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January 2014
World Class
Learners ...
Empowered to Succeed
Dear Le Roy Community,
The Le Roy Central School District is constantly reviewing its programs, policies and facilities to improve
how we support our students’ learning environment. We are always thinking about how we can do “what’s best
for students”.
21st Century teaching and learning is designed vastly different from the past. The “factory model” of children
moving from room to room, grade level to grade level, having knowledge dispensed to them, does not adequately
prepare students for the college and career choices available to them. Students must become proficient readers,
writers, speakers, listeners and critical thinkers. They must be able to work together to problem solve and create
new ideas. They must have opportunities to engage in substantive and authentic work that models the expectations
of the 21st Century world. Despite all of the criticism about the implementation of the Common Core Learning
Standards, the content of these standards and the instructional strategies linked to them, truly prepare our students
for the challenges waiting for them in the world of work and/or post-secondary learning.
In addition, today’s education takes place not only in the classroom, but virtually anywhere in the world through
the use of technology. Students can discuss scientific findings with the actual scientists making the discoveries.
They can work with the CEO of a company to analyze the profit and loss of an actual business. They can explore
the ocean floor or the jungle of the rainforest.
The program at the Jr. Sr. High School is going through some dramatic changes to support this type of dynamic
learning. Students will be able to choose from a variety of new and rigorous courses. The goal is to encourage
students to take a rigorous and relevant course load throughout their school career. Research, and our own
alumni, have told us that we need to increase our expectations, especially in the areas of writing and public
speaking. The planned upgrades to our program will be starting in the 2014-15 school year.
The Board of Education is also in the beginning stages of assessing our facilities to ensure a safe and state of
the art learning environment. While is seems as if the new Jr. /Sr. High School building was just constructed, it is
eleven years old and there are some needs in that building that should be addressed in order to facilitate the type of
learning opportunities discussed above. At the Trigon and Wolcott buildings, asset preservation projects such as
boiler room work, windows, floors and updates to rest rooms and classrooms are being examined. Technology is
a vital part of all our lives and is even more critical in our schools. From computers, to e-readers, to smartphones,
students are using all types of technology to explore their world. Updates and upgrades in this area is something
that must be considered in order to provide our students with 21st Century skills.
It’s an exciting time in education and for our school. The Le Roy Board of Education and the Administrative
team is dedicated to ensuring all our students receive
“a world class education, empowering all to succeed”
Thank you for your ongoing support!
Kim M. Cox
Superintendent of Schools
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