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LeRoyLittleLeagueHighlights -Week 2
RedSox 8 Yankees 5
The Red Soxwere able to come away
with their 2nd victory of the seasonwith
ahard foughtwinover theYankees.They
scored 3 runs in top of the 5th inning to
pullaway inaclose,wellplayedballgame.
TheRedSoxwere ledon themoundby
thewingoing4 inningswhile strikingout
9. Panepentopickedup the savebypitch-
ing the final 2 innings and strikingout 4.
TheYankeesgotasolidouting fromKy-
lerLacarteon themound.LaCartepitched
4 2/3 innings and struck out 7. Andrew
Tygartpitched thefinal11/3strikingout2.
Offensively the Red Sox were led by
3 runs scored. Panepento also had a great
dayat theplategoing3-4withadoubleand
triplewhilescoring twice. JakeHill added
a triple and run scoredwhileCamGreene
also had a hit and scored a run.
Tygart led theYankeesgoing3-3witha
doubleand triple.LaCarteaddedadouble
and a triple while Doug Irwin had 2 hits
and scored 2 runs. Shawn Morabito had
2 hits as well and Grant Gilligan added
a double.
Whitesox 10 Twins 8
The Twins and White Sox played a
very close and exciting game that came
down to the last inning. Both teams got
out to a quick start with the White Sox
puttingup2 runs in the topof thefirst but
the Twins came right back putting up 4
runs of their own. Later in the 3rd inning
theWhiteSoxplated4 runs and followed
thatwith2more runs in the4thwhichput
theWhiteSox in the lead8-4. TheTwins
came storming back in the fourth inning
plating4 runswhich tied the game. Both
teams were held scoreless in the 5th. At
the top of the 6th inningRyan Friend put
a shot into right field and scored an inside
theparkhome run. TheWhiteSoxadded
an additional runmaking the score 10-8.
TheTwinswere unable to answer and the
White Sox heldon towin.
White Sox starting pitcher Tom Saun-
ders pitched 4 1/3 strong innings striking
out 6 andwalking3. KenSaunders came
inon relief pitching22/3 innings striking
out 2 and walking 3. Tony Filio started
on the mound for the Twins and pitched
2 1/3 strong innings striking out 2 and
walking 5. CollinMcCulley came in the
third inning and pitched strong into the
6th inning striking out 5 and walking 2
and Zach Baker came into close striking
out1andwalking1. Hitting for theWhite
SoxwasRyanFriendwith2hits (1 single
1HR) with 1 RBI, Tom Saunders with 2
singles, Colm Roster with 2 singles and
2RBIs, ColeHeanywith 2 singles and 1
RBI,AaronLeonewith 2 hits (single and
double)and3RBIs, KennySaunderswith
1 single and 2 RBIs andAdamRisewick
with a single. Zack Flansburg and Jacob
Marcello also reached base with a walk.
TheTwinshittingattackwas ledbyChase
Bordonarowhohad4hits (singles),Collin
2hits ( singleanddouble),EthanBeswick
with 2 hits (single and double), Andrew
hits (singleanddouble) andMikeCedeno
reachedbasewith awalk.
Indians 16 Yankees 1
The Indians and Yankees faced each
other for thefirst time this season.
TheYankeeswouldstrikefirst in the top
of the 1st, whenShawnMorabito
would leadoffwithadouble. Hewould
later score on a sac fly fromKyler
LaCarte. TheIndians’batscamealive in
this game andwould rally quickly
in the bottom of the 1st, scoring 8 runs
after their first 7batterswould
reachsafely. The Indianswould tackon
6more in the 3rd, and2 in the
bottom of the 5th inning.
Cody Lytle pitched well for the In-
dians. Codywould settle in after giving
up the1 run in the1st inning, scattering
6hits, striking out 8 and
walkingnoneover51/3 innings. Aidan
Robinsonwould come in to close out
thegame,getting the last2outs, striking
out 1. Pitching for the
Yankees were Grant Gilligan, Shawn
Morabito, andRichieCarpino.
The Indians hitting attack was led
byAidanRobinson andMaxinMcKenzie
(triple) collecting 4 hits each. Also
hitting for the IndianswereTyler
Slaven–3hits (double),CodyLytle–2
hits (double), BradyFix – 2 hits,
andFinnShelby. Hittingfor theYankees
wereShawnMorabito –2hits,
Doug Irwin, Richie Carpino – 2 hits,
Tigers 5 Indians 4
The Tigers and Indians played a very
close back and forth game that could
have went either way. In the top of the
first inning the Tigers were able to score
twice, only to be answered in the bottom
of the inningby the Indianswith two runs
of their own, helped by hits from Tyler
Slaven, Cody Lytle andAidan Robinson.
In the third Giavanni Caccamise singled
and ended up on third a few pitches later
and Reece Tresco’s hit a sacrifice fly to
score him putting the Tigers up 3-2. In
the 5th inning theTigers used doubles by
AusitnSaevaandCaccamise, anda single
by Tresco to score 2more time going up
5-2. The Indians would not quit. In the
bottom of the 6th the Indians put together
a walk and 2 hits to score 2 runs, but the
Tigers hung on for the 5-4win.
Reece Tresco went 2 innings on the
mound for theTigers scattering3hits and
strikingout4. AustinSaevawent3 innings
striking out 4 and did not give up a hit.
Giavanni Caccamise came in to pitch the
6thstrikingout1 toget thesave. Giavanni
Caccamise went 3 for 3 at the plate with
2 singles, a double, and scored 3 runs.
ReeceTrescowas 1 for 2with a single, 2
RBI’sand runscored. AustinSaevaadded
a double, RBI and run scored.
Tyler Slavenwent 5 2/3 innings for the
Indians scattering 5 hits and striking out
10 batters. Aidan Robinson came in to
get the final out in the 6th, striking out 1.
TylerSlavenhada triple for the Indiansand
scored a run. Cody Lytle added a single,
RBI and scored 2 runs. Aidan Robinson
had 2 singles andBradyFix had 1 hit and
RBI. Rounding out the hitting for the In-
andRBI. ThesewereMaveric’sfirst little
league hit andRBI. Congrats!!
(Saturday,May 10)
Twins 14 Yankees 8
TheTwins andYankees brokeout the
bats and put up some runs in the opening
up the first run of the game when Kylar
LaCarte scored on a base hit fromGrant
Gilligan.The Twins would answer in the
bottomhalfof the inningwhenZachBaker
drove inChaseBordonarowithadouble to
center.The second inningwas the turning
pointof thegame.TheYankeeswentdown
inorder andTheTwinswouldbat around.
AndrewLoftus,ConnorWright andColin
McCulley would all draw walks.Chase
Bordonaro andTonyFiliobothhit singles
and drove in two runs apiece. The Twins
scored 6 runs in the inning.They would
go on to put up 1 in the third and 3 in the
fourth.The Yankees wouldn’t go down
withoutafight.In thefifth theywouldscore
3 runs. Doug Irwin,Kylar LaCarte and
AndrewTygart all hit doubles and scored
in the inning.TheYankeebats remainedhot
in the 6th as they scored 4more runs.The
highlight of the inningwas a 3 run homer
The Yankees had 10 hits in the game.
Doug Irwinhad2doubles. Kylar LaCarte
hada singleandadoublewithGrantGilli-
gancollecting3singleson theday.Andrew
Tygartwasonlya tripleaway fromhitting
for thecycle.Hehada singleadoubleand
a home run.
The Twins also had a very productive
day at the plate.Chase Bordonaro had
4 hits. Two doubles and 2 singles.Zach
Baker had 2 doubles while Tony Filio
had 2 singles.Ethan Beswick pitched in
with a double of his own. ColinMcCul-
ley,AndrewLoftus andColeRauscher all
recorded singles.DrayGrayson andBrian
Roblee both crossed the plate safely con-
tributing to thewin.
Whitesox 8 Redsox3
After a scoreless first inning, the
Whitesoxbatscamealiveputtingup4 runs
in the second inning. The Redsox came
right back adding a runof their own in the
third inning making the score 4-1. The
Whitesox added 1 run in the third inning
making thescore5 -1. The topof the fourth
theRedsoxadded2 runsbringing thescore
to5-3. TheWhitesoxadded3more runs in
thebottomof the fourth tomake the score
8-3. TheWhitesox were able to hold on
to close out the game 8-3. Ryan Friend
went thedistancepitching for theWhitesox
completing 6 strong innings striking out
13 and 0 walks. Jake Hill started on the
mound for theRedsoxgoing1 inningwith
1 strikeout and 1walk. NickEngle came
in the second inning and pitched 4 1/3
strong innings striking out 4 andwalking
4. Alex Panepento came in to close out
the game for the Redsox. The Redsox
hitting attackwas led byBrockFlint with
2 hits (2 singles) andNickEngle 2 hits (2
singles), Cory Wallace, Alex Panepento,
Jimmy Burns and John Panepento added
a hit each (singles). TheWhitesoxhitting
was led by Cole Heany with 2 singles
and 3 RBIs, Ryan Friend with 1 double
and 2 RBIs, Tom Saunders with 1 single
and 1 RBI, Aaron Leone with 1 hit and
1 RBI, Mick Buccinna with 1 hit and 1
RBI, Kenny Saunders with 1 hit (Triple),
Adam Risewick and Colm Roster added
a single each.
Tigers 11 WhiteSox 10
The Tigers andWhite Sox squared off
in a game of undefeated teams as the Sox
played their second game of a double
header and theTigers played their first of
theday. This turned in toan instantclassic.
TheTigersstarted thescoringwith2runs in
the1stasReeceTrescosingled inGiavanni
Caccamise and Austin Saeva singled in
Tresco. The Sox answered back asAdam
ColmRoster all collected singles and tied
the game at 2. The Tigers scored 3 in the
third on triples by Caccamise and Saeva,
and a single by Tresco. The Sox cut the
lead scoring a run in the 4th on hits by
MikeBuccina andKennySaunders. Zach
Vanderhoof doubled in Saeva to put the
Tigers up6-3.Using3walks and a single,
the Sox scored 4 in the 5th to go up 7-6.
In the topof the6thTylerWilliams ledoff
for theTigerswitha tripleand scoredona
3more to go up 11-7. The Soxwould not
quit.Adouble byTommy Saunders and a
singlebyhisbrotherKennycut the lead to
11-10with tying runsat 2ndand3rd.Only
a great play on the mound by Giavanni
Caccamise saved the game as he knocked
down a laser up themiddle byMikeBuc-
cinaandwasable toget theout atfirst and
Tigers escapedwith an 11-10win.
Reece Tresco started on the mound
going 3 innings, striking out 4, scattering
4 hits. Giovanni Caccamise came in for
thefinal 3 innings, strikingout 2 and also
giving up 4 hits. For theTigersCaccam-
ise was 2 for 3 with a double, triple and
scored3 runs. JoeyBrennanhad a single,
RBI and 1 run scored. Reece Trescowas
3 for4with2 singles, double, 3RBI’sand
scored 3 runs. Austin Saeva was 3 for 3
with2 singlesanda triple,RBI and3 runs
RBI and Tyler Williams finished out the
hittingwith a triple and run scored. Luke
Caccamise added 2RBI’s.
ColmRoster started on themound for
the Sox going 5 innings striking out 5
and scattering 8 hits. Kenny Saunders
came in topitch the 6th andfinishout the
game.KennySaunderswas3 for 4with3
singles and a run scored.AdamRisewick
hadasingleandwalk, scoring1 run.Ryan
Friendhadahit, 2RBI’sand1 runscored.
Tommy Saunders had a single, double,
RBI and scoredonce. ColmRoster added
a single, double, 3RBI’sand scoredonce.
Cole Heany drew 4 walks and scored
twice, while Michael Buccina added a
single and 2 RBI’s. Aaron Leone added
anRBI for the Sox.
Indians 17 Tigers 5
The Indians and Tigers would square
off for thesecond time in3days in the last
gameofSaturday’s lineup. ThevisitingIn-
dianswouldget off toaquick start plating
3 runs when their first 5 batters reached
with extra base hits. The Tigers would
adda runof theirown in thebottomof the
1st, whenAustin Saeva singled to right,
scoringReeceTresco following a double
by Tresco. The score would remain 3-1
until the 4th inning. MavericMcKenzie
would score on a triple hit by his brother
Maxin. Maxinwould scoreona singleby
TylerSlavenandSlavenwould scoreona
ground out fromCodyLytle. TheTigers
would keep in close in the bottom of the
4th with a home run from Tresco and
Austin Saeva being plated by ZachVan-
derhoof. The Indianswouldbegin tobreak
it open in the5th scoring5more runs and
adding6more in the topof the6th inning.
Trescowas not done though, blasting his
2nd home run of the game in the bottom
of the 5th, this time a 2-run shot.
MaxinMcKenzie was efficient on the
mound for the Indians going the whole
game allowing 5 runs, striking out 9, and
walkingnone. AustinSaeva pitchedwell
for theTigersgoing32/3 inningsallowing
6 runs while striking out 4 batters. Joey
Brennan and Tyler Williams would toe
the rubber in relief, each getting their
first Little League pitching experience.
Luke Caccamise would close out the
pitching for Tigers with his first time on
themound also.
The Indianswouldhit theTigers’pitch-
ers well collecting 18 hits, 11 of which
went for extrabases. Leading theway for
the Indians were Tyler Slaven – 4 hits (2
doubles, triple),MaxinMcKenzie–3hits
(2 doubles, triple), Brady Fix – 3 hits (3
doubles), andMavericMcKenzie–3hits.
Also hitting for the IndianswereCody
Lytle–2hits (triple),FinnShelby–2hits,
andAidanRobinson (double).Hitting for
eceTresco–3hits (2home runs, double),
AustinSaeva –3hits (2 doubles).
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