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• Tendinosis, tendinitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Scar tissue
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Water & Sewer Lines • Water Treatment & Conditioning Systems
Established 1947
by Stephen R. Barbeau
Town Supervisor
Thank you to the
for allowing me a
shorter turnaround time between
columns, as there are a variety
of information items I wanted to
get out to the community ASAP.
First, and most important,
comes some information from
Highway Superintendent John
Arneth. Because of the weather
we have been having, not only
in the Northeast but the entire
eastern portion of the country,
salt use is at an all-time high.
Many of the varied sources
(including foreign imports)
municipalities receive their salt
fromhave exhausted their supply.
Even our source, American Rock
Salt (in Groveland), can not
keep up with the orders being
placed with them (I am told
there is no more stored below the
surface and the dwindling pile
above ground has all ready been
allocated to NYSDOT for their
use statewide). As such, and with
the groundhog predicting many
more weeks of winter, we must
now adopt our conservation
measures of only treating hills,
curves, and intersections with
salt. If this shortage condition
changes, we will revert back
to treating all sections of
roadways. We ask for your
patience and understanding, and
please adjust your driving speed
to reflect the conditions.
Second, I recently had
the opportunity to attend a
presentation by UMMC CEO
Mark Schoell on a new strategic
plan for that institution’s delivery
of healthcare going forward.
While he cited the strength of
the former merger between the
two Batavia hospitals, a good
financial condition, upgrades to
equipment/OR/IT, and decent
quality indicators, it became
clear that the challenges of
lower reimbursement rates,
physicians (40% of UMMC
PCPs are 65+ years old), and
changes brought about by the
Affordable Health care Act are
going to require some changes.
Therefore, it seems likely
that UMMC will form a “tight
affiliation” with another larger
hospital from Buffalo or
Rochester in the near future.
Most likely, you will soon be
reading about a partnership
with Rochester General or
Strong Memorial. Stay tuned
as healthcare in the county sees
some significant changes.
Finally, at its last meeting,
the Board authorized the sale of
Transfer Station Tags outside of
the Town Clerk’s office (opening
up additional hours to purchase).
They are now also available at
Crocker’s Ace Hardware. The
Town also welcomed Lynne
Belluscio as its new historian
ynne will
continue with some great ideas
of tapping into LeRoy’s rich
history. I was also informed by
GWRR that repairs will be made
to the crossing on Circular Hill
Rd. this summer. Details on
detours to follow. While each
not as quickly as we would have
liked, this marks the second
success story we’ve had (Rt.
19 Thruway bridge overpass)
this year on roadway safety
upgrades. The Board also agreed
to a process on revising the
2001 Comprehensive Plan. The
Board and I will be producing a
draft revision (after a thorough
review of updated demographic/
census/land use data provided
by Genesee County Planning
Dept. and Dept. of Real Property
Tax Services). The revised draft
will be sent to the Village Board,
County Planning Dept., Town
Planning Board, LeRoy Business
Council, and County Legislator
tein for review/comment. The
Board will review/process these
comments and then post a second
draft revision on our web site for
community input. Thereafter,
a final draft will be readied for
adoption. Mayor Rogers and
I will confer throughout this
process to determine if one
combined plan is feasible or
separate documents (such as in
2001) are preferable.
Thank you very much and see
you Around Town!
Town Supervisor Column
at the
Memorial Library
Wednesday, February 26
from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Cornell Cooperative Ex-
tension will conduct a free
energy workshop called,
“Save Energy, Save Dol-
lars.” Learn how to reduce energy bills with
low-cost, no-cost actions.
Each workshop participant
will receive 3 compli-
mentary compact fluo-
rescent light bulbs to use
in their homes.
Register for this program online at
or call the Library at 768-8300.
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