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Youth Football
& Cheerleading
Save the
Registration for All players will be on
Sat., March 8th
9 am to 1 pm at LeRoy Village Fitness
The Pee Wee Tackle Team will be offered for 2nd Graders and
1st Graders that have played Flag Football for one year.
(their Kindergarten year)
This is in addition to the regular Flag Football Teams.
The Elite Cheerleading Squad requires a
minimum of 8 individuals to join.
This Cheerleading Squad is for
7th and 8th Graders,
ages 11, 12, and 13.
7th Grade Bantam only
Feel free to call Ken Ellingham
at 585-414-4352 with any questions
by Senator Ranzenhofer
February 2014
In mid-January, Governor Cuo-
mo unveiled his Executive Bud-
get proposal for 2014-2015. Now,
the budget review and approval
process is in full swing.
Many of the tax relief propos-
als outlined in the State of the
State address were outlined in
greater detail, including a two-
year freeze on property taxes,
lowering business taxes, elimi-
nating taxes for Upstate manu-
facturers, and accelerating the
phase-out of the utility tax. As
I mentioned in my column last
month, these proposals may
have the potential to continue
chipping away at New York’s
high tax burden. However, clos-
er examination is required.
In an effort to diverge from
the reckless spending spikes of
years past, the Executive Bud-
get proposal continues to exer-
cise fiscal discipline. Overall,
the proposal holds the line on
State expenditures by reducing
expenses for the Department of
Health and the Department of
Labor by a combined savings of
over $550 million.
At the same time, the Execu-
tive Budget makes strategic in-
vestments in Western New York:
a $25 million increase in funding
for Roswell Park Cancer Insti-
tute and $680 million to pay the
State’s remaining balance on the
“Buffalo Billion.”
The Executive budget propos-
al also strengthens the property
tax relief in the STAR program
by $40 million.
Lastly, the Governor has in-
cluded some of the language
from the Public Assistance In-
tegrity Act in his budget pro-
posal as well. His provisions
would prevent public assistance
from being used at liquor stores
and casinos. While I am encour-
aged that curbing welfare fraud
is on the Governor’s radar, his
proposal falls short of going
far enough to protect your tax
dollars by failing to prevent the
purchase of cigarettes and other
tobacco products, alcoholic bev-
erages, and lottery tickets with
public assistance, too.
Now that the Governor has
released his budget proposal’s
details, I plan to scrutinize and
review all aspects of the plan
in the coming days and weeks
ahead. I have started to work al-
ready with my colleagues in the
State Senate and State Assem-
bly as a member of two Budget
Subcommittees, Taxes/Economic
Development and Education.
In an effort to keep you in-
formed about budget-related de-
velopments, I have added a new
State Budget information page
at my website, ranzenhofer.ny-, so that you can:
Budget Review Process In Full Swing
• review specific details of the
Executive Budget, including
briefing books and specific bud-
get details;
• stay up-to-date on new de-
velopments as the budget review
and approval process moves for-
ward; and
• share your input on the bud-
get plan.
I look forward to hearing about
your concerns and priorities
throughout the 2014 Legislative
Session. By working together,
I am hopeful that a balanced
budget plan can be developed,
in order to help New York State
move in the right direction.
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