 2 singles and anRBI,
each chipped in singles.
Indians 12 Yankees 4
The Indians and Yankees faced
each other for the second time this
season.Thevisiting Indians jumped
out to an early start. The first four
batters, Maxin McKenzie, Cody
Lytle,Tyler Slaven, andAidanRob-
insonwould all reach safely and all
would score. In the bottom of the
inning, Kyler LaCarte would hit a
triple andwould score on afielder’s
choice byRichieCarpino.
The Indianswouldbataround in the
2nd inningscoring5more runs.They
would also score one in the 3rd, the
4th, and the5th.TheYankeeswould
not go quietly batting around them-
selves in thebottomof the6th inning.
Kyler LaCarte would lead off the
inning with a single. Jason LaSage,
Grant Gilligan, Tyler Klein, Bryce
Lathan, and Ryan Higgins would
eachdrawwalks in the inning.Bryce
collectRBIs in the inning.Theirfirst
as Little Leaguers!Well done boys!
wasTylerStrollowithabighitout to
right field for the Indians.
Cody Lytle pitched well for the
Indians. Cody would go 3 innings
for the Indians allowing 1 runwhile
striking out 4. Aidan Robinson,
Brady Fix, and Tyler Slaven would
also pitch for the Indians. Kyler
LaCartepitched for theYankeeswith
ShawnMorabito entering in relieve.
The Indians were led at the plate
byAidanRobinson,CodyLytle, and
MaxinMcKenzie (double)collecting
2 hits each. Also hitting for the In-
dians were Brady Fix (triple), Tyler
Strollo andFinnShelby. Hitting for
3 hits (triple) andDoug Irwin.
Tigers 5 White Sox 1
The fans were treated to a great
game as the 8-2 Tigers faced off
with the 8-2White Sox. ColmRos-
ter took the mound for the Sox and
Reece Tresco went for the Tigers,
and neitherwould disappoint. In the
2nd inning Roster singled and was
able to come around to scoreputting
the Sox up 1-0. In the 3rd Luke
Caccamise led off with a single and
thenwashit inasReeceTrescohithis
7th home run of the year. In the 5th
TylerWilliams led off with a walk
and Giavanni Caccamise singled
and were brought home on a doble
byTresco. ZachVanderhoof singled
inTresco tofinish the scoring as the
Tigerswon 5-1.
ReeceTrescowent thedistance for
theTigers allowing4hits,walking2
and striking out 10. Giavanni Cac-
camise was solid at the plate with a
single, double and scoring 1. Luke
Caccamise added a single and run
scored.ReeceTrescohadahome run,
double, scored 2 and had 4 RBI’s.
Zach Vanderhoof had 2 singles and
anRBI, JamesBlake added a single,
andTylerWilliams score a run.
Colm Roster was great on the
mound pitching the complete game
scattering 8 hits, only walking 1,
and struckout 6. Roster also led the
wayat theplategoing2 for 3,with2
singles and and a run scored. Adam
ed singles for theWhiteSox.
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